Real Flame Calie Entertainment Unit with Electric Fireplace

Real Flame Calie Entertainment Unit with Electric Fireplace

Real Flame Calie Entertainment Unit with Electric Fireplace is a very fashionable and nice-looking unit that can upkeep a television of 100 pounds or less, and also has a fireplace. It is a 1400 watts unit and gives of 4700 BTUs heat per hour. It can be used in all types of rooms, offices and libraries.

This heater can warm up a room of up to 400 square feet. The glass door of this fireplace is always cool to touch, because our makers wish to keep your family and pets safe.

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This Electric Fireplace is a decorative fireplace that makes your area look ingenious and acts as a multipurpose item. Since this fireplace does not give out any sorts of gases or radiations, it is considered as an atmosphere friendly unit.

The extra shelves and compartments of this unit help to keep the beautiful stuff like show pieces, vases, books and magazines etc. in your place to make your room look more striking. The flames of the fireplace are very realistic with colors of the flames that are very close to the colors of the real flames.

Features of Real Flame Calie Entertainment Unit with Electric Fireplace

  • Lifelike fireplace: Even though the electric fireplace is not a real fireplace, but the flames and logs seem existent. The flames sparkle and make the fireplace look real.
  • Dimensions: This unit measures 67 x 18 x 30.5 inches and weighs 143 pounds. It can easily support up to 100 pounds.
  • Multipurpose: It is a versatile unit. It is not only be responsible for heat from the fireplace but also supports a 100 pounds television and other stuff like photo frames on the top shelves and books, magazine, show pieces and vases in the shelves of the side cabinets as per user’s choice
  • Safety: The glass is cool to touch and has a smooth texture. The glass remains cool to touch which ensures that it is safe for kids and animals in your house.

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  • It is heat adjustable.
  • Allows turning the heat on and off.
  • Charges low rates: pocket friendly
  • Serves as a fireplace and TV stand at the same time.
  • Extra space for showy stuff.
  • The fireplace can be controlled by the remote controller very easily.
  • Luminosity of the flames can be adjusted.


  • Not a good option for cooking or baking.
  • Might not be a decent option for outdoor usage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the weight of the unit?A. it weighs about 143 pounds.

Q. Does it come with a remoted controller?A. No, it does not have a remote controller.

Q. How many BTUs is this?A. It is 4700 BTUs.

Q. Does it come fully assembled?A. No, it needs to be assembled. But the assembly is very easy and it looks awesome.

Q. Can you turn on just the flame with no heat?A. Yes, the flames can be turned on for a romantic ambiance with no heat.

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Wrap Up

Real Flame Calie Entertainment Unit with Electric Fireplace is an awesome choice for someone who lives in a small area. It helps keeping your house free o mess and spacious while maintaining the beautiful showy design at the same time. It is an awesome choice for your living room. The reason is that it adds beauty to your room and charm to the atmosphere.

This acts as an electric fireplace TV stand and a fireplace at the same time. It can accommodate a television of about 100 pounds or less and some show pieces and photo frames at the same time. It has a beautiful finishing and looks very elegant. It can also be considered as a n addition to home decor.

This electric fireplace allows the person to control heat and luminosity and the heat can also be turned off completely. Since this electric fireplace is pocket friendly it charges very low rates per hour usage in order to keep the utility bills maintained within a limited range.

This fireplace is a good option for fireplace because it takes less space and still adds glamour and charm to your room. The logs are very lifelike and show realistic flames. The heat can be turned low or high using the remote controller.

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