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Best Tabletop Fireplace | Expert Reviews and Buying Guide

Tabletop fireplaces are a wonderful addition to the decor of any room. You can choose to install one on your nightstand, a dining table or an office desk. Besides providing a magnificent aura of ambiance, these are mainly ethanol fireplaces which emit a little warmth to make you feel cozy and comfortable.  Whenever you are looking for […]

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How to Clean Fireplace Glass to Look Brand New

Almost nothing is more comforting than a (controlled) fire. Our ancient ancestors invented fire almost a million years ago, and despite all our modern advances in cooking, heating, and lighting, we still love having a good, old-fashioned fire. There’s just nothing quite like it for ambiance. We have, however, turned the advances of modern tech […]

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The Best Wood for a Fireplace

Even the coldest winter nights are a little cozier when a wood-burning fireplace has been lit;  but not all firewood is created equal. Some wood is easier to split and light, while other types of wood are best known for their hot, long-lasting flames. Still other types of wood — like apple wood and birch […]

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Important Parts of a Fireplace That You Should Know

Family, warmth, survival, security, and safety – these are all what traditional fireplaces symbolize. From ancient fire pits to today’s manufactured electric and gas fireplaces, technology has come a long way. But what makes a traditional fireplace function? We are going to look at the various parts of a fireplace and learn how they work […]

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Best Gel Fireplace Reviews | Complete Buying Solution

Picking the right one is not always easy since you need to study plenty of information in order to make the right decision.Gel fuel is essentially gelled alcohol. A gel fireplace can be a great choice for people who don’t like to deal with installation hassle and don’t need round-the-clock heat.Best Gel Fireplaces ComparedImageNameWeightHeat/BTUDimensionPriceReal Flame […]

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