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Every home needs a screwdriver set. Even if you never think about building or fixing things yourself, these essential tools come in handy for tightening, prying and adjusting when you want to get a vital item back in use quickly. You can purchase screwdriver sets everywhere, in local stores or online, but that doesn’t make it easy to find the best screwdriver set for your home.

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Different Sets for Different Needs

Simple items sometimes prove to be the hardest to select because of the many choices available, and screwdriver sets are no exception. The variations in price, brand, size, material and purpose stagger the imagination, and many folks feel overwhelmed when presented with all these options.

Set of Screwdriver heads

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Take the matter of price. You can actually purchase a screwdriver at a dollar store, or you can pay several hundred dollars or more for a set from a specialty manufacturer that sells mainly to mechanics or other tradespersons who use tools to make their living. Neither alternative generally makes sense for the average homeowner or apartment dweller who just wants a set of reliable, effective and efficient screwdrivers for everyday needs.

Most screws will fit into two most common categories. You can recognize the familiar slotted screw by a head that has a single slot running through the middle. You need a standard flat-head screwdriver to turn it. If the head of the screw contains a cross shape that does not extend to the edges, you are looking at a Phillips screw and will need a Phillips-head screwdriver to manipulate it.

You may also encounter a third type of screw, the torx-head screw, especially in game consoles and other electronics. These screws feature a six-pointed star recessed in the center of the head and require a special torx screwdriver. Many people consider these screws more resistant to tampering. You can find torx screwdriver sets just about anywhere, especially online.

Screwdriver handles are also an important consideration. The design should be ergonomically correct and comfortable to use, with a good non-slip texture to enable a solid grip if your hands are greasy.

Using the Right Screwdriver Is Important

Two different screw drivers and screws

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You might be tempted to think that you need only one or two screwdrivers because you don’t use them often. Unfortunately, this one-size-fits-all mentality may result in destructive consequences for an important item. Using the wrong-sized screwdriver can ruin the screw, which may be difficult to replace, or wreck the screwdriver so you can no longer use it.  Worse yet, the wrong-sized screwdriver may cause the user to slip and put a deep gouge or scratch on the surface of a cherished article. Even though you may use only a particular screwdriver to tighten the knob on a cupboard door, having the right tool when you need it pays off.

How We Determined the Top Sets

With so many categories, uses, sizes and price points, determining the best screwdriver sets may become a formidable undertaking. We strive to give our readers fair and unbiased assessments, while at the same time making the reviews simple and useful. We do deep research to make our advice fair, accurate and pertinent, so we spend a good deal of time investigating the products, checking various opinions and consulting with a tradesperson who uses screwdrivers on the job. For our final ratings, we consider the following points for each screwdriver set.

  • Basic features, types and sizes included
  • ?Packaging and storage
  • ?Quality of materials
  • ?Handle design and texture
  • ?Shaft design and endurance
  • ?Price and value
  • ?Any applicable warranties or replacement guarantees

The 7 Best Screwdrivers for Your Home

For the purpose of this review, we focused on the best screwdriver set for daily use in the home. Most of these sets work interchangeably for assembling common items, such as pre-fabricated storage units and children’s toys, tightening loose hinges and knobs and performing simple shop tasks. We also included several specialty sets for repairing electronics, eyeglasses and jewelry.

[amazon link=”B07NYCT4WY” title=”Vigrue 8-Piece Magnetic Phillips and Slotted Screwdriver Set”]

[amazon box=”B07NYCT4WY”]

Vigrue offers amazing value in this nine-piece screwdriver set that includes Phillips and flat-blade screwdrivers, as well as a tool to magnetize and demagnetize the blade tips. Many screwdriver sets on the market come with magnetized tips to hold the screw in place, but common complaints of customers often reveal that the magnetism either is weak or wears off quickly. This set comes with a handy tool to increase magnetism strength if needed or to demagnetize the tip if required for a particular type of project.

The attractive, ergonomic screwdriver handles, which come in several sizes, have a firm-grip texture that prevents slipping and increases your force as you use the tool. Each handle has the size engraved on its side. The tough-quality construction features blades crafted from hardened chrome-vanadium steel, with the lower shaft blackened for durability and rust resistance. Users give the set top reviews for high-quality materials and an excellent selection of sizes to meet everyday uses. The one downside mentioned involved the packaging, which several users found too small with blades sticking out the side. Finally, this Vigrue set comes with an 18-month product replacement guarantee.

[amazon link=”B001BQ0DT0″ title=”Klein Tools 85074 Cushion Grip 6-Piece Screwdriver Set”]

[amazon box=”B001BQ0DT0″]

Klein Tools enjoys an excellent reputation, especially with people in the trades who use their tools on a regular basis. This set is the most expensive option on our list, which is the only reason that kept it out of the first-place spot. Nevertheless, these six outstanding screwdrivers make an excellent investment that typically offers many years of reliable and frustration-free service for all your common household and garage uses. The three Phillips and three flat-blade screwdrivers boast heat-treated chrome shanks that will remain rust-free and attractive through numerous projects. The sure-grip handles help you increase your torque as you loosen and tighten screws, and the comfortable material keeps your hands from getting tired even with extended jobs. You can see the size and a logo of the tip’s shape imprinted on the top of the handle.

Users give the set nearly perfect reviews, mentioning the durability, the comfort of the handle grips and the tip’s excellent fit with the corresponding screw head. Customers also appreciate the security of the lifetime warranty on this Klein Tools set.

[amazon link=”B07M7L7TDM” title=”H. H. Bukke 8-Piece Magnetic Screwdriver Set”]

[amazon box=”B07M7L7TDM”]

This reasonably priced screwdriver set will perform excellent household maintenance and other chores for a long time to come. The four Phillips and four flat-head screwdrivers offer a great assortment of shaft, tip and handle sizes. There are even two stubby screwdrivers for fitting into tight places. H. H. Bukke vapor blasts the magnetic tips of the screwdrivers to extend their life and deter chipping. They have fashioned the handle grip for comfort and turning power. This company warrants the screwdrivers for as long as you own them.

Buyers give the screwdrivers excellent reviews with many positive comments about the comfortable, easy-to-use handles that make them workable for many different purposes. They also received accolades for their quality, strength and durability.

[amazon link=”B077MFJQS8″ title=”Ares 7-Piece Insulated Magnetic-Tipped Screwdrivers”]

[amazon box=”B077MFJQS8″]

With three Phillips and four slotted screwdrivers that are GS certified for up to 1,000 volts, this practical set provides a safe means for working on any electrical device or situation. Constructed from Chrome Moly Steel, the highly visible red insulated shanks feature strong magnetic tips. Comfortable handles with good gripping and torque ability ensure the screwdrivers help you complete every project with precision and competence. The practical storage case that keeps the screwdrivers organized provides another plus to this well-priced set. Ares provides a Performance Assurance that their customer service will replace parts or the entire item if you have any issues with the screwdrivers. Users gave this set high marks for handle grips, fit and usability.

[amazon link=”B00QZLV03O” title=”Nanch Precision Screwdriver Set”]

[amazon box=”B00QZLV03O”]

This compact specialty set includes a long metal telescopic driver and 22 assorted bits for adjustable access to all sorts of household and personal electronic devices. Nanch heat treats the high-performance points, which are made from alloy S-2 steel, and includes hex, torx, Phillips, slotted, Y tri-wing and other specialty and security tips. The wide variety of bits typically works well on toys, gaming systems, watches, computers, phones, tablets and even eyeglasses. The set received very favorable reviews from customers who bought it specifically to use with these kinds of electronic products. Many commented on the extreme durability of the set for long-term use, and quite a few proclaimed it as the best set they own because of this.

[amazon link=”B07BC4S1MS” title=”Aluan 6-Piece Eyeglass Screwdriver Set”]

[amazon box=”B07BC4S1MS”]

We included this highly specialized set because of its low price, exceptionally high ratings and usefulness in almost any household. Although mainly designed to repair eyeglasses and sunglasses, the set is equally suited for many watch, clock, jewelry and even cell phone repairs. The set comes with six special tools, including multi-function screwdrivers and tiny tweezers, to perform many types of repairs. A separate clear plastic partitioned box contains a fantastic assortment of screws, nose pads and other replacement parts. The entire set is organized and suited for carrying along in a purse, glove box or travel bag. Users praise this set for its great usability across a wide spectrum of glasses and many other devices. A number of people commented on how this set saved them money on repairs or replacements.

[amazon link=”B007C6LHXY” title=”Craftsman 9-31794 17-Piece Slotted and Phillips Screwdriver Set”]

[amazon box=”B007C6LHXY”]

For those who want a classic brand name screwdriver set with a good variety of Phillips and flat-head tips, this one fits the bill. Nine slotted and seven Phillips screwdrivers provide just about every size, thickness and length you could need, including short, long, thick and thin stock sizes. Its sturdy butyrate handles supply great balance and durability. The USA-made set features heat-treated blades with tips that fit snugly into the screws for good turning power. This Craftsman set generally received good reviews, with some purchasers appreciating the variety of lengths and others wishing more tip sizes were included instead. Most users praised the Craftsman quality, but a few people mentioned defects or early breakage. The Craftsman brand includes a hand tool full warranty guaranteeing repair or replacement of any tool that fails to provide satisfaction.

A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing and Using the Best Screwdriver Set

Buying a new screwdriver set will probably not be your biggest purchase of 2018, but you still should give it your full consideration because sometimes the smallest possessions give you the biggest satisfaction if they help you do the job well. Think about the following areas as you zero in on the best screwdriver set for you.

Set of screw drivers aligned

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What are you going to use your screwdrivers for?

The answer to this question affects the size and types of screwdrivers you need in the set. For example, if you need small screwdrivers for eyeglasses or video game consoles, as well as larger ones for items such as adjusting cabinet knobs, you might want to purchase more than one set. You also might want a second set if you use screwdrivers in both the house and the garage.

How frequently do you use a screwdriver?

If everyone in the house wears glasses, you may find yourself using a mini set quite often. Likewise, if you buy a lot of toys or prefabricated furniture that needs assembly, you may frequently need to get out your toolbox. If you use screwdrivers a lot, it makes sense to opt for the best quality set possible.

What is your level of expertise?

If you have great construction or repair skills, you will want a better-quality screwdriver set that offers many size options and lasts a long time. If you know how a good screwdriver feels and works, you will experience frustration with a cheap set.

Why should you purchase the best screwdriver set you can afford that meets your needs?

While you don’t want to purchase a high-end set of screwdrivers for an occasional task of tightening a screw here or there, quality and price are definitely related. Make sure any low-priced set actually equates to a good value.

Why should you keep your tools clean and organized?

Finally, once you find the best screwdriver set that works for you, take care of it and make it last. Always wipe off your tools after you use them because grease and dirt may deteriorate even the best finishes over time. Have a designated place and container for your screwdrivers and put them away after each use. That way they will be waiting for you whenever you need them.

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