Best Oil Filled Space Heater In 2019 | Buying Guide And Reviews

It sounds enticing, right?

Having the best oil filled heater in your house. You can’t imagine the warmth it brings in a cold winter season.


But wait…

You don’t need to be this excited, not until you understand what it goes into choosing an oil filled heater.

Best Oil Heaters Compared







DeLonghi HCX9115E Slim Style Convector Heater

DeLonghi HCX9115E Slim Heater

15.2 Lbs

1500 W

32.2 x 3 x 21.8

Landmann 26364

DeLonghi EW7707CM Heater

23.1 Lbs

1500 W

13.8 x 25 x 10.8

DeLonghi TRN0812T Heater

23.8 Lbs

1200 W

14.5 x 6.3 x 25.2

DeLonghi EW7707CB Heater

22.2 Lbs

1500 W

13.8 x 25 x 10.8

Honeywell HZ-789 EnergySmart

21 Lbs


15.3 x 6.7 x 25

DeLonghi TRD40615E Heater

26.6 Lbs

1500 W

16.4 x 10.3 x 26.1

NewAir AH-450B Space Heater

19.2 Lbs


14.2 x 9.2 x 24.5

In this guide, you are about to learn different types of heaters on the market.

I mean the top cream of the best heaters like ceramic heaters or electric one. Secondly, you will learn more about having this oil filled heater in your home. Things like what makes them difference. And that brings me to the first item in on our list.

According to hothomeair.com experts…..

Top 7 Best Oil Filled Heater 2018 Reviews

1. DeLonghi EW7707CM Safe Heat 1500W ComforTemp Portable Oil-Filled Radiator

De'Longhi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater, Quiet 1500W, Adjustable...

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If silence is something that you cherish the most, it is a complete feature that you will find in any DeLonghi heaters. This model is no exception.

The EW770CM becomes a better option of oil-filled radiator to be kept in your bedroom because of the simplicity in operation.

Superior construction

It is large and better, made for medium-sized and large room. Weighs approximately 23 pounds and it can be moved around with its caster wheels with ease.

Anti-freezers and thermostat control

Not much can be emphasized on thermostat control, because it is a common feature found on most of the oil-filled heater.

But one unique standalone feature is the anti-freezer functionality. That makes the heater raise its temperature of the room once the temperature drops below the pre-set level.

What I don’t like

Large and heavy, you will need to place in one place.

2. Honeywell HZ-789 EnergySmart Electric Oil Filled Radiator Whole Room Heater

Honeywell HZ-789 EnergySmart Electric Oil Filled Radiator Whole Room...

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At that same price, you will find the Honeywell HZ-789 an oiled filled heater to be desired. It’s the closest competitor to the DeLonghi heater.

If price is what scares you and you want something that is a little bit friendly for your pocket, then try the Honeywell.

Not only is it pocket friendly but it comes with high-end features that you would find in any DeLonghi heater with a few exception.

Dimension and construction

Its dimension is 15.3 inches high, 6.7 inches wide, and 25 inches long. The Honeywell features a black color and silver rounded plates that house the front control panel.

Dual heat level

Simple to operate because it has dual heat level for constant temperature control.

A thermostat is included for temperature regulation when the heater hits desired temperature.


The timer helps you pre-program the heater for shut-off and power on at your desired level up to 12-hours.


This is what differentiates it from its close competitor. Even in quiet room, chicking sound is heard when the heater is on. In short, it doesn’t guarantee complete silence like its competitor, but the noise is not that distracting to the ear.

3. DeLonghi EW7707CB Safe Heat 1500W ComforTemp Portable Oil-Filled Radiator – Black

De'Longhi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater, Quiet 1500W, Adjustable...

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What you find interesting for the DeLonghi ?EW7707CB 1500 Watt heater is its exceptional heat output. It throws much that you can’t compare it to another heater in on the market, except the DeLonghi line of heaters.

The much power it delivers makes this heater ideal for small and large rooms. You have 3 heat output levels (700, 800 and 1,500 watts). You can raise the temperature to the level that you want.

Power performance

It is an area that this heater has excelled and trump other heaters on the market. That said, this heater consumes 1500 watts to keep a constant flow of heat in any room during the cold winter months.

Simplicity in operation

Forget the complication in operation that insults your intelligence, this heater comes with easy to control functionality that a 10-year kid could operate.

For instance, the dual event 24-hour’s time is capable of raising and lowering the temperature level up to two cycles of 8 hours.


I have to appreciate the LCD display on the heater, but it is pain me, that it is hard to read.

4. DeLonghi TRN0812T Oil Filled Radiator Heater Black 1500W

DeLonghi TRN0812T Portable Oil-Filled Radiator with Programmable Timer

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This is the type of heater that will make you smile when you want to buy it and for a reason.

The price of this heater is pocket friendly. The fact that it is cheap, it doesn’t mean that it is poorly made. It has all the unique features a low income household would benefit from.

Much can be said on this DeLonghi TRN0812T, but let me tell you a common feature. It is silent.

Digital thermostat

You can make this machine cycle on and off, thanks to the digital thermostat that simplify every operation.

Double-function timer

You can schedule the time when you want the heater to be on or off. Perfect for those who like to forget when the heater is on like me?

Makes you look at your pocket with glowing eyes, I promise

It is so cheap that you will put a smile on your face and best of all, it has every feature that you want.

5. DeLonghi TRD40615E Full Room Radiant Heater

De'Longhi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater, Quiet 1500W, Adjustable...

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Here is something to warm your entire room and make you feel comfortable in the most serious cold.

If you are a fan of DeLonghi heaters, you will know that like other brands of the heaters, exception is something that they take seriously.

No better example can describe what I have to say than the features the Delonghi TRD40615E radiant heater has.

Patent thermal chimney

You room will have constant heat flow for warmth that you will never feel cold again. Thanks to the patent thermal chimney.

Anti-freezing setting

Like any other Delonghi heaters, it has an anti-freezing setting that ensures that it raises the temperature of the room when it drops below 41 degrees

Power capabilities

The TRD40615E ignites 1500watts that is capable of warming 144 square foot areas that enough heat for small and medium-sized room.


It takes time to heat up

6. NewAir AH-450B Electric Oil-Filled Space Heater, Black

NewAir Electric Oil-Filled Space Heater, Indoor Personal Heater,...

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The NewAir AH-450B heater made it in our 2017 list, that is because it has unique features that makes your life simple and easy.

Comes with major wake up changes such as weight, operation and power capabilities.

If you want to replace your old heaters that you have at home. Then, all you need is to read the feature below and see of the NewAir AH-450B measures up.

Premium construction

It is 14.25 inches high, 12.7 inches wide and 25 inches that make it have a flat panel design.

It weighs 17.6 pounds and comes with a carrying handles that makes you move around with it easily

Power capabilities

With 1500 watts consumption you will be able to have sufficient heat and warmth.

Complete silence in operation, making it perfect for your bedroom. The AH-450B electric oil-filled space heater has 6 fins that ensure maximum heat transfer to your rooms.


It has a shorter power cord.

7. DeLonghi TRD0715T Safeheat 1500W Portable Oil-Filled Radiator with Vertical Thermal Tunnels

DeLonghi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater, Full Room Quiet 1500W,...

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DeLonghi TRD0715T have done major changes to differentiate this heater than any other heater that they sell. It is the only space heater that needs no refilling that is because it uses the diathermic oil.

Pure diathermic oil

You do need to do refill, making this heater cost-effective.

3 Variable heating

You have the option of choosing the heat output that you want.

Wrap around cord design

For easy storage when you don’t want to use the heater


Doesn’t come with cool to touch surface, kids and pets should stay away.

How to Choose the Best Oil Filled Radiator Heater

They are different heaters on the market, and you have to know what you want.

What characteristics do you need in an oiled filled heater, because heaters are not designed the same.

This is a section, where as an energy conserving smart shopper you may need to have a pen and a pencil for you to write down what you really want.

Here are some key issues that you need to consider when choosing an oiled filled heater:

Size of the space or room

You need to get the right length and width for your room, then multiply it to get the exact square foot area.

This will help you know the kind of heater that you should choose. On the market, most heaters have different square foot area.

Information like this you can find on the manufacturer’s specification on the heaters. You need the right size of the heater that can provide enough warmth in your room.

Design is important

The way the heater is designed will influence in your purchase.

You will find that highly priced heaters have lots of extra unique features, which can be good if you are looking for something that is ultra-great and worthy every penny you have.

Some of the things that you will find in a heater are:

Safety features

Majority of the heater will come with safety features. It depends on what you want.

For instance, most heaters may come with an overheating or over tip safety features that prevents accident from happening.

Taller fins

If heat is something that tops in your priority on the heater selection, then you may consider investing in a heater that has taller fins.

Tall fins heater have large surface area that provides good amount of heat and are cool to touch.

Remember that the more fins, you heater has, the more heat it can throw off.

Caster wheels

If you will be moving a lot with your heater from one room to another, then consider investing in a hater that has caster wheels.

Premium construction

You want to choose something that will last longer for more than 3 years or more.

For that reason, look at the material that the heat is made up of. Most heaters are designed with steel.

Steel is durable and strong. Steel does rust like aluminum and other metal. Steel is also easier to clean and maintain for long term use.

Another thing worthy looking at is whether the heater has enamel coating which doesn’t flake and it is easy to clean.

Type of oil

Different kinds of heaters have different oil types. The most common types of oil are petroleum, diathermic and mineral oil.

Diathermic is the most popular type of oil that is found in most heaters, because it is safer and provides low pressure even when the heat is high.

If you are choosing a heater, I would recommend a heater that has diathermic oil.

Size of the heater

Heaters are made with different sizes. The most common ranges of heights are 24 to 26 inches while the width takes on from 6 to 10 inches. Know that bigger sizes don’t mean the heater is will produces more heats.

Oil Heaters Mechanism (How it works)

A lot of debates are going on forums on how this heater works. And how it is different from any other types of heaters? I visited one forum and provided a length-detailed explanation until recently one of my subscribers asked the same question. And I decided to create a short post that answers that same question.

Oiled filled heaters have metal fins column, where oil flows freely on them. A heating element is located at the base of the heater and the cavity.

How it works?

When you plug the heater on the electricity, electric current passes through the resistor inside the heater, which turns energy into heat.

The diathermic oil then absorbs the heat inside the heater. The oil is heated at the base of the heater, and then it starts to spread and circulate through the metal fins or column.

Oil moves through this fins onto the cavity that offer large surface area for the heat to radiate. Oil heating at this area has high heating capacity and boiling point. In fact, the highest temperature ranges between 150 to 300 degrees Celsius that makes this oil have a high boiling point.

These features makes this oil act as a reservoir while at the same time provide large amount of heat and fluids that stay in liquid form ready to be transferred the next time it is needed.

These heats circulate through your room using natural convection of air. Where warm air rises up to replace the cold air. I now hope that you have understood the science behind how oil-filled radiators work.

How much oil is needed?

It remains a misconception up to today, because most people still believe that an oil-filled heater uses oil and it is replaced regularly.

This is not true. This because, the oil is not consumed as fuel, its purpose is to act as a heating reservoir.

The volume of oil remains the same as long as the heater is in perfect condition year after year. The oil will keep flowing through the same metal column when you need to use the heater.

Electricity will still be used to warm the heating element at the base of the oil filled-heater. The heat, will then be transferred to the oil, which the spread across the metal fins.

For those of you buying oil-filled heaters, the more fins you have the large the surface area that allow more air to come in constant with the heater.

Oil Filled Space Heater Safety Concerns

I have to admit one thing.

That most oil-filled heaters are not toys. They are potential dangerous compared to other types of heaters.

For instance, electric heaters are said to have a cool to touch surfaces that makes it a safe device for those people that have kids and pets.

But, when it comes to oil-filled heaters, the metal fins alone are super-hot and sometimes that heat warms the floor surface.

If you have a toddler that is learning how to walk, you will need to monitor him so that he may not touch or come in contact with the oil-filled heaters.

Because of that, here are some few safety features that you need to know.

Never use it with an extension lead

Most oil filled heater that you will buy will have a short cord and you may be tempted to have an extension lead.

I will advise you not to do so. If you have to get one at least get advice from a professional electrician before keeping one in your home.

If you are going to buy the cord at least choose the one that is super thick, a 14-gauge thick extension cord would do the trick in most cases.

Safety certification

Most electric wall heaters and electric fireplace have safety stickers on them. When choosing an oil-filled heater look for the label of certification it has before installing one.

A safety label shows a sign that it is a safe heater to be used at home. And when buying this heater, always buy from reputable sources.

Never repair or try to open even if you know what going on

We like to have control over what we can do with things. Well, an oil-filled heater is not a DIY tool that you can open; it is a heater that will need a professional to open, because of its hazardous nature.

Keep it away from obstruction

Oil filled heater ignites gives off too much heat and it is tempting to use it to dry your clothes.

Never use it to dry wet clothes or hang a wet towel in it. When the heater is working nothing should obstruct it, because it can be dangerous.

Switch Off when not in use

Never leave the heater unattended, always switch off when not in use.

It should be place away from high traffic areas. You need to keep the heater away from high traffic areas to prevent most people from knocking it over.

Never tamper with the thermostat

The thermostat is not something that you can alter unless you want to risk your life, doing that would lead to overheating.

Safety features

Most heaters will come with safety features such as the overheat features that prevents the heater from overheating.

There is over tip feature that lets the heater shut off automatically when someone knocks it over.

Choose a heater with such features that lowers the potential risk of injury by 90%. Some manufacturers even include more safety features in their design.

The fins need to be clear

The fins get hot over time when the oil-filled heater begins to work, avoids inserting things on them. Leaving objects on the fins will not only block the heat but lower the radiator’s efficient. In both ways it can be dangerous.

Advantages of Oil Space Heater

Oil heaters are considered the best heaters for some reasons. Oil heaters can’t be compared to electric heaters or fireplace for that matter.

If you are thinking of owning a heaters, here is why oil filled heaters will be the best option for you.

Lots of heat for constant warmth

Visit any online forum, you will never find anyone complaining about the heat output.

Oil heaters delivers lots of heat unlike electric fireplace that lets enjoy the ambience and amazement of flickering flames while producing less heat.

If heat is what matters to you the most, then oil-filled heaters are your best options.

Saves your energy bills

With oil-filled heaters, there no such thing as zonal or central heating that pile up your energy bills every month.

Oil-filled heaters are made to warm up your room efficiently and make sure that the heat is enough for you and your family. For that reason, oil-filled heaters are energy savers.


Their construction includes caster wheels for easy movement from one room to another. That’s solves the problem of buying every room its own heaters.

Oil-filled heaters also have a carrying handles that lets you drag the heater easily without causing lots of trouble on your back or spine.

Silent in operation

Read any review about other types of heaters such the electric heaters, electric fireplace and you won’t miss a common complain among customers.

Noise level is something that every customer that buys other kind of heaters has to live with. An oil-filled heater doesn’t use the fan, so there is no noise.

In fact, the major reason why most people are shifting to oil heater is because there is zero noise.

Health friendly

Other types of heaters such as electric heaters dry the air in the room. And after sometimes you start feeling like dry throats or sinuses.

In fact, it is advisable that you should opt for other options of heaters if you have respiratory problems. Oil-filled heaters don’t have any health risks, they are friendly.


Compared to gas fireplace, electric fireplace and other types of heater, oil-filled heaters are the safest of all heaters.

Closely followed by the other heaters. This is because their heating element is sealed far away. There is no way it can be tampered with.

In addition to that, manufacturers equip this unit with lots of safety features like overheat; tip over and anti-freeze features ensure that you will be safe when using them.

Easy to clean and maintain

When you look at radiant heaters, they are expensive to maintain. They really eat up the energy cost.

The oil-filled heaters doesn’t need refill that is because its fuel is not consumed but act as reservoir.

This different compared to when you have gas heater like propane and methane. All you need is to plug it into the plug and let it work.

Other Heaters vs Oil Filled Heaters

The question is…should shop for an oil-filled heater or other heaters? This is one of the questions that constantly come up in every forum.

However, I have to admit that they are both the best heaters. So here is how I measure the two up.

What is watts

On the power consumption department both measure up well. I can’t compare them on the basis of which heater consumes more fuel or which eats lots of energy bills? To heat a 150 square foot room, they will both consume 1500 watts.

Price consideration

We have a disparity here.

Oil-filled heaters are more expensive than infrared heaters.

That is because they have more advanced unique features. The low-end price for an oil-filled heater starts at $50 while an infrared heaters starts at $30 that is by the end of 2012.

Heat output

There is a big difference.

I have to agree that both produce lots of heat. However, what an oil-filled heater ignites can’t be compared to what the other heaters throw.

Even if you bought a random oil-heater that you picked out of the blue, you won’t be disappointed with the heat output. Other features on the heater may not impress you, but the heat is something that you will have no say about.

Immediate heat

Both infrared heaters and oil-filled heaters are made differently.

For instance, an infrared heater warms the object not the air. For that reason, it produces immediate heat. There is no waiting for you.

On the other hand, an oil-filled heater will start to warm the air first, then warm air will raise and cold air lower down. The circle continues until the whole air in the room is warm.

For this process to take place you have to wait. But once the oil filled heater reaches the desired temperature it is capable of maintaining the same heat level for a longer period of time than the infrared heaters. There are more reasons why an oil-filled heater will be better for you.

Final Verdict

You have read the best oil filled heater reviews. You now know what you should be looking for in a heater.

I made this review 3000+ word plus so that I can help you make an informed decision on which kind of heater you should choose.

But, the most important thing when choosing is a heater is not the warmth that it provides but the safety precaution that you take to keeping everybody safe.

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