Best Wood Stove For 2018 | Reviews With Expert Analysis

As we kiss goodbye to months of scorching sun and heat, we welcome cold months. And there is no other ways of embracing a cold winter month with the best wood stove placed in our home. Wood stove keeps you and your family comfort at all time. They make staying home comfortable.


Before you buy any new wood stove, you need to know detailed information. Not every stove would be a match for you.

Best Wood Stoves Compared






Landmann 26364

EcoZoom Rocket Stove – Versa

16 Lbs

12.5 x 11 x 11

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Guide Gear Outdoor Wood Stove

47 Lbs

17.75 x 11.75 x 16.25

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Pleasant Hearth Wood Stove

354 Lbs

29 x 30 x 38.8

Check Price

US Stove 1269E Logwood Stove

120 Lbs

30.5 x 25.8 x 21.5

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Majority of wood stove retailing, aren’t great. That’s why we took lots of man-hours scouring the internet and to show you only the bestselling unit.

You benefit from a checklist showing the things you need to know before choosing a wood stove. No heating unit is safe, and that’s why we show you some of the safety precautions you need to keep in mind when operating a wood burning stove.

That and among other vital information is included in this 3000+ wood stove reviews article. We made it long to give you a crush idea of what it means to have a wood stove and what you’d be buying exactly.

Best Wood Stove 2018 – Reviews By An Expert

1. Guide Gear Outdoor Wood Stove

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The look and appearance of the HQ Issue outdoor wood stove tells you how tough and durable this stove is. It is capable of cooking and keeping everybody in the house warm and comfortable.

The HQ Issue consists of galvanized steel capable of maintaining a high temperature. The HQ ISSUE has a detachable legs and noisy pipes. The galvanized steel is a heat-resistant black finish that can stand high temperatures.

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There is hinged cast iron door and adjustable top that you can use to keep the coffee hot and pans warms.

The HQ wood stove warms an area of 14”x20” well. It weighs 47 pounds and has a 1/4 thick steel plate door. It needs assembling installation before it starts working. The HQ Issues meets the EPA regulations.

Hands down, it is a safe wood stove to have around you home. Above the incredible features and functionality the HQ has, it is nice investment for you money.

2. Pleasant Hearth 2,200 Square Feet Wood Burning Stove, Large

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The Pleasant Hearth 2,200 is among the heaviest wood stove on the market. It weighs 354 pounds. This is a nice wood stove if you have a large room. Besides that it is a non-catalytic stove and you can keep it in your bedroom.

Pleasant hearth maintains most of its heat even after the stove is off.

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The Pleasant hearth warms a 2, 200 square feet room or place. It has its own blower and pedestal that are efficient in performing their functions. This wood stove offers warmth up to 10hrs long, perfect for people who live in cold countries. And most of the heat is distributed in all areas of the room.

I consider the Pleasant Hearth a central heating solution because of its heat output. It ignites a 77,000 BTU of heat and 85% efficiency according to EPA certification. Its firebox is a well-built brick. The bricks extends the lifespan of the firebox, that’s explains why it’s efficient.

Most steel stove loses heat fast after they have been switched off. This is the exact opposite thanks to its brick construction.

3. ?Drolet Atlas Wood Burning Cook Stove

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These wood burning stoves double as  heating and cooking solutions. The wood burning cook stove is efficiency in emitting heat and it is simple to use.

The Drolet cook stove features quality material including: the frame, plates and cast iron rings which are durable. With its large baking stove you can bake many cakes and other food fast and quick.

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The Drolet cook stove has a high heat output that guarantees that you will feel warmth in your house. It comes with its own cast iron cook top for warming coffee and heating water. On top that you get a wood drawer that lets you insert the wood inside the stove for combustion. It can ignite 27000 BTU and it is 85% efficiency according tests done by the EPA.

It has a chimney fixed to take out the smoke outside. This keeps you house free from ash, smoke and soot. You will love the cook stove for all your heating solution and baking needs. Nothing doubles your money like this wood cooking stove.

4. EcoZoom Rocket Versa – Most Efficient Wood Burning Stove

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Aproreche Research Center came up with the design of the Ecozoom rocket stove. It is the most efficient and safest stove for cooking and warming houses.

The Ecozoom is weighs 26.75lbs and comes with hinged doors. It body case comprise of thin metal door that has the ability of sliding behind the metal brackets.

>> Check More Specifications Of This Product <<

The Ecozoom stove measures 2 1/2 inches tall and 10 1/2 top. It has 6-pronged cast iron equipped to the top and it maintains a two carrying handles positions.

The Ecozoom wood stove use wood, dried biomass and charcoal as a source of fuel. There are two doors at the top of the stove. There is also a metal grate to insert in your door. The bottom allows for air circulation in the burning chamber.

There Ecozoom needs 5 to 6 charcoal brackets to warm up the room and to boil water or coffee.

5. US Stove 1269E Small EPA Certified Cast Iron Logwood Stove

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The US stove is capable of warming an entire room thanks to its 54,000 BTU of heat. It a clean burning wood stove that gives your house a rustic elegance. It is the perfect heating solution for heating up a log cabin, large garage or even a construction site.

The 54,000 btu of heat are enough to warm a 900 square foot room. Tests and certification are things you don’t need to worry about when you are buying the US stove 1269E.

>> Check More Specifications Of This Product <<

For cooking purposes, the stove includes, cook top surface and a two-piece safety handles that are cool even when the stove is on. The US wood stove accepts 23 inches log woods.

Its sturdy construction consists of cast iron which is a quality durable material. The US wooden stove is a wonderful addition to that home stove that doubles as cooking.

Best Wood Stove Buying Guide

Read other reviews about wood stove, they make it look easy like buying a potato.

I couldn’t agree further…. but I believe there is a lot that you need to know before you commit to buying the best wood stove. Here is a list of things that you need to look for in a stove before you buy one:

The material

You want to look at the construction of the stove. Does it have durable material that can last long? When looking at the material, check of the heat loss.

Most wood stove come in two materials: welded steel or cast iron. Both have the same heating capabilities, the difference come in price and appearance of the oven.

Cast irons have beautiful curves and creative designs, because of that their price will always go up. Welded steel are cheap and are plain looking.

Two types of combustion technology

We have catalytic and non-catalytic combustion. Catalytic combustion consists of a smoky exhaust that goes through a ceramic honeycomb to produce a heat output. Most of these stoves have a bypass damper which is level-operated.

Catalyst is prone to lots of damages and abuse. You will need to replace often. If used well it can last for six months.

Non-catalytic combustion has its own firebox. You will identify a catalytic combustion from three things: insulated firebox, diverted gas flow and air vents around the firebox. It is the most preferred by people because the oven peaks more heat output.

Heat output

Most stoves retailing today have a range capacity of 25,000 to 100,000 btus. An average house will want a 6000 to 25,000 btu of heat, that is enough to warm a small room. If you have a large house you can always go high than that.

Tests and certification

All catalytic and non-catalytic stove needs to have tests and certification. They determine how safe it is to use the wood stove.

EPA regulates the smoke limit in stoves. They test to make sure that the stoves don’t emitting too much emission to the surrounding and it is also safe for commercial use.

Firebox size

Wood stoves come with different firebox size. A wood stove with large firebox need a lot of blocks of woods. And in most cases, they have large burners. Additional, they produce lots of heat.

A standard firebox measures 16 inches and keeps the weight of the woods reasonable. If you need a wood stove for a small room, consider investing in a firebox that has a standard sized firebox or lower than that.

Benefits of A Wood Burning Stove

Cost effective in the end

Initial the cost of wood burning stove may make you look away. However, it is cost effective in the long run. You will save lots of paper bills per year compared to when you are using electric stove or gas stoves.


Most wood stoves are efficiency in heating. You can’t compare them with any heating solution like electric. Wood stove have catalytic converter that make the stove produce lots of heat. And this converter if used well can stay for long without any replacements.

Increased comfort

A wood stove works like a radiant heat, its warms well than most hot air system. Wood stove produce much more warmth.

Convenience to electricity

The disadvantage of any electric stove is power outages. And wood stove can counter this because they use wood as the main source of fuel. Rest assured that during winter you will stay warm around the clock even you have power outages.

Cooking convenience

Wood stove like Pleasant Hearth and Ecozoom rocket stove doubles as cooking stove. They have a cooking surface, that you can use it to warm water and coffee, even cook food.

Environmental friendly

Wood is Eco-friendly compared to natural gas, propane and coal. It is carbon neutral, which means it doesn’t add any carbon dioxide to the environment. Thanks to its natural state.

Wood Burning Stove Vs Wood Burning Cooking Stove

Most new buyers confuse between the two and I want to tell the difference if you have a dilemma between the two.

Wood burning stove/wood heaters/ wood stove

They all mean the same thing. Wood burning stove warms up an area. Other models of wood burning stove will come with a built-in fan to dispatch heat to the place. The best wood stove insert will come with a flat surface that you can use it to boil water or warm coffee.

You need a wood burning stove

  • If you have a small space like an apartment or square foot rooms.You leave alone or have small family.
  • You don’t do much baking
  • You plan to use conventional stove for cooking

Wood cooking stove

Like the name suggest, they double as cooking stove. They have an oven door, where you can bake or warm food. In short, they serve as duel function of heating and cooking at home.

Oven temperature depends on the kind of wood you are using. They are some logs that don’t give out enough heat so you have to be selective.

Wood cooking stove have a cabinet for warming food, boiling water and even baking. In most cases you need lots of space to install wood cabinet at home.

Wood stove have a large heating surface and you can keep a pot on the surface. Most wood stoves are heavier compared to wood burning stove. Buy a wood stove if you will use it often in your home.

Wood cooking stove are ideal

  • Want a heating solution that doubles as stove.
  • You can access hardwood, larch or other dry fuel in your area.
  • Have a large family and you intend to use the oven often.
  • You have an open plan kitchen, where wood stove is needed.

Wood Burning Stove Vs Pellet Stove

Wood burning stove and pellet stove have great heat performance. But, there is always the option of going with the cost effective mode of heating. Thinking about these two, here is a difference they have.

Price-initial cost and installation

A good wood stove plus installation will cost you in the neighborhood between $3000 to $4200. If you are buying a premium high-end model with better features and functionality, you need to have a budget of $5000 and above.

A pellet stove on the hand cost from $1800 to $3000. That price includes installation. A high-end pellet stove with excellent features and functionality goes for $3800 way up. Looking at this price points, you notice that a pellet stove cost cheaper that most wood stove.

And the winner is: Pellet stove. They are sold at a reasonable price.

Fuel consumption

Apart from the initial cost, you need to know what you will spend every week and that’s where fuel cost comes in.

Wood stove need logs of wood as fuel. Woods are always convenient. You can buy many and stock them until the cold season comes. Woods are not that expensive.

Pellets stoves need pellet as fuel. Most of pellet fuel consists of wood, agricultural wastes. All those are pellet are added to the hopper to so that pellet stove produce heat.

Depending on how you use the pellet, it can take one week to finish. Or you may need two bags of pellet per week. In the longer run, you’re going to pay much for pellet fuel per months.

And the winner is: Wood stoves.

Electric power

Wood fuel heating, also known as biomass system use wood as their main source of fuel. Hands down, there is no secondary source of heat that it will need to run. It will operate on its own, which makes it a better source of heat in case of power outages.

Aside from using the pellet to power your pellet stove, the hopper and auger will need electric for them to function. In some instance, pellet stoves are efficiency but they are not 100% dependent on their source of fuel. That means in case of power outages, you are disadvantaged.

And the winner is: wood stoves


With any heating solution there is risk and you need to find risk aversions. What is the degree of safety in this heating solution? I will break down the details between the two.

There is flame sparks when you use wood stove, which leads to burns and buildup of creosote deposits. Creosote deposits are dangerous for the house. Not only can they infest your house with pest, they can also cause fire. Old model wood stoves produce lots of wood smokes, while recent technology of these heaters are more health efficient. [Source:]

Pellet stoves have no potential risk of harming your home. They burn clean and safe. They have no soot, or flying sparks that can harm your home. But they are hot when you touch them and you need to keep every member of your family safe.

And the winner is: wood stoves

There is every reason to believe that wood stoves are better heating solution than pellet stoves.

Wood Stove Safety Tips

With any heating solution, precautions are necessary if you want to keep your family safe. There is no heating solution that is 100% safe.

When operating the best wood stove, you need to exercise these safety tips to avoid the risk of fire. Accident happens when we least expect them. You need to dress for emergency when the devil come knocking on your door.

Before installation

Before you install the wood stove there are some things that you need to do:

  • Get a fireproof pad, or make sure that you place the wood stove on a non-combustible floor. A fireproof pad prevents the heat from warming the surface or damaging the floor of the house.
  • The floor protection should extend up to 12 inches for ultimate protection. The right dimensions are 12 inches on the sides and 18 inches from where the woods are kept.
  • The stoves need to be 36 inches away from any combustible material. Sand or brick needs to be at the bottom of the firebox.

During installation

  • Make sure that you have a profession that will help you with installation.
  • The location needs to have enough clearance. You will find the right dimension in the manual of the stove.

After installation

You need the following things after you have installed the wood stove:

Two fire extinguishers

You need two fire extinguishers in your home. One won’t be enough. Second, everybody needs to know how to use the extinguishers. In case of fire outbreak, it easy to control the fire.

Fire alarms

You house needs fire alarms. In case of fire, everybody gets signal that there is danger in the house. You don’t need to shout in an emergency situation like this to alert people.

Carbon monoxide sensors

Wood stove emit carbon monoxide, which is an odorless gas. It has to detect such gas in the house. The sensors help in detecting the level of oxygen in the house. When it drops below normal, there is an emergency alarm to turn off the wood stove.

Children and pets

Your children need to know that wood stove is death zone. They can burn. Never leave the wood stove unattended, always make sure that you are around and watching over the kids.

Controlling Creosote Build Up

You need to maintain the wood burning stove. That is the only way it is safe for everybody.

For that reason, check the creosote buildup in the stove pipe. Smokes buildup and other byproducts cause chimney fires. Creosote like to condenses and when it does that temperature drops below 250 degrees.

Do the following things to check creosote accumulation?

  • Always size the chimney and its components.
  • When temperatures are moderate, build small fires instead of long idle fires.
  • Use only UL-listed wood burning equipment and chimney material.

About portable small wooden burning stove: Whether you live in a tiny house or have little space, there is something you can try out. Wood burning stove may suit large homes, but you are not left out. Because we have portable small wooden burning stove that you can use right now.

And they are best for camping purposes as well small homes. Do we recommended that you buy a small wooden burning stove? Big no, we want you to get more information about them so that you can make the right purchasing decision. Check out the features, functionality and what makes them better heating solution.


You now know more than average person about choosing the best wood stove. What’s important is knowledge. With this knowledge I am confident of four things

  • You will choose the right wood stove for your home.
  • You will keep you family safe from accident and dangers.
  • You will cut down your energy bills when you decide to choose a wood stove.
  • Last and the most important, your family will enjoy the warmth and comfort that they need.

Now you can buy any wood stove in our list with confidence. If you need to more information before buying one, consider it a pleasure for us to answer you right away in the comment section of this wood stove reviews post or contact us page.

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Ed is a family man first and attempts to be a writer second. He is a home expert and his passion for helping people in all aspects of home improvement.

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