Top Rated Stainless Steel Fire Pit and Bowls Reviewed

If you are planning to set up a fireplace outdoors, you might want to consider a stainless steel fire pit. Such a fire pit is a perfect choice for your backyard, porch, and patio. It resists harsh weather conditions, isn’t prone to rust, and has impressive heat resistance properties.


At the same time, it’s moderately priced, doesn’t require too much maintenance and comes in many shapes and sized to suit your décor preferences. You can choose between higher-priced models with complicated designs and low-priced units with a more general appearance. Whatever your choice is, there are plenty of models to browse.

Stainless Steel Fire Pits Compared







Landmann 26364

Camp Chef FP40 Monterey Fire Pit

70 Lbs


24 x 19 x 39

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Ohio Flame 30in. Diameter Fire Pit

68 Lbs


14.5 x 30 x 30

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Sunnydaze 30 Inch Firebowl

23 Lbs


24 x 30 x 30

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Landmann Large Pivoting Screen




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Double Flame Patio Fire Pit

42 Lbs


16 x 22 x 22

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When I was looking for the perfect fire pit for my backyard, I read various homeowner reviews and browsed through hundreds of models. It took me weeks to make the decision and I came up with six units that I believe are the best choices available on the market today.

Stainless Steel Fire Pit 2018 Reviews

1. Landmann USA 28925 Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace

My heart was conquered by the design of this particular fire pit. Who wouldn’t want a ball of fire blazing in their backyard? The fire bowl is 30 inches in diameter.

It’s produced by one of the most respectable USA manufacturers, which is an indication of its quality. Thanks to the design of this unusual fire pit, you get a good view of the fire while being sure that it’s safely inside the bowl.

Landmann USA 28925 Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace

When you light the fire inside this bowl at night, you get an impression of a fireball floating through the air. The fire pit is solidly built and the assembly is quite simple.

While the sparks can still fly out of the screen, most of the fire is contained inside. However, when the fire is lit, the steel pit gets very hot and shouldn’t be touched.

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2. Camp Chef FP40 Monterey Propane Fire Pit

This heavy-duty propane fire pit looks like a sturdy table. Once you open the lid, you’ll find a beautifully arranged decorative fire glass that keeps the fire burning evenly. The matchless ignition allows you to forget about any extra accessories and just enjoy the fire when the weather is cool.

Camp Chef FP40 Monterey Propane Fire Pit

The table’s height is 24 inches. The design is very simple so it can easily fit into any outdoor décor. The heavy-duty lid protects the insides of the fire pit while offering you a chance to use it as a lawn table. The unit is made out of durable coated steel. It weighs 65 pounds. The height of the flames can be adjusted by turning the knob. The model takes less than an hour to assemble.

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3. Ohio Flame 30in. Diameter Fire Pit in Natural Steel Finish

The simple design of this fire pit is a perfect choice for any backyard or patio. This unit is manufactured out of heavy-duty American steel. It comes as one piece and doesn’t require any assembly. Essentially, it’s a sturdy metal bowl with a drain in the middle. You can use any types of logs to keep the fire safely burning inside the pit.

Fire Pit in Natural Steel Finish

The height of this model is 14.5”. The diameter of the bowl is 30’’. The weight is 66 pounds. Since it’s rather heavy, the unit is hard to move around. The sturdy built makes it a very long-lasting model. Thanks to the simplicity of the design, there isn’t anything in this fire pit that can break down. The only downside is that it doesn’t come with a lid.

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4. Sunnydaze 30 Inch Firebowl Fire Pit with Handles

The nice design of this fire pit doesn’t just make it a great choice for any backyard décor, it also allows you to keep the fire in check. The lid serves the purpose of a screen.

The model is made out of heavy-duty steel and can handle extreme heat conditions. The fire pit is equipped with two holes on the bottom to allow for drainage

Sunnydaze 30 Inch Firebowl Fire Pit

The two large ring handles on the sides make the unit easier to handle and move around. The portable model weighs only 23 pounds.

Sunnydaze offers a 1-year warranty, which makes the fire pit operation worry free. The unit comes with a wood poker and a grate so you don’t have to buy anything extra to keep the fire burning.

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5. Double Flame Patio Fire Pit

This portable fire pit model has a simple yet attractive cylinder design. You can use it in your backyard or take it with you on a picnic or a camping site. The unit is made out of 304 cold-rolled stainless steel, which makes it very durable, heat resistant, and corrosion-free.

Patio Fire Pit

Besides using this fire pit to burn logs, you can use it for cooking, but you’ll need to buy a 15’’ stainless steel grill separately. The model is fairly easy to assemble and comes with all the necessary parts except for the logs and a grill.

The model is created by one of the most respectable manufacturers that produces fireplaces, fire pits, and accessories. The outside diameter is 22’’. The height is 15’’. The weight is 46 pounds.

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6. AZ Patio Heaters HIL-FP-1201 Aluminum Fire Pit

This cast aluminum fire pit is a wonderful choice for your backyard area. The unit is solidly built to provide an exquisite design coupled with durability. This fire pit is equipped with a stainless steel propane burner. It’s 22’’ tall while the top table diameter is 47 ¼ inches.

Round Cast Aluminum Decorative Fire Pit

This nicely designed fireplace provides up to 40,000 BTUs of heat, which is enough to keep you warm on a cool night. The pit comes with fire glass stones for decoration and fire dispersion.

This fire pit is easy to assemble even though it weighs about 90 pounds. This sturdy unit comes with a heavy lid to protect the burner and the fire rocks while allowing you to use the pit as a table when the fire is not burning.

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How to Choose the Top Rated Stainless Steel Fire Pit

Choosing a stainless steel pit is not an easy task. There are many of them available on the market today. Before you get lost among the hundreds of models, take a look at a few simple points.

The Type Of Fire Pit

There are two types of stainless steel pits you can choose from:

Wood burning fire pit

A wood burning fire pit is essentially a bowl or a box made out of stainless steel with drainage inside. All you have to do is put the wood inside and light the fire. Most of such pits come with a moderate price tag.

Gas burning fire pit

Some stainless steel pits are equipped with burners and gas tanks. These models are more complicated and require a more serious assembly and maintenance. Meanwhile, they provide clean burning and just as much (if not more) heat as the simple wood burning option


Most of the stainless steel pits are rather heavy. They are generally manufactured to be installed on your backyard. However, some models are created to be moved around so you can take them camping or on a picnic. These units are slightly lighter and smaller than the stationary ones. However, they can be used for backyard purposes just as well.


Stainless steel pits come in all shapes and sizes while your patio doesn’t. A large fire pit might be a better heat source than a smaller model, but it’s not always suitable for your home. Remember, flammable objects should be at least 15 inches away from the fire pit. Make sure it’s small enough for you to provide the safety area. Consider the décor of your backyard to understand what size of the fire pit you should buy in order to have enough space to place chairs, tables, armchairs or whatever else you need.


Depending on your personal preference and the amount of space you have, consider the style of the fire pit.

Free standing fire pit

A simple fire pit that doesn’t serve any other functions than creating fire is a good choice for people who have plenty of space. At the same time, this option is the safest since you can limit the access to the fire.

Combination fire pit

When browsing the fire pit models, you’ll find fire pit tables that combine a fire pit with a table. The fire is burning in the middle while you can use the rim to place various objects. When the fire is not burning, you can cover the pit with a lid and get a full-blown patio table. This is a good space saving option.


Consider the following features when choosing a stainless steel pit:

  • Grate – Can be used for cooking
  • Screen – Keeps most of the sparks from flying out
  • Poker – Allow you to stay away from the fire while adjusting it
  • Cover – Keeps the fireplace safe from precipitation when you are not using it.

Copper Fire Pit vs. Steel Fire Pit – Which is better?

Choosing a material of your fire pit is not always easy. There are many pros and cons for each one. Let’s compare copper and steel pits.


When you first look at the copper and steel pits, you might choose the copper unit thanks to its warm coloring. Copper pits appear more durable and seem to fit into the backyard décor better while stainless steel pits tend to remind you of your kitchen pots and pans. However, with time the appearance of both metals changes. Copper pits turn black and slightly green while stainless steel pits lose their coating and take on a rustic look.

In order to keep their original appearance, both materials need care. The finish needs to be retouched on a regular basis. Copper pits need more frequent care than stainless steel pits do.


Both stainless steel and copper are durable metals. However, stainless steel units last longer than their copper counterparts. They don’t dent as easily and have better water resistance properties. While a copper fire pit needs to be covered and cleaned not to allow the moisture to get to it, a stainless steel unit can withstand any weather conditions without rusting or losing its properties.

Since copper is a soft metal, it requires more maintenance than stainless steel. You’ll need to pay close attention to the screws and bolts that might get loose with time.


Both copper and stainless steel are prone to the rusting. All depends on the durability of the finish. As I said before, copper pits need to be protected from water as much as possible. Stainless steel pits can resist rust longer; however, high temperatures created by the burning wood removes the protective coating and makes the stainless steel pits prone to rust.


Both copper and stainless steel pits come in many shapes and sizes. However, you’ll find many more steel options available on the market today. This is due to the manufacturing process. It’s easier to shape stainless steel than copper since steel can be cut with a plasma cutter.


Copper and stainless steel pits are priced about the same. Higher end copper pits are more expensive than lower end stainless steel units and vice versa. Price shouldn’t be a consideration when making a choice between the two.

Safety Tips for Stainless Steel Outdoor Fire Pit

Even if using the stainless steel pit seems easy, there are still a few safety tips you should follow when dealing with the fire outdoors.

Keep the distance

You have to remember that the danger is mostly posed by the sparks flying from the fire. That’s why you need to minimize the risk of such sparks getting close to your home or any other structure in your yard. That’s why you should try to keep the fire pit at least 10 feet away from the house or other constructions in your yard.

Consider the weather

Windy weather helps the sparks from your fire fly much farther than they would under normal conditions. Try to avoid starting a fire when it’s too windy or you can face some unfortunate consequences.

Don’t touch

Wood-burning stainless steel pits get very hot when burning. Avoid touching the pit while the fire is lit and 15 minutes after it’s out to avoid getting burned. Make sure kids and pets don’t have access to the hot parts of the fire pit. Pay extra attention to the children running around the fire pit.

Buy a fire extinguisher

Make sure you have a heavy-duty fire extinguisher standing not too far away from the fire pit. If the fire starts, you can save precious time by having the extinguisher within your reach. If you run to the house to get one, you’ll lose the time you could have used to prevent substantial damage. Besides a fire extinguisher, you should have a garden hose or a bucket of water available nearby.

Choose the right location

Besides keeping the distance from the nearest structure, you have to consider a few more things when looking for a place to install your fire pit.

  • Don’t put it under hanging branches since they can easily catch fire.
  • Don’t put the fire pit directly on grass or on wooden surfaces.
  • Make sure you place it on a non-flammable surface, such as stones, concrete, blocks.
  • Chairs and other seating arrangements shouldn’t hinder the people’s freedom of movement when set around the fireplace.

Consider a screen

Some fire pits come with preinstalled screens. If you don’t have one of those, consider buying a fire screen separately. It will significantly reduce the chance of a fire by keeping most of the sparks from getting free.

How To Clean Steel Fire Pit

Steel pits require regular cleaning in order to keep working for many years. How often you clean your fire pit depends on how heavily you use it. Even if you use the fire pit once a month, you still need to clean out the ashes after each use to avoid clogging. Wait until the next day to sweep out the ashes to make sure the fire pit is completely cool.

  • Remove the fire screen and clean it with a wire brush and soapy water.
  • Use a shovel to remove all the ashes and coals from the bottom of the pit.
  • Use wet cloth or paper towel to scoop up the remaining ashes.
  • Remove soot and stains from the surface using a household degreaser.
  • Pat the fire pit dry to make sure no moisture is left over.

If you use your fire pit for cooking, you need to pay more attention to the regular cleaning. You don’t want the grease to build up and cause irremovable stains and clogs. In order to keep the fire pit functioning properly, you need to clean it after each cooking session.

In order to clean the fire pit properly, you’ll need:

  • Household degreaser
  • Soap
  • Water
  • Wire brush
  • Shovel
  • Rags
  • Paper towels

Fire pit cleaning tips

  • Wait at least an hour after the fire is completely out to start cleaning.
  • After cleaning, inspect your fire pit for signs of corrosion or other damage.
  • Use rubber gloves when cleaning the fire pit.
  • Don’t throw out the remaining pieces of wood. They can be reused.
  • Allow the fire pit to air dry before using it again.
  • Always cover the pit when you are not using it to avoid dirt and water damage.

Stainless Steel Fire Pit Wrapping It Up All

Now you know that choosing the best steel fire pit and maintaining it takes time and consideration. Since there are many different stainless steel fire pits on the market, it’s hard to test and review each one. I made your job a little easier by collecting all the necessary information about the stainless steel pits in this article.

By checking out the top 6 options, you can make the right choice for yourself or at least use this data to do some further thoughtful choosing on your own. A stainless steel pit is a wonderful addition to your backyard. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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