Best Kerosene Heater In 2019 | Detailed Reviews and Analysis

You want to achieve two aims? One is find the best kerosene heater that suits your need. And the other one how to use the kerosene heater in your outdoors.

That is what this 3000+ review delivers. Unlike most reviews that you read online, this one is different. It is written by an expert ( you can say me ) who has used these heaters and knows how each of them functions.


Rest assured, there is no way you will waste your time here. Every second, you spend on your screen reading this article.

5 Best Kerosene Heaters Compared







Landmann 26364

Dura Heat Convection Heater DH2304

28.1 Lbs



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Sengoku CTN-110 KeroHeat

20 Lbs



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Dyna Glo Delux KFA80DGD Air Heater

26.9 Lbs



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Dyna-Glo RMC-95C6B Indoor Heater

23.1 Lbs



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Dyna-Glo WK11C8 Indoor Heater

14.3 Lbs



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Know that you are educating yourself about kerosene heater to make a sensible choice. There is no point of buying shitty product only to return them 30 days later.

Take your sit because you are going for a long ride.

Best Kerosene Heater 2018 Expert Reviews

1. Dura Heat Convection DH2304 – Best Indoor Kerosene Heater

Most customer love the H2304 model. It is cylindrical shaped to create a 360 degrees angle that is ideal for distributing heat around the room. The H2304 model gives both heat and light.

In the event of power outages, you can use its light to light the room. You don’t have to stay in the dark or put a generator on, because the light is strong and reaches far.

Dura heat H2304 Kerosene heater

There is no further discussion about safety. It has overheat protection, anti-tip protection and safety guard. It gives you lots of confidence to use with your family and friends.

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You don’t need to worry, because it has every feature that minimizes any slight chance of accidents showing up in your door steps.

Dura heat warms a 1,000 square foot area with a heating capacity of 23,000 BTU. This is enough heat to warm large spaces like basement.

The built-in installed drip tray gets rid of excess oil in the heater. All in all, you get the value of your money when you make a decision to buy the Dura heat.

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2. Sengoku CTN-110 KeroHeat Portable kerosene Heater

The Sengoku CTN stands out as a fantastic kerosene heater for families that are looking for safe and reliable heating solution. It won’t surprise you to find, Sengoku heater having extra safety features that keeps the whole household safe.

Sengoku consumes 1.4 gallon of fuel that lights for 14 hours a non-stop. There is an EZ flame adjustment that controls the flames.

Sengoku CTN-110 KeroHeat

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There is an overheat protection to shut the heater when it is too hot. Anti-tip protection to shut the heater when little hands or pets knock it and there is a safety guard. All this extra measures gives you peace of mind at home knowing that each person is safe with the heater.

Unlike other heater in the market, Sengoku comes with automatic igniter for easy lighting and fueling. Because of its simplicity in operation, a 70-year old man can operate it and feel safe with it.

At 20lbs, it is impressive how light Sengoku kerosene heater is. With an easy to carry handle, you can move the heater anywhere you want. With a dimension of 20″X12″X19″, you can store this kerosene in any space in your home, because it takes any space.

Sengoku is affordable and delivers 1000 BTU.

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3. Dyna Glo Delux KFA80DGD Kerosene Forced Air Heater

Are you looking for a kerosene heater for warming large spaces? You will enjoy reading the Dyna-Glo Delux KFA80DGD specs and features. They meet the needs of a 1,900 square foot area. You can put in a large place like construction site and never worry of workers complaining of little heat.

Dyna-Glo Delux KFA80DGD

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Because of its size and capability, the Dyna-glo delux throws a whopping 80,000 BTU. Aside from that, it includes a in-house built motor that pushes streams of warm air outside.

Its flexi-fuel design allows for K1 kerosene fuel, fuel oil and jet fuel. With its in-built air pressure gauge and a thermostat, you have total peace of mind when using it.

At 26.9lb, you have an assurance that you will move it to any direction that you want it.

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4. Dyna-Glo RMC-95C6B Indoor Kerosene Convection Heater

The RMC-95C6B is a reliable heater for homeowners. It heats an area of 1000 square foot and guarantees to meet your expectation for everyday use.

It features simple operation and includes an automatic ignition for fueling that gives you convenience. It is the number one choice for many families living in America, that’s because of the awards it has received from reputable organization like UL.

Dyna-Glo RMC-95C6B

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The RMC-95C6B comes with a sensible price allowing every homeowner to experience warmth during any cold season.

There is a love for RMC-95C6B, thanks to the rigorous safety test it has passed over the years. Additional, it is equipped with anti-tip sensors and automatic shut off. There is nothing left to chance when you talk about the RMC-95C6B.

It delivers 23000 BTU and last for 8 hours non-stop. It is 27 inches high and 18 inches in diameter. At 23lb only, even a 70 year old granny can move this thing around.

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5. Dyna-Glo WK11C8 Indoor Convection Kerosene Heater

I wouldn’t say that the Dyna-Glo WKII8 heater has some of the adorable features. If you are considering a heater that warms larges spaces the Dyna-Glow indoor heater is a minus to you.

Comes with 10,500 BTU enough to warm a 500 square foot area. That means, it is the ideal heating solution to persons living in small apartment and condos.

The lack of ignition battery is what makes this heater not desirable. You have to go another mile to get yourself a battery.

Dyna-Glo WKII8 Indoor Kerosene Convection Heater

>> Check More Specifications Of This Product <<

At only 14lb, 21 inches tall and 13 inches diameter, you can move this heater around, even travel with it. It features wire gauge and includes a carrying handle.

Like any other heater, you have safety features. It has a tip-over switch, shut-off and safety guard to minimize the risks of accident.

Have a small room, then it’s the best heater ideal for you.

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Buying Guide For Best Kerosene Heater

Do you know what hurts than buying kerosene heater?

Knowing that you choose a wrong one and you have to make arrangement to return it to the manufacturer. Or, you call the customer care service but they don’t seem to pick up. Or they make attempts of going round in circles.

If you have ever bought a product only, whether the company has returning policy or not, you know one thing.

It is a hassle.

You can’t control all that, but you can choose from the best kerosene heaters list I provide to avoid all this mess. And that starts by analyzing what you need in a heater.

Fortunately, the following tips are helpful when deciding to buy a kerosene heater. In fact, this blog has received lots of personal emails from readers thanking for writing a short guide.

I guess these points will help you the way it has helped lots of readers.

Types of Kerosene Heaters

Kerosene heaters come in two types. We have convectional and radiant heaters. They have different features and similarities.

  • Convectional Kerosene heaters

They have a round shape and that is why they are able to disperse heat at 360 degrees. That means, heat is evenly distributed in the room and everybody gets to feel it.

They cover a large area to make sure that the heat is felt in distance rooms. Convectional heaters are not ideal for small spaces like bedroom.

  • Radiant kerosene heaters

They have a rectangle shape. 90% of these radiant kerosene heaters are perfect for small spaces like small condos or apartments.

Unlike, the conventional kerosene heaters, radiant heaters warm the objects directly instead of the whole spaces. They have a removable fuel tank.

Whether you are choosing a radiant or conventional kerosene heater, you need to make sure that they come with a battery ignition device for easy operation and fueling.

Fueling system

Choosing a kerosene heater is not liking choosing a candy. You need a heater that gives you an easy time when operating it.

It is best to choose a heater that is easy to fuel. You need a light kerosene heater. You also need to determine how long the tank can hold the fuel. When you have a kerosene heater, you need to know the next time you will walk into the gas station for refueling.

Aside from the gas fuel, it is best to know the how many gallons the tank can hold. The more the better, but that’s true if you intend to stay in the long periods of time.


Where you store the heater and the tank matters. You need ample space for both these items. It needs to be somewhere unreachable to avoid danger.

Before choosing the kerosene heater, you may need to measure the area of your store. Next, you choose a kerosene heater that can occupy that space. But the more space you have the better.

Safety features

Each kerosene heater that you crave to buy needs to have safety features. You will have total peace of mind and feel in control when you have your family and pets around. Features that you need to consider include: overheat protection, anti-tip, safety switch.

Kerosene is not that dangerous but consider installing carbon monoxide detectors inside the house to check the level of oxygen.

Heating time

Many kerosene heaters have different heating time. They are those that can heat for 14 hours non-stop. Others heater go for 7 hours non-stop. If you are night owl, you will need a heater that warms you for long period of hours.

Kerosene Heater Purchasing Guide – Research of University of Kentucky

We are lucky enough to find an excellent research paper about kerosene heater published on Department of Agricultural Engineering, University of Kentucky by L.R. Piercy, S.S. Holland, E.S. Holmes and D.G. Colliver. According to this Kerosene heater research paper following are the key factors to be considered before purchasing this kind of heating unit:

  • Finding the right heater according to your room size
  • Proper ventilation in your room
  • ls the unit designed for uniform heating or spot heating?
  • ls the unit U.L. listed or not?
  • Check your local codes and insurance carrier permission
  • Durability of its body/construction
  • Make sure it has proper protective grills or double wall for minimizing contact burns.
  • The heater should have a operative safety shut-off switch or device
  • Avoid old styled kerosene heaters. Make sure it has label or fuel gauge
  • Burner flooding prevention
  • Make sure that the appropriate type of kerosene is available in your locality

Benefit of Kerosene Heaters

Compared to other heaters, kerosene heaters have their own shares of love. Most people that have bought it love it for several reasons. Here is why you need kerosene heaters.

You save a lot. Your bills will never go up. Not only that, but you get to enjoy steady heat throughout the night. One major drawback of electric wall heaters is that they emit lots of energy and consume more power bills.

In the winter, you never have to worry about power outages. That is because; some heater comes with a source of light that is bright. And in the event of power cut, you can still use it.

Unlike propane heaters, radiant heaters, kerosene heater are portable. There is no heater that weighs more than 50lbs, all have less weight making it easier for you to move around with it.

Where Can I Buy Kerosene Heater

They are several places that you can buy kerosene. Here are the options that you have. All will sell you better kerosene that meets you need.


It is the number one place most buyers will think about. That is because the company has a reputable return policy and nice guarantee. You have an assurance that your product will arrive at the speculated time. You have peace of mind.

You can use Amazon to compare the price of different kerosene heaters or get a discount when you buy with their coupon code.

Ecommerce site

The second place is ecommerce site. You can succumb to fraud if you don’t know what you are doing. Only buy from verifiable sites that have SSL and secure encrypted payment options. You can further investigate the URL of the site to know whether you are buying from a reputable source.

You use ecommerce site to compare price to get the best deal possible for your budget.

Offline store

You can visit your local offline store. Unlike ecommerce and amazon, here you have personal attention when you interact with the sellers.

Good sellers will walk you through the features of the product and even recommend better heaters for you. However, there is one problem. They don’t stock variety of these kerosene heaters. You have limited options when shopping from an ecommerce site.

Review Sites Like HotHomeAir.com

Most people love review sites because they offer buyers tons of information. Like us we walk you through the features of every product including the pros and cons.

Plus you get our recommendation. If you get stack or in a dilemma, we help you. We also answer every question that you have. Hands down, there is no way you can make a wrong choice when you buy from our recommendation.

Are Kerosene Heaters Safe

Kerosene is safe when used well. Like any other heating unit it is dangerous if you don’t follow the safety precautions. Kerosene is a combustion fuel.

A report from the Department of fire fighters in 2012 stated that 32% of fires that occur in homes came from heating appliance.

That happened because of ignorance and negligence. I hope it never happen to you. If you are using kerosene well, you will never have a problem. Here are some of the instances that makes kerosene dangerous.

Kerosene is an explosive fuel. For that reason, never mix it with gasoline or any other fuel. Only use the 1k-grade that is recommended.

There is the risk of carbon monoxide, but that happen if you don’t repair or service your kerosene on a regular basis. If you do regular care and maintenance, you shouldn’t worry about that.

Kerosene burns. Never allow your children to play around with it. In fact, before you refill ensure that its cool. Above all, kerosene is good source of heat to many homes that want to cut the risk associated with propane. However, you need to use it well.

Portable Kerosene Heater Safety Tips

Like any other heater, you need to have a peace of mind when you are working with it. And kerosene is no other. Here are the following tips that will keep you and your family safe when you use kerosene all the time.

Never neglect any these safety tips. For them to work you must adhere to the correct safety procedure every time.

  • Use only the recommended 1k-grade kerosene fuel. That is the recommended type of fuel in all countries around the world. Even when you are short of fuel, never use another fuel like gasoline.
  • Ensure that the container that kerosene fuel is never mixed with gasoline. They are not good friends and you never want risking your whole life. Additional, if you have them both, you must keep both of them in a separate room.
  • Ensure that you label your kerosene container so that it is never mixed with any fuel that you have in your home. Kerosene is mostly labeled blue while gasoline is labeled red.
  • Buy kerosene fuel from certified or licensed dealer. You also need to make sure that it is grade 1k, because any impurities that buy is dangerous for your health.
  • I know it has never crossed your mind. But you need to have fire extinguisher around. At least two is fine. And let everyone your household knows how to use.
  • You need to refill the fuel tank outside. And you do that when the kerosene heater is cool. Never refill the tank in warm area and the heater is warm. That is like playing with dynamites.
  • Take note of the fuel mark when refilling. It must be 90% full. Cool kerosene do expand when hot and if it has no room for expand it can explode.
  • Place the kerosene heaters away from high traffic foot areas to prevent chances of knock over. It also needs to be away flammable substances like curtains or furniture.
  • Kids and pets need to be a distance from the kerosene heater.
  • Ensure that you buy a kerosene heater that has lots of safety features to cut the risks of accidents.

Kerosene Forced Air Heater vs Other Heaters

Kerosene forced air heater and other electric heaters share similarities and differences. Both are portable. They have their own advantages and limitations.

Kerosene is not a clean energy. It produces carbon monoxide in the air. However it you can regulate it with oxygen or carbon dioxide detectors. While on the other heaters use propane, which is a clean source of energy. It doesn’t pollute the environment.

Most heaters use propane and propane is heavier than air. That explains why it is compressed into tanks. You can find this tank in the filling station. Kerosene heaters use kerosene. Kerosene is in liquid foam.

Propane is combustible; you can endanger your health if you inhale it. Propane can leak and any leakage can cause fire. Kerosene can’t leak out. However, it can create small emissions that are harmful to the environment.

Kerosene produces lots of heat than propane that explains why it is able to warm up 3000 square foot areas. It is best for stadiums and events. Hands down, propane has no match when it comes to heating capacity.

Kerosene is cheap. You save a lot using kerosene that when you use an electric heater. Kerosene can burn for 14 hours or more. The most expensive heater can’t beat that. A gallon of kerosene is cheap compared to gallon of fuel used to run other heaters.

That is the difference. If you are looking for a durable heater, the above options will help you make the right decision.

Care and Maintenance of Kerosene Heaters

The reason why these heaters need maintenance is for two reasons:

  • To prolong their lifespan.
  • To reduce danger when they are in use.

Those two factors are important if you want to avoid potential risks in your home. Here are a couple of routine maintenance tips that you must carry out.

Never buy a generic wick for replacement. Always buy from the same manufacturer of the kerosene heater. Always check the condition of the wick to know the right time for replacements.

Follow the siphon pump instruction. Never fuel your tank to the capacity.

Always clean your kerosene heaters. Clean it outside using a mixture of ammonia and water. For serious dirts, get an elbow grease and cleaner.

Remove the glass mantle and clean it with soapy water. You need to clean inside the tank without contaminating with water. Perhaps, you can use kerosene fuel to clean the inside and remove all the debris and dirt.

At all times, make sure that the fuel the heater with fresh kerosene. Never use leftover kerosene, it might have spoilt.

Ensure that the batteries of the kerosene are in the right working condition at all time. Especially if they are used for ignition.

Best Kerosene Heater Conclusion

There is no heater that is 100% safe. It depends on how conscience you are at all time.

Want to choose the best kerosene heater? You have the have these guide. Based on what you have read, you can choose the best kerosene heater that would most appeal to you.

I will take question, if you have pressing issues or concern that you want to know before making a decision. Meanwhile, enjoying extend your outdoor living by buying from this kerosene heater review. You won’t regret choosing our selection, I promise.

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Ed is a family man first and attempts to be a writer second. He is a home expert and his passion for helping people in all aspects of home improvement.

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