Best Patio Heater For 2019 – Detailed Reviews With Buying Guide

How do you fall in love with your patio? It is simple; all you need is to have the best patio heater in your backyard or patio. If you are in the market for this season’s best patio heater, then you have come to the right place. In today’s article, we are going to go over this year’s tops rated patio heater. And with warm summer nights right around the corner, it has never been a better time to go out and find the right one for your home.

When you find the right patio for your home, then your evenings will change for the better. You will love spending more times on your patio with family and friends. And because most patio heaters naturally provide light, you can stay out using your patio for all hours of the night.

Best Patio Heaters Compared

With so many patios on the market? How can you be sure you are picking the right one? Well, if you aren’t quite sure how to pick the best patio heater for your home, then be sure to stick around until the end. At the end of our product reviews, we have a handy buyer’s guide for you to check out. Our buyer’s guide will fill you in with all the details you need to look for when you are shopping for the best patio heater. Also, we will touch a bit about safety and operations so that you can get the most out of your patio heater without worrying about any accidents.

With so many great patio heaters on the market, how can you be sure you are getting the right one for your home? Well, lucky for you, we have done the research to help you narrow it down a bit. We have spent hundreds of hours researching the latest patio heaters. We have also considered countless numbers of customer reviews to help you get a well rounded look at each product. Without further delay, let’s dive into this season’s top patio heaters. 

Best Patio Heater 2018 Reviews

1. Belleze 48,000BTU Premium Patio Heater, Propane, CSA Certified, Hammered Bronze

best patio heater


From hammer bronze, hammer black, and mocha, there are a couple of options you can choose from in order to find the right fit for your patio. Whichever model you choose, this unit will look amazing on your patio. Along with with the color, you will be able to quickly see the durability of this patio heater. It was built for lasting performance. It features a gorgeous style with an exotic finish that will blend with your decor. And because it is made out of a steel construction, you can be sure that this heater will resistant both salt and the harsh sun, as well as many other elements of the environment. Moving this unit around your patio is a breeze as well. The smooth rolling wheels allow you to transport your heater from the patio to another outdoor space effortlessly. Overall, this is certainly the best patio heater to consider if you have a larger sized patio. 


Because it is commercially graded, users can expect only the best out of this patio heater. The Belleze Premium Patio heater ignites a strong amount of heat per hour that is capable of heating a 15-square foot diameter. It doesn't matter how large your gathering is. You can have 15 people and rest assured that they would all get the heat. This is truly in part thanks to the 48,000 BTU’s that this unit puts out.

You will also have the ability to control this power. There is a variable heat control knob that allows your unit to work at a low or high setting.


There are a couple of safety features that users are sure to love. For starters, this unit would not even try to go beyond the neighborhood of 30 degrees if it is knocked over. Once it reaches that angle, it shuts itself automatically keeping you, your family, and your guest safe from any burns and accidents. Plus, because it is so heavy duty, knocking the unit is not something that you should generally worry about unless of course and an extreme amount of force is used.

When in operation, this unit will never produce smoke. There are no open flames to worry about either. Also, this unit is CSA certified so you can be sure it is up to date with safety standards. Finally, you do not have to worry about any dealing with any fuels during set up. To start up the unit, all you need is to press the button and you have the heater running.


Although this unit commercially graded, some homeowners have been disappointed that the metal construction is not super thick.

2. AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Commercial Patio Heater

best patio heater


If you are looking for the best patio heater that is without any unnecessary bells and whistles, then the AmazoBasics stainless steel commercial heater is certainly a heater that should not be ignored. This heater comes in a distinct havana bronze option and will look stunning in any patio. If you want to move this patio heater to another location in your home, you can effortlessly do so thanks to its wheels.


This is considered by many to be the best patio heater because it offers an ample amount of warmth. This is thanks to the 46,000 BTU’s it offers and the  ultra-efficient infrared heating element. The heat output spans a wide radius. It provides the perfect amount of heat for enjoying your patio on a cool night.

Operation is pretty straight forward as well. All you need is a simple touch of a button. And if you want to have more fun, you can control the knob and adjust the settings.


There are several safety features that users are sure to love with this patio heater. For starters, there is no open flame or any smoke that will be produced. There is also a tilt switch that will kick in if the heater ever tips over. However, to enhance secure placement stability, the heater has a base reservoir system. This base reservoir system allows you to fill it with sand or water for an added sense of stability.


This unit does not come with its own propane tank. However, because this unit is priced on the lower end, this is not such a deal breaker for many.

3. AZ Patio Heaters HLDS01-WCGT Tall Patio Heater with Table, 87-Inch, Hammered Bronze

best patio heater


Another one of the best patio heaters to consider for your home is the AZ Tall Patio Heater. This patio heater comes in a hammered bronze shade that allows it to stand out in any patio, no matter the color scheme. The unit also features an access door design and a 33 inch aluminum shield.

Thanks to the easy to glide wheels, you can move this heater wherever you want with ease. When you buy this unit, you get the added bonus of a matching adjustable table. This is a great addition to amplifying the enjoyment you have with your patio heater.

Overall, the whole unit is made of steel that is durable as well as functional. This is a heavy-duty heater that is powder coated with steel and built for lasting performance.


This is the best patio heater when it comes to great heat output. This unit offers a high output of 48,000 BTU’s. Users will get ample enjoyment out of their unit. In fact, on one tank of 20 pound propane, this unit can run of high for 10 hours and provide heat for up to 20 square feet. Because of this high heat output, you can use your unit all year long without having to worry about the weather.


There are a couple of safety features that users can look forward to. For starters, it is CSA certified so you can feel safe with this patio heater. There is also an anti-tilt switch safety feature. You don't have to worry about your kids or even you knocking the whole thing off. In the event that happens, the heater will shut off automatically to keep an accident from further happening.


Although this is considered to be the best patio heater by many, there are just two annoyances that users may find to be true. For starters, the table that comes with this unit is rather small. Also, the unit doesn't come with a propane tank. So you have to spend extra dollars to get yourself a 20lb propane tank. However, considering the price and the fact that you get a table along with your purchase, these annoyances really are not deal breakers.

4. AZ Patio Heaters HLDS01-CGTHG Commercial Glass Tube Patio Heater, Bronze

best patio heater


If you do not like the traditional look that many other patio heaters offer, then this next option is one that you may want to consider. The AZ Commerical Glass Tube Patio Heater features a modern pyramid style design that looks great in any patio. Especially modern and commercialized patios. What amazes many homeowners with this AZ Quartz Glass Tube in Hammered Bronze Patio Heater is the height. It is 91 inches tall. Guests who visit your patio will certainly be drawn to this unit immediately. The overall look alone is what makes it the best patio heater to consider if aesthetics is what you are looking for.

Also, there is an access door to hide your propane tank. You can also access your tank when it is empty from this small window. No one will ever know that the tank is near.


Along with its beautiful construction, this unit has plenty of power to offer users. The Hiland Commercial Glass Tube Patio Heater comes with 40,000 BTU’s of heating power. Even with the One piece quartz glass tube, users will still feel the wonderful heat that this unit radiates 10 - 12 feet out. When it comes to the fuel used, you can use both propane and butane to power your unit.


There are a couple of safety features that users can look forward to. The first is the sturdy base that diminishes the chances of this unit knocking over. Of course, this unit is also CSA approved so you can be sure it is up to date on current standards.


The only downside that users have complained about with this outdoor heater in regards to assembly. The instructions are not clearly written.

5. Fire Sense Hammer Tone Bronze Commercial Patio Heater

Fire Sense Hammer Tone Bronze Commercial Patio Heater


Another great option to consider is the Fire Sense Hammer Tone patio heater. For starters, this unit is a high-quality patio heater. The overall look is sleek and flawless. What makes this the best patio heater is the fact that it comes in a wide array of color options. There is even a sky blue option if you are looking ofr a pop of color. Whatever patio desing you have, this unit sure has a color option that will compliment it.


This beautiful patio heater also packs a punch of heat. It ignites 46,000 Btu that will keep your loved ones feeling warm and toasty throughout the night. It is also super easy to operate. It comes with an electric ignition that is easy to ignite. All you need is to press the button and you have the heat. For more control, there is a temperature control knob that you can use to adjust the warmth.


There are a couple of safety features you can look forward to. For starters, you do not have to mess around with weighting the base of this unit down. The Fire Sense Patio Heater has a better pre-weight bottom. That is just one of the features that make this heater a great buy.


This beautiful unit offers users so much to love. However, the instruction manual does not. The pictures and print are not clearly illustrated in the pages. They are poorly labeled and small.

6. Thermo Tiki Outdoor Patio Heater - LP Propane Gas - Commercial Outside Porch & Deck Heater - Black

best patio heater


If a beautiful unit is what you are looking for in your home, then this outdoor heater is one that should not be ignored. The Thermo Tiki Outdoor Heater is easily the best patio heater when it comes to design. It is clear that the manufacturer spent lots of man-hours just making a premium finish like this. What makes this the best patio heater is the beautiful dancing flame that is visible in the pyramid style column. Do not be surprised if you find yourself spending hours out in your patio enjoying the beautiful ambiance that this heater puts out.

This commercial great heater will look amazing in any space. Plus it comes in three color finishings for you to maximize the look of your patio; black, mocha, and stainless steel.


While the aesthetics of this unit are clearly what allows it to stand out, the construction of this unit should not be ignored. This is easily the best patio heater because it is so durable. The Thermo Tiki Deluxe Propane heater is crafted from a high-grade steel construction and aluminum that makes it irresistible to all weather conditions or extreme climate.

This sturdy patio heater offers users 38,000 BTU’s of heat. Even with its ceramic glass heating column, users can enjoy the heat that will extend out 15 feet in diameter.

Operating this unit is as easy as it is to sit back and enjoy it. There is no fancy sophisticated button, with just a simple push, you get started. The unit also comes with a temperature control knob to adjust the flame settings


There are several safety features that users will enjoy. For starters, there is a built in safety valve. This allows your unit to shut off immediately if the heater is knocked over. Luckily, thanks to the design of this unit, the chance of it getting knocked over is very minimal.


Thought the unit does advertise this outdoor heater can warm up a diameter of 15-square foot, many users have expressed that at 10 - 12 feet is when the heat starts being less prominent.

How to Choose The Best Patio Heater

Now that you have our list of the best patio heaters, it is up to you to narrow down the options for the best patio heater for your home. Patio heaters are a nice extension of your living space. They bring the feeling of a romantic calming evening. So of course, you want to make sure you have the best one for your home.

To select a good heater for your space, there are several factors that you need to consider. Not every heater will be able to offer all the things you need, but knowing what to shop for, you can certainly get close enough. When shopping around, be sure to consider these factors.

best patio heater

Know The Fuel Types

Before you decide to get yourself a heater, you need to know which fuel type you need.

They are three fuel types: Natural gas, propane, and electric heaters.

All of these fuel types offer their own pros and cons. The natural gas heaters are the most common because they need little maintenance and they cost less than other heaters.

However, there are some disadvantages like the need for a plumber to help you install the gas lines. Unlike propane heaters that can be moved, natural gas heaters can't be moved.

And of course, with electrical heaters, the operation is as simple as plugging it in and enjoying the heat.

Styles Configuration

Different patio heaters come in different styles. From commercial designs to contemporary designs to customized designs. There are different styles that you are certain to come across. Knowing the design that works for your patio will allow you to narrow down the choices. Here are some of the styles that you will find on the market when you start shopping around.

Standalone / Ground heaters

Standalone / Ground heaters

When it comes to patio heaters, these are the common type of heaters on the market. They are generally thin and tall. They give off lots of heat; therefore they are perfect for large spaces such as decks, backyards or patios. You will always find this kind of heaters in an event, or spacious restaurant. Because they are generally commercial grade, they may all have the same color scheme of silver, bronze or chrome. However, there are some brands that make colorful units that allow you to really customize your personal living space.

Tabletop heaters

The next type of patio heaters are the tabletop heaters. Many homeowners with families love this look. They are classic and modern. The tabletop heaters resemble traditional lamps.

They will give your garden a nice eccentric look. Tabletops were designed to be placed on side tables or large tables.

You can still use tabletop in your home, but on most occasions, you will find them common in the restaurant and special events.

If you do a lot of entertaining in your home, then this is the best patio heater type to entertain with.

Mountable heaters

From the word alone, this kind of heaters can be placed on a wall or attached to something. They often come with their own stands. This is the best patio heater type if you are limited for space on your patio.

Heating Power and Size

When you are shopping around for the best patio heater, you need to consider the power and size. The question is how much heat do you need? If you have a smaller sized patio then you want to invest in a patio heater that will offer lower amounts of radial heat. Most models of heaters will always list their heating power right on them or on their packaging.

Heaters have BTU (British thermal unit), which is measured per hour. If a heater gives off more BTU, it gives more heat and uses more power. When you are shopping around, keep in mind that just because a unit is larger in size does not mean that it puts out more BTU.

Safety Features

Even the best patio heater should be handled with care because at the end of the day, they can be dangerous. Because of this, safety is something that needs to be emphasized.

As you shop around for the best patio heater, you will want to shop with safety in mind. Especially if you have young children who will be around the heater. Here are some things to keep in mind.

If you have gas heaters you need to make sure that there is no leakage. We will talk a little bit about gas leakage below.

Meanwhile, look for a heater that has safety features like automatic shut off, tilt-over protection and cool-touch glass. Such features can lower the risk of a fire happening by 50%.

Now that you now know the features; it is time for you to learn more about the unit or heaters that have this same features and characteristics that we have talked about in this section.

Patio Heaters and Outdoor Heaters - Is It Necessary

If you are still not sure if you should buy patio heaters or not, here are some things to know about how they can simplify your life.

Less Maintenance

You won't break the bank having the best patio heater in your home. As you have seen in the above pages, they are easy to maintain. If you are buying an electric heater, then you will only be spending 15 cents per hour.

Keeps Everyone Toasty and Warm

Why die in the cold when you can have a propane heater around. During the cold months, and on chilly evenings, you can still enjoy the outdoors by cuddling around the toasty patio heater.

Beautiful Design

Even if the idea of warmth doesn't impress you, many patio heaters are just fascinating to look at, especially the models that offer dancing flames. Young children always get a kick out of the beauty they provide.  It makes the evening looks beautiful and romantic. Having a patio heater is a nice way of extending your nightlife and making it memorable.

Less Hassle

Forget the issues of smoke, suits, and carrying logs that are associated with a fire pit or fireplace. With the best patio heater, all you need is to refill your tank when the propane gas is empty. It is that simple.

Patio Heaters Size and BTU Explained

If this is your first time, the question that might cross your mind is: How much BTU do I need to warm my patio?

There is no direct answer to this because it depends on many factors. If you were buying a heater for your living space, you would need to make sure that your room is insulated so that you can have the most of the heat in your room.

With patio heaters, the heat won't be concentrated. For that reason, there are a few things that you need to know.

BTUs and How It Affects The Heater That You Choose

As we established earlier, BTU is an abbreviation of the British thermal unit. And it is usually measured per hour. Most patio heaters will have a BTU that range from 30,000 to 100,000. The more BTU you have the more heat that you get.

Freestanding heaters have a higher BTU and they will be ideal heaters if you want to heat a large patio or backyard.

A majority of these heaters have a BTU of 45,000. However, tabletop heaters give off less amount of heat. Their BTU on the average range is 12k.

The Ideal Sizes and The Power Options

The size of the space that you have will determine the type of heater and the amount of BTU that you need.

For instance, if you have a small patio and you are living alone. You have three options: an infrared heater, tabletop heater or cell mount heater. The BTU, they provide is enough to warm you as a singleton enjoying the heat. They are also ideal heaters for offices.

For large spaces, a freestanding heater that can ignite 45k of BTU is the best options. These types of heaters are perfect if you have many people who will be enjoying that heat output.

Know that if you need more BTU you will have to budget for extra dollars for that.On average a heater that ignites 45k of BTU can heat a 20 square foot diameter, which is roughly 314 square feet. Making it ideal for spaces that are large like backyards and patio.

Now, some experts claim that if you want to heat a large area you will need multiple heaters 8 to 20 foot apart. There is some truth in that, but that really only applies to a larger setting with large quantities of people. If you are shopping for your own home use, then you generally only need to invest in one heater.  

Calculation: Size of the area and the BTU you need

Technically, one BTU increases the temperature of a pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. That means more BTU equals more heat.

There is a simple way to figure out how much BTU is needed for your living space. For our case, we want to use 20 BTU as the standard heat range. With that in mind, let say you have a 3000 square feet patio, how many BTU will you need?

20BTU*3000(square feet) = 60,000 BTUs.

This simple calculation should help you figure out the BTU range to shop for.

Safety Tips of Outdoor Patio Heaters

With any heating unit, you want to be sure to follow proper safety procedures. Of course, you want to get the warmth and ambiance of your heater, but you also want to keep you and your family safe in the process.

To make your home a safe haven, here are some of the safety tips that you need to be aware of:

Enough Space

The heat that comes from any patio heater is enough to cause a fire. For that reason, you need to have adequate space on your patio. There must be enough space between the patio and any combustible materials. A better way of knowing how much space is you need is to read it the manual.

In many cases, patio heaters that emit 30k to 50k of BTU need to have 30 inches of clearance on all the sides of the reflector and emitter.

Small patio heaters like ceiling and tabletop heaters that have 10k to 30k BTU must have a 24 inches clearance on all the sides of the reflector or emitter.

Freestanding and tabletop heaters should sit on a level surface that can support their weight to prevent toppling over. Also, some standing and tabletop heaters will come with base reservoirs that can be filled with sand or water to limit their chances of toppling over.

Before you ignite the heater make sure that there is no wind blowing. Be sure to also ignite it away from any low-hanging leaves or tree branches that can lead to an accidental fire.

Safety Features

For ultimate safety and prevent features accidents, check out if your patio heaters have the following characterizes.

  • Automatic shut off. This is a small switch inside the heater. This switch automatically turns on if the inside gets too hot. 
  • Tilt-over protection. When you are dealing with portable patio heaters, the more you move it, the more likely an accident is to occur. Because of this, accidental tilting or toppling of your unit is common. Any of those scenarios can result to fire. When buying a patio heater, check to make sure that it offers tilt-over protection. In the event any member of your family knocks the patio, the heating element should turn off immediately with this feature.
  • Cool-touch glass. If you have pets or kids, then safety should be even more of a concern when you are shopping for the best patio heater. You will need a patio heater with a cool to touch the glass. Because kids and pets are curious, and they will always want to touch anything. 

Safety Approvals

Not all patio heaters go through rigorous safety testing. You need to get yourself a patio heater that has gone through these rigorous testing because that is how you will now as a consumer that they meet the latest safety standards.

If you are shopping for a patio heater, look for the one that has the following stickers: UL and CSA. These are the most common types of safety approval authorities.

Keep on The Watch

It is simple, but how many people leave their patio heat unattended? Many. In fact, a majority of patio heater accidents occur as a result of negligence. Prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to the best patio heater for your home.

Inspect The Heater

If you have a gas patio heater, you will need to be extra safe. Before lighting, you want to make sure that there is no loose connection or leakage somewhere. If there is a gas leak, you will oftentimes be able to smell it.

In case you smell gas, turn off your unit completely, get to a safe distance away from your heater, and call the fire department quickly.

As with any heater, be sure to thoroughly read the instructions before operating. Knowing how to safely operate your unit will allow you to avoid many of the disastrous mistakes that can lead to a fire.

Fuel Types of Outdoor Heaters

There 3 types of fuel options for outdoor heaters. Each fuel type has its own merit and limitation. Here is a brief description of each.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is more popular than other types of fuel. That is because it is cheap and needs little maintenance.

However, it has one drawback. You will need a plumber to help you install the gas line. And once the unit has been installed, there is no way you can move it. Overall, natural gas is cheaper to operate compared to other types of fuel.

Propane Gas

This is the second type of fuel that is used for an outdoor heater. It is also common but its availability depends on the area that you will live in. In some areas, natural gas is more common than propane gas and vice versa. Also, the price can be a factor depending on the scarcity of this type of gas.

Propane gas is simple to use. It doesn't require any installation. All you need is to a 20lb propane gas tank and you are ready to go.

The only limitation with this type of fuel is that you have to replace the tanks often. Many homeowners also prefer keeping 2 propane tanks at home to limit the number of times they have to go out and purchase propane.

You will also incur an additional cost of replacing the gas tank. However, many homeowners will enjoy the ample heat that propane tanks give off.

Electric Fuel

This type of heaters uses electricity as a source of fuel. All you need is the120-volt outlet. The good thing about an electric heater is they can fit in any house or household. They have very little maintenance because all you need is a plug or socket and you have the heat that you need.

Unlike other heaters, you can use an electric heater even in an enclosed space.

Although there is the benefit of using an electric heater are many, there is one disadvantage that they have. They don't ignite much heat. They are perfect if you have a small house or patio or balcony. Also, if you need heat in small areas such as a small condo or office, then electric heaters are great options to go with.

Operation Cost Of Propane Patio Heaters

There are so many factors that affect the cost of patio heaters. Before you purchase the best patio heater for your home, you should know that the cost of maintenance is higher than the cost of purchase. With that being said you can not only consider the purchase price of your unit. You must also consider how much will it cost you to operate the unit.  

Let us look at the cost of Electric heater and propane heater

Most people will opt to buy an electric heater because its cost of operation is less expensive. That one is true; there is no debate about it. But what most people forget is that an electric heater doesn't through off much heat. The 1500 watts its use is not even in the neighborhood of what a propane heater gives. With an electric heater you can use $2.5 dollars for it to run for 10 hours but you won't get much heat.

On the other hand, propane heaters are costly. For instance, it will cost you around $20 to refill a 20lb propane tank. However, once you get your tank refilled, you can operate your unit for roughly 10 hours on the high setting on average.

How do Patio Heaters Work

Now lastly, before you invest in anything, you should have a general sense of how it works. The same applies when you are buying the best patio heater for your home. To understand this, let's explore just exactly how a patio heater works.

In order to give off heat, patio heaters burn their fuel; it can be through gas or electricity. Then this source of heat is amplified through a special heat that warms existing materials in a specified area.

Unlike an electric fireplace or space heater than have the fan distributing the heat, patio heaters emit radiant heat that warms the area. Radiant heat travels through the air to keep you warm. Think of it as the heat from the sun. For that reason, the heat that you feel is not harmful to your health. Fan forced heater can pose a serious health challenge to people with respiratory problems.

This method of heating is much more efficient than blowing hot air into space, which gets lots. While radiant heat is concentrated into one place, it travels in a  straight line to heat objects instead of warming the surrounding air.

The amount of the heat you want will depend on the space that you have. And to get more heat distributed in all the area of your living space it may cost you more. For instance, if you were to heat an area of 20 square foot and you want to raise the temperature from 60 to 70 degrees, you will need a patio heater that can emit around 84,000 BTU. That is enough heat to warm everybody that will be enjoying your patio heater. If you need everybody to get warm from the heater, all you need is to center the unit.

Overall, radiant heat is safe and environmentally friendly. It doesn’t pose any danger and it is the perfect option to go with if you have a family with children.

Final Thoughts on the Best Patio Heater

As with any major purchase, knowing what to buy can be a tricky decision. However, with the right guidance, you can buy any appliance with peace of mind. Hopefully, our handy guide has allowed you to do just that. If you are shopping for the best patio heater for your home, then hopefully this guide has helped you narrow down your list a bit. We are sure that whichever unit you choose from our list will be a great addition to your home. From aesthetics to power, our picks of the best patio heaters are ones that we know you will love.

If you've got any information, leave a comment below. Or you can share this incredible patio heaters review article with your friends on social media!

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