Best Safety Glasses

Best Safety Glasses

It is impossible to overstate the importance of your eyes. Not only do they help you to appreciate the beauty of the world, but your eyes also allow you to make a living. Unfortunately, job site and everyday hazards can cause debilitating injury. Rather than risking the health of your eyes, you must wear protective glasses when you are in risky situations. As you probably know, though, not every pair of safety glasses is high-quality. On the contrary, glasses vary considerably in clarity, protection and comfort. That’s where we come in. We have put together a list of the best safety glasses. Continue reading to see which ones we think are worth your money.

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How We Developed Our Rankings

We take our obligation to provide you with dependable, trustworthy information seriously. When compiling our rankings, we looked each product’s specifications and marketing materials. Specifically, we focused our attention on the following criteria:

  • Protection – The most important factor in evaluating safety glasses is whether they protect your eyes from injury. If a pair doesn’t rate highly in this category, it doesn’t appear on our list.
  • Comfortable – Safety glasses are only useful if you wear them. Since you may be inclined to leave an uncomfortable pair in your locker, on your counter or somewhere else, we expect the glasses on our list to be comfortable to wear.
  • Affordability – It is hard to put a price tag on the health of your eyes. Still, you probably don’t want to break the bank to buy a decent pair. So, we factored cost into our rankings of the best safety glasses.
  • Styling – Even though safety glasses are designed to keep you safe, you don’t want to look foolish when you don your pair. Therefore, while we didn’t care as much about style as we did about the other criteria, it did affect our rankings.

We also read through dozens of customer reviews to help give your real-world information about the glasses on our list. Whether customers love or hate a product, we try to tell you about it in a dispassionate, moderating way. Finally, we have assigned each pair of glasses a rating on a five-point scale. To see how a pair stacks up to the glasses before or after it, check the rating disparity.

The 10 Best Safety Glasses

Pyramex Intruder Safety Eyewear, Clear Frame, Clear-Hardcoated Lens

Pyramex Intruder Safety Eyewear, Clear Frame, Clear-Hardcoated Lens
  • COMPLETE PROTECTION: Offering 99% protection against UV-A, B, and C rays as well as 100% resistance against glares and...
  • SUPERIOR COMFORT: We know nothing is more annoying than safety glasses that dig into your nose or the area behind your...
  • STYLISH LOOKS: While many safety glasses are bulky and/or flashy, our Safety Intruder Glasses were crafted to be sleek...


Pyramex Intruder glasses stand out among a crowded class of protective gear. We love these glasses for their clear, lightweight design. Available in a variety of colors, Pyramex Intruder glasses fit comfortably on your face. With an ANSI high-velocity impact rating and a UV score of 6, these safety glasses are useful in a variety of settings.

We also like the availability of these safety glasses. They come in a 12-pack, virtually guaranteeing you will always have a pair close to you. Even better, with minimal optical distortion, you can be certain you have a clear enough view to work effectively or enjoy your recreational activities.

BLUPOND Sports Sunglasses for Men/Women - Anti Fog Polarized Shooting...

BLUPOND Sports Sunglasses for Men/Women - Anti Fog Polarized Shooting...
  • Experience the clarity and safety of our TAC Semi-Polarized Titan's – Colored Lenses for minimal distortion and night...
  • Rest assured with the incredibly durable, metal frame construction of your new Titan's. Built to last amidst inevitable...
  • The optimal form factor for maximum comfort and wearability, the Titan's were designed to be worn hours on end,...


The second pair of safety glasses on our survey could easily have been the top. The BluPond Sports Safety glasses are a high-quality, polarized option. These glasses feature a seven-layer lens, designed to give you clear vision and ultimate protection. The metal frame is durable and stylish, while the anti-reflective, scratch-resistant lenses are durable.

When you purchase BluPond glasses, you don’t only get protective gear. On the contrary, this pair comes with a cleaning cloth, storage case, screwdriver and car clip holder. With all these accessories, it isn’t difficult to see why customer reviews for this product are stellar.

NoCry Safety Glasses with Clear Anti Fog Scratch Resistant Wrap-Around...

NoCry Safety Glasses with Clear Anti Fog Scratch Resistant Wrap-Around...
  • DESIGNED TO BE PROTECTIVE AND BUILT TO LAST - The NoCry Safety Glasses keep your eyes safe from direct and peripheral...
  • CUSTOMIZABLE FOR ULTIMATE FIT AND COMFORT - Side and nose pieces adjust to give you a perfect fit without the slipping -...
  • FOG, GLARE, AND SCRATCH RESISTANT FOR BETTER VISIBILITY - Double coated, untinted lenses mean no fogging up or optical...


NoCry wrap-around safety glasses feature double-coated, scratch-resistant lenses. They are ANSI-rated to protect your eyes from high-velocity impacts while being lightweight and comfortable to wear. The innovative design of this pair also features a shelf to keep debris from falling into your eyes over the top of the safety glasses.

An adjustable nosepiece and ear cushions make this pair of safety glasses a joy to wear. Meanwhile, the fog-resistant lenses allow for clear vision in humid conditions. If you are looking for an undistorted view, NoCry glasses are an excellent choice.

Allen Company Shooting & Safety Fit Over Glasses for Use with...

Allen Company Shooting & Safety Fit Over Glasses for Use with...
  • Large size to fit over prescription glasses
  • Clear lenses for standard lighting conditions or everyday use
  • Wrap around frames for extra protection & coverage


Allen Shooting & Safety glasses are ANSI-rated to withstand basic impacts. They feature a wrap-around design that protects your eyes from objects coming from all directions. The clear lens has a metallic coating that deflects 100 percent of harmful UV rays.

These glasses are specifically optimized for those who wear prescription eyeglasses, as they have sufficient clearance to fit over other glasses. Even if you have perfect vision, you will likely appreciate the extra breathing room these safety glasses offer your eyes.

Remington T-72 Shooting Glasses (Smoke Lens)

Remington T-72 Shooting Glasses (Smoke Lens)
  • Smoke Lens
  • Lens provides 99.9% UV protection.
  • Impact resistant polycarbonate lens meets or exceeds all ANSI Z87.1+ requirements.


For athletes and shooting enthusiasts, Remington T-72 safety glasses are a popular option. These glasses feature dark lenses, making them optimal for outdoor activities. If you are in the sun, you can expect the T-72 glasses to deflect more than 99 percent of harmful UV rays. Meanwhile, the high-velocity impact rating of these glasses is sufficient to inspire confidence in virtually any wearer.

The T-72 glasses are standouts in the comfort department. The lightweight frame is easy to wear, while the cushioned nose prevents chaffing. Further, T-72 safety glasses have a stylish look.

Radians Revelation Protective Shooting Glasses (Ice Lens/Black Frame),...

Radians Revelation Protective Shooting Glasses (Ice Lens/Black Frame),...
  • 5-position ratchet temples provides a comfortable safety glass fit.
  • Soft, non-slip rubber nose pad with self adjusting fingers.
  • Ventilation channel between safety lens and protective frame provides extra fog control.


One of the most affordable pairs of safety glasses on our list, Radians Revelation protective glasses offer high-velocity impact protection, UV-ray deflection and a comfortable fit. The lightweight design sits comfortably on your face, while the layered lenses resist both scratches and glares.

You can’t get Radians Revelation glasses with clear lenses, unfortunately. You can, however, choose a variety of colors. Still, the overall look of these glasses is missing something. That is, you may not feel too fashion-forward when wearing Radians Revelation protective glasses.

Howard Leight by Honeywell Uvex Acadia Low-Light Shooting Glasses with...

Howard Leight by Honeywell Uvex Acadia Low-Light Shooting Glasses with...
  • SPORTY & LIGHTWEIGHT: Bold, sport-inspired 3/4 frame is lightweight but delivers superior comfort and high performance...
  • 10X ANTI-FOG: Uvextreme Plus anti-fog coating provides 10X longer fog-free vision and 2X better anti-scratch protection...
  • CUSTOM FIT: Premium integrated hinge provides customized fit and temple control when opening and closing


If you are looking for a clear, lightweight pair of safety glasses, Howard Leight Sharpshooter glasses are a good option. These glasses boast a wrap-around design to protect your eyes from many different objects. Meanwhile, the clear lenses offer little optical distortion. Lens vents also help prevent fogging.

While clear is the most popular lens color, you aren’t stuck with it. In fact, Howard Leight Sharpshooter glasses come in a variety of colors. You may have trouble wearing these glasses with earmuffs, though.

Global Vision Eyewear Escort DRM Safety Glasses, Driving Mirror Lens,...

Global Vision Eyewear Escort DRM Safety Glasses, Driving Mirror Lens,...
  • Shatterproof Polycarbonate Lenses with UV400 Filter for Maximum UV Protection and Scratch Resistant Coating
  • Fits Over Glasses
  • Matching Side Lenses


The safety glasses from Global Vision are perhaps the bulkiest on our list. While that may be a turnoff for some wearers, you may appreciate the sturdiness of these glasses. When you put them on, you don’t have to worry about impacts from any angle. On the contrary, the wrap-around design protects your eyes from high-velocity impacts coming from all directions.

We like these glasses for their shatterproof quality. The scratch-resistant lens coating also helps protect your investment, while the lenses deflect 99 percent of UV rays. Even better, the side viewing panels keep your peripheral vision field clear.

Champion Traps and Targets Over-Spec Ballistic Glasses (Clear)

Champion Traps and Targets Over-Spec Ballistic Glasses (Clear)
  • Exceptional comfort and wrap around safety
  • Designed to comfortably fit over standard prescription eyeglasses
  • Scratch resistant, 2 piece lenses


If you wear prescription eyewear, you may want a pair of safety glasses that fit comfortably over the top of your everyday ones. Champion Over-Spec ballistic glasses do. They also meet military standards for eye protection. The hefty design is likely durable enough to withstand your active lifestyle.

With a scratch-resistant coating, you can expect these Champion glasses to provide a clear visual field. The side panels, meanwhile, don’t obstruct your peripheral vision. While these glasses aren’t comparatively inexpensive, they are ideal for shooters and serious athletes.

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The second Pyramex product on our list, Fortress glasses are lightweight and comfortable. These safety glasses have a simple design that sports enthusiasts and workers alike appreciate. When you choose a pair, you get adequate UV protection from a scratch-resistant lens. The innovative design also prevents fog buildup, helping to promote clearer vision.

Pyramex Fortress glasses are not, however, particularly useful for outdoor wear or use in other places with bright lights. Since the lenses do not have an anti-glare coating, you may find yourself squinting if you wear these safety glasses in the wrong setting.

Safety Glasses Buyer’s Guide

The American National Standards Institute establishes guidelines for safety glasses. When you are looking for a pair, you must find one that has the imprimatur of the ANSI. Still, not every ANSI-rated pair is optimal for every situation. Thus, when purchasing your safety glasses, you must think about the hazards your eyes face.

Here is a three-step guide to purchasing the best safety glasses for you.

Step 1: Understand Your Risks

Not every person is at risk for the same type of eye injury. Before you shop for your new pair, think about your lifestyle or job site. Generally, risks fall into four categories:

  • Physical contact risks – Your eyes aren’t supposed to absorb the impact from hard objects. If your work or recreational activities involve machines, tools, balls or other moving objects, you need a pair of safety glasses that can deflect objects away from your face.
  • Light risks – Some activities expose your eyes to radiation and light that can cause chronic eye injuries. If you stare at bright light sources, you need a darkened pair of safety glasses to protect your eyes.
  • Heat risks – Hot liquids, molten metal, fire and other sizzling things can badly burn your eyes. Investing in a pair of heat-resistant glasses is usually an effective strategy for avoiding burns.
  • Contaminant and chemical risks – Dust, pollution, gas and chemical splashes can destroy your sensitive eyes. If you work with any of these, you must find glasses that are specifically rated to protect you from each risk.

Step 2: Choose the Right Lens Material

After you understand the risks your eyes face from your work or play, you can begin to shop for a pair of safety glasses. Beware, though, as lenses come in a variety of materials. Each one has advantages and drawbacks, so you must consider how best to protect your eyes. Here are some of the common lens materials:

  • Polycarbonate – This material is effective at protecting eyes from blunt-force trauma. It is also scratch-resistant and lightweight. While polycarbonate lenses usually protect against harmful UV rays, they don’t deliver the best optical clarity.
  • NXT Polyurethane – This material is lightweight and boasts enviable optical clarity. It is extremely expensive, though.
  • Acrylic – This material is affordable and accessible. It is prone to breaks and scratches, however.
  • Optical glass – This material provides crystal-clear optics and a scratch-resistant surface. Nonetheless, optical glass shatters comparatively easily.

Step 3: Customize Your Safety Glasses

Once you have settled on a lens material, you may customize your safety glasses to make them perfect for you. Here are some options:

  • Tinting – Tinted lenses deflect UV rays, light and radiation to protect your eyes better.
  • Coating – Coated lenses prevent fog, dust and other contaminants from accumulating inside or outside the lens.
  • Prescription – Prescription safety glasses give you clear vision if your eyesight is otherwise impaired.
  • Comfort – Padding, earpieces, nosepieces, safety straps and other upgrades often make safety glasses more comfortable to wear.

When purchasing your new pair of safety glasses, you probably want to try on a few different pairs. Since glasses only work when they cover your eyes, you don’t want to invest in a pair that doesn’t fit right and provide adequate protection.

Additional Thoughts on Safety Glasses

We have done our best to put together an honest, reliable and useful list of the best safety glasses. While our list is comprehensive, it isn’t necessarily exhaustive. That is, you may find a pair of safety glasses you love that didn’t make our survey. That’s fine. We want to be an educational resource. By using our list and buyer’s guide as a reference, you can likely determine which glasses are worthwhile and which are a waste of money.

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