Best Oil Filled Space Heater In 2019 | Buying Guide And Reviews

You have seen them everywhere. You have probably might even be considering buying one. But do you know where to start? In today’s article, we are going to go over everything you need to know about buying the best oil filled space heater for your home. You can't even begin to imagine the warmth they bring during a cold winter season, so it’s a no brainer if you are thinking about buying one!

Below, you will find our top picks of the best oil filled space heater you can buy for your home. Through careful consideration, countless product reviews, and talking to homeowners who actually own these heaters, we have been able to compile this years must haves when it comes to the best oil filled space heater.

Now before you commit to any oil filled space heater, you need to make sure you know what you are buying. More importantly, you want to be sure that it will work for the space you are shopping for. To help you, be sure to stick around until the end of this article. At the end of our comprehensive review, we have included a handy buying guide for you to look over. Our buying guide will go over all the details that you need to know about when selecting the best oil filled space heater for your home. We will look at things like the type of oil used, how to shop for your space, and safety. We will also look at other types of heaters such as ceramic heaters and electric heaters. So be sure to stick around to get a full understanding of an oil filled space heater. Now, without further delay, let’s jump into our reviews of this season's best oil filled space heaters.

Best Oil Heaters Compared







oil filled space heater

15.2 Lbs

1500 W

32.2 x 3 x 21.8

oil filled space heater

23.1 Lbs

1500 W

13.8 x 25 x 10.8

oil filled space heater

23.8 Lbs

1200 W

14.5 x 6.3 x 25.2

oil filled space heater

22.2 Lbs

1500 W

13.8 x 25 x 10.8

oil filled space heater

21 Lbs


15.3 x 6.7 x 25

oil filled space heater

26.6 Lbs

1500 W

16.4 x 10.3 x 26.1

oil filled space heater

19.2 Lbs


14.2 x 9.2 x 24.5

Now that you have a brief overview of what heaters have won a spot on our list, let’s dive into the nitty gritty of each.

Top 7 Best Oil Filled Heater 2018 Reviews


The design of this oil filled space heater is great because it can blend into any living space with ease. The white casing goes well in any room of your home. And because it is rather compact in size, you can display it in a corner without having to worry about its aesthetic appeal. Another great feature of this unit is that if you want to move it from one location of your home to another, you simply need to wheel it around. No heavy lifting will ever be necessary. Speaking of heavy, this unit is anything but. It weighs in at 23.4 lbs and is only 5.9 inches by 13.8 inches by 24.9 inches in size. Lastly, because of its design and simplicity of operation, the EW770CM becomes one of the better oil filled space heaters to keep in your home.


For a smaller sized unit, the DeLonghi EW7707CM sure does pack a great punch of power. One of its main features is Comfort Temp Technology. This technology allows you to maintain an optimal temperature in your home. These features also conveniently help you cut down on your energy bills. There are multiple heat settings that allow you to have personalized comfort. This unit was designed to offer the maximum amount of radiant heat all while allowing you to have a low surface temperature. Although its primary construction was made for medium-sized and large sized rooms, simply adjust the heat settings to low and you can use it in a smaller sized bedroom as well.

Three final features of this unit that make it great are the anti-freeze functionality, the maintenance free capability, and the noise level. The anti-freeze functionality allows the heater to raise the temperature of the room automatically once the temperature drops below the pre-set level. Also, this unit is maintenance free. The oil system in the unit is permanently sealed so refilling the heater is something that you never need to worry about. Lastly, If silence is something that you cherish the most, it is a feature that you will find in any DeLonghi heaters. This model is no exception. Sleep soundly at night without the disturbance of fans and blowers that other heaters offer.


There are a couple of safety features that make this the best oil filled space heater. For starters, this is a no assembly unit. You do not have to fumble with dangerous parts. Simply plug it up and you are ready to go. Also, find peace of mind in the fact that there is a thermal shut off that prevents overheating.


Although it can be moved, it can be difficult and cumbersome. You will need to place in one place.


This next unit from Honeywell is one of the best oil filled space heaters when stacked against the competition. Its dimension is 15.3 inches high, 6.7 inches wide, and 25 inches long. Because of the standard size, you can place it by any wall or corner without much difficulty. The overall look of this oil filled space heater fits into any living space as well. The Honeywell features a black color and silver rounded plates that house the front control panel.


The Honeywell HZ-789 EnergySmart Electric Oil Filled Space Heater provides a lot of power to homeowners as well. The unit is simple to operate because it has dual heat level for constant temperature control. The thermostat allows you to regulate the temperature to your desire. Much like the DeLonghi heater, there are plenty of high-end features that you will find in this unit.

For starters, there is the Energy Smart Technology that allows you to regulate the temperature using three easy to use heat settings. By adjusting the temperature to exactly what you need, you have the opportunity to save some money on your energy bills.


There are also some unique safety features that this unit has to offer users. For example,  there is a 1-12 hour timer. You can set the timer to your liking and when it reaches that time, your unit will automatically shut off. Also, users will find overheat protection, thermally insulated wiring, and a handy 360-degree  Tip-Over Switch.


There is one factor that differentiates it from its close competitor, DeLonghi. Even in a quiet room, a clicking sound is heard when the heater is on. In short, it doesn't guarantee complete silence like its competitor, but for many, the noise is really not that distracting.


This next oil filled space heater is another winner from the DeLonghi brand. The overall design of this oil filled space heater is sleek and modern. It features a high quality patented steel assembly that makes it looks good in any living space. As far as the specs are concerned, this unit weighs 24 pounds and measures out to 5.9 inches by 13.8 inches by 24.9 inches. This standard size allows it to fit in any corner or along any wall in your room.


When it comes to the power of this unit, there is plenty that you can look forward too. This 1500 Watt oil filled space heater offers exceptional heat output. It radiates plenty of heat that makes it incomparable to many other heaters on the market. The level of power it delivers makes it a great oil filled space heater for both small and large rooms. You have 3 heat output levels. These include 700, 800 and 1,500 watts. The heat output is an area that this heater excels in. That said, this heater consumes 1500 watts to keep a constant flow of heat in any room during the cold winter months.

With all this power, users will have the ability to set the temperature and go thanks to the convenient timer. For instance, the dual event 24-hour’s time is capable of raising and lowering the temperature level up to two cycles of 8 hours. Overall, this simplicity of use and multi level functionality allows it to be a great oil filled space heater.


Of course with all DeLonghi units, there are several safety features users can look forward too. There is the timer setting that allows the unit to automatically shut off. Also, there is an anti-freeze setting that allows you to steer clear of any hazardous freezing pipes.


While the unit does feature an LCD display, some users might find it difficult to read because the numbers tend to be a bit small.


This next unit is another popular oil filled space heater from DeLonghi. Unlike traditional oil filled space heaters, this unit features rounded edges as opposed to squared off edges. Regardless, the look of this unit still allows it to blend in with any living space. In regards to dimensions, this unit is also one of the lightest oil filled space heaters. It only weighs 19 pounds so it is rather easy to move around your home. Also, this heater is one of the most compacts on the market as well. The dimensions of the unit measure out to 7 inches by 18 inches by 15 inches. These dimensions make it one of the best units to have in a part of your home that is limited for space.


Because it is a DeLonghi, users can expect plenty of power. For starters, the digital thermostat simplifies how you cycle the machine on and off. It is easy to read and even easier to operate. Because it is a rather compact unit, it does scale back a bit in terms of power. This DeLonghi oil filled space heater offers 1200 watts of heating power.

Although it uses less wattage, users will still have full control of how they use that power. For example, there are 96 settings that allow you to heat the room to your desired temperature. You can even set how long you want that temperature to be sustained for thanks to the double function timer. This timer allows you to schedule the time when you want the heater to be on or off. This feature is perfect for those who tend to forget whether they have left their heater on once they leave the house. It is also great if you want to use it in a bedroom and run the risk of falling asleep. Lastly, because of all these neat features, users will be able to notice a significant difference in their energy bills. Coupled with the fact that this unit is rather affordably priced, there is no reason not to invest in this oil filled space heater.


While this unit is great by DeLonghi standards, users might find that the compact size is not the best fit for larger living spaces. 


Another great unit from DeLonghi is the DeLonghi TRD40615E Full Room Radiant Heater. This heater is great for a variety of reasons, but one of its top selling points is the overall look. This unit features a very modern design that allows it to stand out from the rest of the competition. The high quality patented steel assembly allows it to blend well in any living space.


This oil filled space heater has a lot to offer users. It features 1500 watts of power and can quickly warm up rooms of 144 square feet. There are many features users can look forward too. For starters, there is a patented thermal chimney. This feature allows your room to have constant heat flow for warmth. There is also an anti-freezing setting. This setting ensures that your oil filled space heater raises the temperature of the room when it drops below 41 degrees.


There are plenty of safety features that homeowners can enjoy as well. Some of the top safety features start with the design. The oil filled space heater offers unique patented smart snap wheels. These wheels snap into place once you set up your oil filled space heater. This will keep your unit secure and in place if you have a home that is filled with children and pets. Other safety features you can look forward to include thermal cut off so that there never is overheating. You can also look forward to the anti-freeze setting so that you never have to deal with frozen pipe damage. 


While there is so much going for this unit, users have complained that it does take some time to heat up.


This next unit is one of the few DeLonghi competitors that has managed to top our list for several years. The design of this unit is sleek, unique, and looks great in any part of your home. This oil filled space heater weighs roughly 19.2 pounds and features a standard measurement of 14.2 inches by 9.2 inches by 24.5 inches. If you want to move it from one location of your home to another, the multidirectional wheels will help you do just that. There is even a front carrying handle for even more ease of use.


There is plenty of power this unit offers. It features 5120 BTU’s of heating power and uses 1500 watts. You can easily heat up a room of 150 square feet. You also have several heating options. There are five temperature settings you can choose from. There are also three heat options for even more control. The AH-450B electric oil filled space heater has 6 fins that ensure maximum heat transfer to your rooms. The display screen is very easy to operate so that changing the setting is a breeze. Lastly, users will love that this unit operates in complete silence. This makes it the perfect oil filled space heater for your bedroom.


There are several safety features that users can look forward to. The first feature is the timer setting. By using the ten hour timer, you do not have to worry about leaving your unit turned on once you leave your home. Also, this oil filled space heater offers users overheat protection too. Lastly, users will love the Tip-Over Switch that ensures your unit stays safe even if it were to topple over.


The only main complaint that many users have about this oil filled space heater is the fact that it has a shorter power cord. While not a deal breaker, this can be frustrating for some.


If you are looking for an oil filled space heater that looks inconspicuous yet stands out from the rest, then this oil filled space heater from DeLonghi is a great unit to go with. The white casing blends fantastically in any living space. Also, the unique patented thermal slots allow for maximum heat flow all while allowing you to have a low surface temperature. The unit also features patented smart snap wheels that allow it to stay in place. Lastly, one of the neat features of this unit is the wrap around cord. You can easily store the cord in a wraparound housing located at the base of the unit.


Unsurprisingly, this DeLonghi unit offers users plenty of features. This oil filled space heater offers 1500 watts of heating power that makes it ideal for medium and large sized rooms. With the adjustable thermostat, users can set the temperature to their liking. And when the temperature is set, you can look forward to constant heat. Speaking of setting the temperature, users will enjoy the three heat settings. These settings will allow you to find your exact temperature.


There are a couple of safety features that users will enjoy. For starters, you never have to tinker with parts as this unit is ready to go right out the box. Also, the permanently sealed oil reservoir makes it an ideal oil filled space heater to put in your home. Users will also find the thermal cut off helpful for setting your desired temperature and not needing to worry about whether or not you need to shut it off. This can be great especially great if you fall asleep with an oil filled space heater in your bedroom. Lastly, the anti-freeze setting allows you to know that your unit’s pipes will always stay safe.


A major downside to this unit is the fact that it doesn't come with a cool to touch surface. This means that it may not be the best unit for a home that has kids and pets.

How to Choose the Best Oil Filled Radiator Heater

There are several oil filled space heaters on the market. But you can’s just pick anyone and god. There are several factors you need to consider when looking for the best oil filled space heater.

Not all oil filled space heaters are made alike. In this section, we are going to take a look at the major factors that will allow you to determine what the best space heater is for your room. Knowing these factors will allow you to make the best decision both for your home and your wallet. After all, when you purchase the best oil filled space heater, you are actually making an investment.

Here are some key issues that you need to consider when choosing an oiled filled heater:

Size of the space or room

You need to get the right length and width for your room, then multiply it to get the exact square foot area. Knowing the square footage of your space will help you know the kind of heater that you should choose. If you are shopping for a large room, but purchase an oil filled space heater that was designed for a smaller room, then your purchase would not be a sound one.

To find the information of the type of square footage your oil filled space heater covers, you can look at the manufacturer's specifications that will be printed on the heater’s packaging.

Design is important

The way the heater is designed will influence your purchase as well. You will find that highly priced heaters have lots of extra unique features. This can be good if you are looking for something that is ultra-great and worth every penny you have. The look of the heater is pretty important as well. If you are planning to keep your oil filled space heater in one location, then you want to make sure that it matches your room. Luckily, all the options we have listed above are ones that are aesthetically pleasing and work well in any living space.

Safety features

A majority of the heaters you will come across will come with safety features. The features will range from basic to more sophisticated. For instance, most heaters may come with an overheating or over tip safety features that prevent accidents from happening. Having the right safety features in your heater really depends on who will be around your heater when it is in operation. If you have children or pets, then it is best to shop for an oil filled space heater that is child and pet friendly.

Taller fins

If heat is something that tops in your priority on the heater selection, then you may consider investing in a heater that has taller fins. Tall fins heater have a large surface area and they provide a good amount of heat. These types of oil filled space heaters are also cool to touch so they are great to use around young children. Keep in mind that the more fins you heater has, the more heat it can throw off.

Caster wheels

If you will be moving a lot with your heater from one room to another, then consider investing in an oil filled space heater that has caster wheels.

Premium construction

You want to choose something that will last longer for more than 3 years or more. For that reason, look at the material that the oil filled space heater is made up of. Most heaters are designed with steel. This is because steel is a durable and strong material. Steel will not rust like aluminum and other metal. Also, steel is easier to clean and maintain for long term use.

Another thing worth looking at is whether the oil filled space heater has an enamel coating. An enamel coating doesn't flake and it is easy to clean.

Type of oil

Different kinds of heaters have different oil types. The most common types of oil are petroleum, diathermic, and mineral oil.

Diathermic is the most popular type of oil that is found in most heaters. This also means that it is the priciest. Diathermic oil is great because it is safer and provides lower pressure even when the heat is high. When choosing an oil filled space heater, we recommend shopping for one that has diathermic oil.

Size of the heater

Heaters are made with different sizes. The most common ranges of heights are 24 to 26 inches while the width takes on from 6 to 10 inches. Know that bigger sizes don’t mean the heater is will produces more heats.

Oil Heaters Mechanism (How it works)

While many people are able to identify an oil filled space heater, not many can explain how they work. More importantly, many users don’t understand how they are different from any other types of heaters.

The good news is, we have got a detailed explanation that outlines just that. Here is everything you need to know about how a space heater operates.

How it works

Basically, an oil filled space heater features columns of metal fins. This is where oil flows freely on them. A heating element is located at the base of the heater and in the cavity.

When you plug the heater into the power outlet, an electric current passes through the resistor inside the heater. This then turns energy into heat.

The diathermic oil then absorbs the heat inside the heater. The oil is heated at the base of the heater, and then it starts to spread and circulate through the metal fins or column.

Oil moves through the fins onto the cavity that offers a large surface area for the heat to radiate over. Oil heating in this area has high heating capacity and boiling point. In fact, the highest temperature ranges from 150 to 300 degrees Celsius.

These features make this oil act as a reservoir while at the same time provide a large amount of heat and fluids that stay in liquid form ready to be transferred the next time it if needed.

These heat then circulates through your room using natural convection of air. While that is a simplified version of how an oil filled space heater works, it is a rather different method than how other heaters like ceramic and electrical ones work.

How much oil is needed?

Many people still believe that an oil filled space heater uses oil and that oil is replaced regularly. This is not true. This is because the oil is not consumed as fuel. Rather, its purpose is to act as a heating reservoir.

The volume of oil remains the same as long as the heater is in perfect condition year after year. Also, the oil will keep flowing through the same metal column when you need to use the heater.

Electricity will still be used to warm the heating element at the base of the oil filled-heater. The heat will then be transferred to the oil, which will then spread across the metal fins.

For those of you buying oil-filled heaters, the more fins you have the larger the surface area that allows more air to come in constant with the heater.

So in summary, once you understand the method by with an oil filled space heater works, you will understand that you do not need to replace the oil.

Oil Filled Space Heater Safety Concerns

There are some concerns that you need to keep in mind when using an oil filled space heater. Because it is a heater, to begin with, an oil filled space heaters is not a toy. Instead, when compared to other types of heaters, an oil filled space heater can actually be harmful.

For instance, electric heaters are said to have a cool to touch surfaces that makes it a safe device for those people that have kids and pets. But, when it comes to oil-filled heaters, the metal fins alone are super-hot and sometimes that heat warms the floor surface.

If you have a toddler that is learning how to walk, you will need to monitor him so that he does not touch or come in contact with your oil filled space heater. Because of that, here are some additional safety features that you need to know.

Never Use It With An Extension Lead

Most oil filled heater that you will buy will have a short cord and you may be tempted to have an extension lead. As a general rule of thumb, it is advised that you not to do so. Instead, aim to place your unit in a location where an outlet is acceptable. If you do need to use an extension lead, it is best that you seek advice from a professional electrician beforehand

An electrician will typically advise you to use a 14-gauge thick extension cord.

Safety Certification

Most electric wall heaters and electric fireplace have safety stickers on them. When choosing an oil-filled heater look for the label of certification it has before installing one.

A safety label shows a sign that it is a safe heater to be used at home. And when buying this heater, always buy from reputable sources.

Never Repair Or Try To Open Your Heater Even If You Know What is Going On

We like to have control over what we can do with things. Well, an oil-filled heater is not a DIY tool that you can open; it is a heater that will need a professional to open. Becaue of the oil inside, it is a hazardous piece of equipment in nature.

Keep It Away From Obstruction

Oil filled heater ignites gives off too much heat and it is tempting to use it to dry your clothes. Never use it to dry wet clothes or hang a wet towel on it. When the heater is working nothing should obstruct it. If there is obstruction, this could lead to an accident such as a house fire.

Switch Off When Not In Use

Never leave the heater unattended, always switch it off when not in use. Also, it should be placed away from high traffic areas. You need to keep the heater away from high traffic areas to prevent any accidental trips or the potential of it being knocked over.

Never Tamper With The Thermostat

The thermostat is not something that you can alter unless you want to risk your life, doing that would lead to overheating.

Safety Features

Most heaters will come with safety features such as the overheat features. This feature is straightforward in the fact that it prevents overheating. There is also an anti tip feature that lets the heater shut off automatically when someone knocks it over.

When you choose a heater with such features, you can lower the potential risk of injury by 90%. Because of this, many manufacturers have been only adding to the safety features in their design.

The Fins Need To Be Clear

The fins get hot over time when the oil filled space heater begins to work. Because of this, be sure to avoid inserting things on them. Leaving objects on the fins will not only block the heat but lower the radiator's efficient. In both ways, this can be dangerous.

Advantages Of Oil Space Heater

Oil filled space heaters are considered the best heaters for some reasons. While this might be debatable for some, one this is not. Oil heaters can't be compared to electric heaters or fireplace for that matter.

If you are thinking of owning a heater, here is why oil filled heaters will be the best option for you.

Lots Of Heat For Constant Warmth

Visit any online forum and you will likely find few people complaining about the heat output. Oil heaters deliver lots of heat, unlike electric fireplaces that let you enjoy primarily the ambiance and amazement of flickering flames all while producing less heat. If heat is what matters to you the most, then oil-filled heaters are your best options.

Saves Your Energy Bills

With oil-filled heaters, there is no such thing as zonal or central heating that pile up your energy bills every month. Oil-filled heaters are made to warm up your room efficiently and make sure that the heat is enough for you and your family. For that reason, oil-filled heaters are energy savers. In fact, all our oil filled space heaters provide a great amount of energy efficiency.


Their construction includes caster wheels for easy movement from one room to another. This ability to move them solves the problem of buying an oil filled space heater for every room. Some oil filled space heaters also have carrying handles that let you drag the heater easily without causing lots of stress on your back or spine.

Silent In Operation

Read any review about other types of heaters such the electric heaters, electric fireplace and you won't miss a common complaint among customers.

Noise level is something that every customer that buys other kinds of heaters have to live with. Luckily, an oil-filled heater doesn't use a fan, so there is no noise.

In fact, the major reason why most people are shifting to an oil filled space heater is because there is zero noise.

Health Friendly

Other types of heaters such as electric heaters dry the air in the room. And after some time you start suffering from dry throats or sinuses.

In fact, it is advisable that you should opt for other options of heaters if you have respiratory problems. Oil filled heaters don't have any health risks, they are friendly. So if you already suffer from respiratory issues, then an oil filled space heater would be your best bet to go with anyway.


Compared to a gas fireplace, electric fireplace, and other types of heaters, oil-filled heaters are the safest of all heaters. This is because their heating element is safely sealed. There is no way it can be tampered with.

In addition to that, manufacturers equip this unit with lots of safety features like overheat; tip over and anti-freeze features ensure that you will be safe when using them.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

When you look at radiant heaters, they are expensive to maintain. They really eat up the energy cost.

The oil-filled heaters don't need to be refilled. This is different when compared to a gas heater that uses propane and methane. All you need is to plug in your oil filled space heater and you are ready to go.

Other Heaters Vs Oil Filled Heaters

So should you shop for an oil filled space heater or another type of heater? This is one of the questions that constantly come up in every forum. While all heaters stack up differently, here are some final factors that you should consider.


The power consumption of an oil filled space heater and its competition both measure up to about the same. For example, to heat a 150 square foot room, they will both consume 1500 watts. Making a choice between an oil filled space heater and the competition based on wattage will be difficult because they are both winners.

Price Consideration

There is a clear disparity hear. You will often find that an oil filled space heater will often be priced higher than all other types of heaters. This is because they have more advanced unique features. The low-end price for an oil-filled heater starts at $50 while an infrared heaters starts at $30.

Heat Output

There is a big difference in this department as well. While both types of heaters produce lots of heat, an oil filled space heater heat output can't be compared to what the other heaters throw.

Even if you bought a random oil-heater that you picked out of the blue, you won't be disappointed with the heat output. Other features on the heater may not impress you, but the heat is something that you will have no say about.

Immediate Heat

Both infrared heaters and oil-filled heaters are made differently. For instance, an infrared heater warms the object it hits, not the air. For that reason, it produces immediate heat. There is no need to wait for it to heat up.

On the other hand, an oil-filled heater will start to warm the air first, then the warm air will rise while the cold air lower down. The circle continues until the whole air in the room is warm.

For this process to take place you have to wait. But once the oil filled heater reaches the desired temperature it is capable of maintaining the same heat level for a longer period of time than the infrared heaters.

Final Thought On the Best Oil Filled Space Heater

Now that you have a detailed review of the best oil filled heaters on the market today, you are one step closer to making the right choice. While there is no shortage of oil filled space heaters, having the right information on each will help you make the right choice. As you shop around, be sure to keep in mind your need. Knowing what your family needs, what your room needs, and what you need your oil filled space heater will allow you to make the right choice.

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