Best Ethanol Fireplace Review and Bio Ethanol Fuel In 2018

You are thinking of buying an ethanol fireplace. So you’ve scoured the sites and blogs looking for the best ethanol fireplace. And every ethanol fireplace review doesn’t offer much information about what you want.


Thank God you found this review. What you read here is not just a bunch of features taken from Amazon. I explain what those features mean to you and why it matters.

My job is to help you have an awesome buying experience. You don’t need to return the ethanol fireplace once you’ve bought it.

Best Ethanol Fireplaces Compared






Landmann 26364

GF301801 Vigo Ethanol Fireplace

5.2 Lbs

9.8 x 14 x 8

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Ignis Tab Ethanol Fireplace

8 Lbs

13.9 x 1 x 4.8

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Chelsea Model Wall Mount Fireplace

23 Lbs

27.5 x 5.5 x 19

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Moda Flame EPB4024 Insert

21.3 Lbs

5 x 24 x 7.4

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Moda flame 1 Quart Fuel

13 Lbs

28 x 22 x 18

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Regal Flame Ethanol Fuel

1 Lbs

5 x 5 x 5

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In this 3000 and something article, you get the following:

  • Best-selling ethanol table top fireplace and wall-mounted in the market.
  • Best-selling ethanol fuel in the market and why.
  • Expert guide on how to buy an ethanol fireplace.

The list is long. With this comprehensive guide, you will add a little flare your living space.

Best Ethanol Fireplace 2018 Reviews

1. GF301801 Vigo Table Top Ethanol Fireplace

Moda Flame Vigo Ventless Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fireplace in Black

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The Vigo ventless tabletop is a nice addition to compliment your decor, that’s because it comes with three color options.

You can choose the following colors: white, black and stainless steel.

At 6.6lbs, the Vigo ventless tabletop is light that you can lift it with one arm and move it to any room. The Vigo ventless produces 3,900 BTU enough to warm a 15’x10’x10′ room with enough heat supply.

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It has a fuel capacity of 0.5 liters enough to get you through a 2-hour night non-stop after the next refill. It has a detached setting for housing the fire through the glass panel.

A cool to touch housing glass make you less vulnerable to heat because of its cool to touch features. The vigo ventless fireplace can be placed on any setup without worrying about the scorching or damaging the surrounding.

The Vigo ventless tabletop is well-orchestrated to bring an artistry feeling in both low incomes and middle-income homes. Hands down it is a novel ethanol fireplace that entertains a variety set ups including: mantle, table setting, indoor setting and outdoor settings.

Buy the vigo ventless fireplace and you will enjoy the sleek design, black stands and glass panel that beholds beauty in your space.

2. Elite Flame 18” Ethanol Fireplace Burner Insert

Regal Flame PRO 18 Inch Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Burner Insert 2.6 Liter

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This classic ethanol fireplace burner features sturdy steel finish, making it an excellent addition to your decor. The Elite flames come with lots flexibility. One of them being the option of adjust the flame height from 12 inches to 14 inches high.

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This is a durable fireplace burner thanks to the 3mm thick steel that resists any corrosion. It has fuel capacity of 2.6 litres that burns for 4 or 6 hours nonstop till the next refill. You are guaranteed to spend lots of time out.

Easy to operate. No assembling is required. All you need to know is how to refill the its tank . At 16,000 BTU, it throws out lots of warmth and delivers 100% ambience.

Hands down, you enjoy a charming sensation of both ambience and warmth in any season.

3. Chelsea Model in Black-Wall Mount Bio-Ethanol fireplace

Anywhere Fireplace - Chelsea Stainless Steel Wall Mount Fireplace

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Its own stylish accent is a beauty to behold in any room. You can hang this fireplace on the wall to create a contemporary look for the guest and family. Anywhere fireplace provides more heat to any living space. It acts both as a decor to leave unforgettable memories and a home accessory for homes.

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The incorporation of black color adds a class of beauty to any decor in your room. Its stylish tampered glass creates an elegant view of the dancing flames and sends a unique statement about your home.

It uses an Eco-friendly bio-ethanol fuel that burns clean and leaves everybody health. The Anywhere fireplace weighs 23 pounds, light enough for you to carry it with your arms and move it to any place in your room.

At its current retailing price, the Anywhere Fireplace is what you need to transform your home into something spectacular. Additional, it gives you the option of customizing it: You can increase or decrease the flame.

4. EPB4036 PRO 36” Ethanol Fireplace Burner Insert

Moda Flame EPB4036 Pro 36' Ethanol Fireplace Burner Insert

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The EPB4036 fireplace insert is large and capable of igniting 22,000 BTU. Its burner insert features a damper that regulates the flame and controls the quality of fuel used.

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This ethanol fireplace has the capability of warming a 20”x20”x10” room going up. It has 3 distinct features that will make you wanna buy it on the market. Has a double thick steel housing, ceramic wool wick. And metal rod to tweak the flames you need.

The EPB4036 ethanol fireplace burner insert weights 41lbs and you can move it around the house fast.This ethanol fireplace provides more than just warmth to your living space. You enjoy the sophistication of beautiful ambience each evening.

5. Elite Flame Avon Ventless Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fireplace

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No products found.

A little flare along with its sleek design is what you will find impressive with the Avon fireplace.

It features a well-made glass panel that provides excellent view of the fire flames.

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At 6.6lb or 3kg weight, even your teenager can carry the fireplace without worrying of its bulkiness. Thanks to its modern and compact design, you will have an excellent accessory to your home.

The Avon fireplace ignites 3900 BTU per hour enough to get you 3 hours in the night before your next refill. With a 13.97W x 8H x 7D inches, so small that you can place it on small night table and grand large desks. Hands down, it adds panache to the table. Comes in black and white colors and it is easy to operate.

6. Moda Flame EPB4024 Pro 24” Ethanol Burner Insert

Moda Flame EPB4024 Pro 24' Ethanol Fireplace Burner Insert

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Built with a 3mm thick steel to stay sturdy and durable. You can carry it around thanks to its 27lb weight. You can customize the look on the flame. It gives you the option of increasing or decreasing the flame.

>> Check More Specifications Of This Product <<

The Moda flame ethanol burner insert is compatible and will work with any kind of set up-from indoor to outdoor. You have the option of installing the burner or using it separately. Hands down it is the perfect kind of fireplace burner suited for all kinds of homes.

The stylish glass frame brings artistry looks into any walls. Thanks to its bio-ethanol fuel, you won’t be squabbling for woods, chimneys or vents in your house.

It can hold 4 liters of fuel that burn for 6 or 8 hours in the night depending on your usage. The fireplace ignites 16,000 BTU of flame.

7. Ignis Tab Tabletop Ventless Ethanol Fireplace

Portable Ventless Bio Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace - Tab | Ignis

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Ignis tabletop greets you with first impression that last long. It has an elegant stainless steel finish and glass wall that creates a romantic look.

With a fuel capacity of 0.7 litres, it can burn up to 2 hours before the next refill. The tabletop ventless fireplace ignites 2000 BTU output enough to send charming warmth into any room.

>> Check More Specifications Of This Product <<

The Ignis tab tabletop comes with three important things: a tab fireplace, damper tools and user’s manual. You can either turn it into a table top or use it as a freestanding fireplace. There is little to zero maintenance. All you need to do is know how to refill the fireplace once it is finished.

The tampered glass pane houses the fire. The ignis tab tabletop weighs 8lb, easy to lift with your arms and move it anywhere you want.

Now You Need Ethanol Fireplace Fuel

Ethanol fuel and ethanol fireplace are sold separately. Once you’ve bought the fireplace, you will need a fuel. Here are the 3 best ethanol fuels to power your fireplace. They are clean and environmental friendly.

1. Moda flame 1 Quart Bio-Ethanol fuel 12 bottles

Regal Flame Premium Ventless Bio Ethanol Fireplace Fuel - 12 Quart

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The moda lame ethanol fuel comes from renewable sources. It features clean burning fuel with zero environmental hazards and pollution. It burns cleans and produces CO2 and steam which have zero effect to humans.

The Moda flame features clean air quality thanks to the tests done to make sure that it meets strict international government regulation.

The addition of Bitterant guarantees your child’s safety. Each quart is capable of lasting for one hour. Each of the Moda flame bottles has a protective strainer for pouring the fuel without slippage.

2. Regal Flame Premium Bio Ethanol Fireplace Fuel-36 Quarts

Regal Flame Premium Ventless Bio Ethanol Fireplace Fuel - 36 Quart

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Regal flame premium ventless bio ethanol fireplace is designed for ethanol table top burners, wall mounted, free standing, tiki torch. It is 100% premium alcohol and burns clean fuel.

It does not produce odor or soot of any kind. Best of all you don’t need a vent. When Regal flame burns it produces steam and CO2 which are harmless to your health. The Regal flame fuel has passed tests on its air quality to meet international standards.

3. FP-1 Ventless Bio Ethanol Fireplace fuel (4 gallon)

Moda Flame FP-1 Ventless Bio Ethanol Fireplace Fuel (4 Gallon) -

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Like most ethanol burning fuel the FP-1 doesn’t have an expiration date. That means you buy as many 4 gallon bottles as you want.

The 4 gallon bottles are large and one can get you throughout the night. This bio ethanol fuel is clean and environmental friendly. Unlike other bio ethanol fuel, you can get the FP-1 at decent price.

How to Choose The Best Bio Ethanol Fireplace

Before you invest your hard-earned money into the bio ethanol fireplace, you need to know what you are getting.

There is no need of buying a product if you don’t understand its working mechanism. Knowing what you want in a product will give you a better understanding to avoid bad buying experience.

Bio ethanol fireplaces are not different. You need the following information before you buy.

Certification and tests

Certification and test are not a requirement, but they will help you know the quality of the ethanol fireplace. Certifications involves lab analysis and tests that show the safety requirement the fireplace meets. An excellent manufacturer would pay for tests and certification to conform to the international standard.

Look for Bio ethanol fireplace with certification and tests.

Quality of the burner

The burners of the bio ethanol fireplace are designed differently. The common features are that they produce vibrant flames. It is common to buy a high-end bio ethanol fireplace with a low quality burner.

Low quality burner weighs around 3kg and high quality burner weighs from 5.8 kg. You need to also check the design of the burner.

Low quality burners have extinguishing problem. That means the opening won’t be sealed, when you try to extinguish it, you will have a problem shutting the unit off.

Heat output

Bio ethanol fireplace are created for ambience-dancing flame. High-end bio ethanol fireplace can produce 10,000 BTU of heat per hour and this is enough to send warmth in small room.

The tiny small fireplace ignites from 3000 BTU going up. Heat output will determine the kind of fireplace you choose.


Do you have a specific location to place you fireplace. Bio ethanol fireplace are designed to fulfill two purposes indoor setting and outdoor settings.

Most ethanol fireplace come either as wall mount or freestanding. Wall mount fireplace are great if you want to save on space or have a limited space in your house.

Freestanding can be placed anywhere in the room as long as you have enough space inside.

Design capabilities

Bio ethanol fireplace are a sign of beauty. They add that luster and artistry feeling in a house. If you want a fireplace that will compliment with your decor, check the design.

In the market you will note that most fireplace come with stainless steel base or black finish. There is more design modification; all you need is to look further

Fuel capacity and burn time

These two factors are important. Fuel capacity in the fireplace is related to the length of time. A bio ethanol that has 6 liters capacity will have more burn time than a fireplace with 3 liters capacity.

Fuel capacity and burn time features, can be found on the manufacturer specification.

How to act on this information: Check the fuel capacity and burn time on the manual before you buy the fireplace. Remember, these fireplaces and gel fueled fireplaces are not the same and ETHANOL and GEL FUEL are also different. 

Wall-Mount Ethanol fireplace or Table top

Both designs are great addition to your living space. They give the same benefit: Great ambience and warmth.

May be you wondering what you should choose for your home: Tabletop or wall-mount ethanol fireplace. I want to give you a short comparison so that you choose what you want.

Why Wall Mount Ethanol Fireplace?

Wall mount bio ethanol fireplace are great for several reasons. Wall-mount electric fireplace save on space. If you have a small room and the space is limited, then consider a wall-mount electric fireplace. They come with mounting bracket to help you with installation.

Wall mount electric fireplace look stylish and elegant on the wall. If you want your living space look beautiful, consider buying a black design with a good transparent glass.

They are always far from the reach of children and pets. If safety is your primary goal, then choose a wall-mount electric fireplace.

They have only one limitation, you have to be ready to screw your wall to install it.

Tabletop fireplace

If you have enough space in your room, the tabletops are to go. They look stunning and most will compliment any decor that you have.

The only limitation with tabletop fireplace is one. You have to keep an eye on it because kids or pets may try to play with the fire. Which can burn them?

Besides that tabletop fireplace make a nice focal point when they are placed at a central place unlike the wall-mount electric fireplace.

Benefits of bio ethanol fireplace

There are many reasons why people are buying ethanol fireplace. If you are in dilemma whether to buy it. Here are some reasons that may help you judge whether ethanol fireplace are for you.

Clean fuel

Ethanol is a clean fuel and environmental friendly. It does not produce soot or smoke to its environs. That is because ethanol comes from renewable sources like potatoes, dirty and among other things.

Besides you don’t need a chimney or vents to own ethanol fireplace. Ethanol also does not emit pollutants in the air. For instance, wood stove is known for emitting carbon monoxide to the surrounding. For that reason, you will need to have oxygen sensors in the room to alert you when oxygen level drops below normal.

Realistic flame

One of the major complains customers have regards to the flame. Most electric fire and gas fireplace don’t give out a real flame.

The flame built inside them is fake. And the bio ethanol fireplace becomes the best alternative for them. Ethanol comes with realistic-looking flames. In most case, ethanol produces 2 to 3kw, which is equal to a radiation on full effect.

Little to no installation

You don’t need to slave through time installing a bio ethanol fireplace. Most ethanol fireplace will come either as wall-mount or freestanding fireplace.

With freestanding fireplace, there is nothing to install. All you need is to choose a location that you want to place the fireplace.

With wall-mount electric fireplace, you will need only a mounting bracket with some screws to go. It is a process that can take you less than 30 minutes.

Zero maintenance needed

Ethanol fireplace require one to know few things. That is how to fill the fuel tank. There is no removing of soot, ashes or cleaning of vents that is common in wood burning fireplace.

You also don’t need professional service inspection that is common to gas fireplaces. All this worries and hassle won’t matter anymore if you have an ethanol fireplace.


Health is an important factor when you are deciding which heating unit to buy.

For instance, there are some people who have respiratory problem like asthma or sinuses and may not like the heating unit.

The good news is that ethanol has zero health hazards. For instance, wood fires are linked to cancer, asthma, lung diseases.

Ethanol fireplace vs Electric fireplace

Here I want to show you the pros and cons for each fireplace. That alone will help you determine the kind of fireplace that you need.

Ethanol fireplace

Ethanol fireplace is unit that uses bio ethanol fuel to run. This fuel comes from renewable sources of energy. Renewable sources of energy produce clean burning fuel and they environment friendly.

Ethanol fireplace also have vibrant flames that looks like real fire. Because of their fuel, they don’t produce soot or ashes to the surrounding. They are so cleans to the extent that they don’t pose any health hazards even to people with asthma and sinuses.

Unlike other fireplace like pellets stove, ethanol fireplace don’t require an electric socket. In case of power outage, you can still have them running for as long as you want.

The most important thing benefit about ethanol fireplace is that they produce realistic flames.

Limitation of ethanol fireplace

They are expensive to run. You will need to have more bottles of fuel in your house. Ethanol fireplace can’t burn without heat

Electric fireplace

They use electricity as the source of fuel. Electricity is clean energy. All you need to get it operating is to plug it into the socket. The electric fireplace has a fan that you can turn off and leave the flame burning.

Electric fireplace are cheap. They are easy to install. You can operate them with or without heat. Electric fireplace run on their own, you don’t need a fuel for them to operate.


They produce fake flames. Electric fireplace will need time assembling and installing the unit. You need to be at least handy to do this work correctly.

In case of power outage, an electric fireplace may not work well. If you need to experience a real flame an electric fireplace may not be the choice for you.

Bio Ethanol Fireplace Safety Concerns

Open fireplace needs lots of attention and safety. When it comes to ethanol fireplace you need to understand the potential danger and how to combat it. Here is how you can take care of you and your family.

Spilling ethanol while fueling the fireplace

Most accident that occur at home results to spillage of ethanol. At one point, you will spill the ethanol in your home.

If you light ethanol and there is spillage, it light but it won’t explode like other gases. And it can be risk if it catches other inflammable substances in your home like clothes.

As a fuel, ethanol needs to be at certain temperature before it burns. To avoid the uncontrolled fire use a funnel to avoid the spillage of ethanol.

Fueling a hot burner

It is common sense, right?

Yet a lot of people will forget especially if you have an unit that last for two hours and you need 3 more extra hours in the night.

For that reason, lighting ethanol after it has been fuel will result to large uncontrollable flame because of the increase in evaporation of the fuel.

You can read on how to fuel the ethanol fireplace or follow these 4 steps to avoid accidents.

  • Close the lid well
  • Give it 10 minutes to cool before you refuel
  • Take a funnel and refuel the burner
  • Check for any spillage before lighting
  • You can find more instruction on the manual that it came with

Never overfill the burner

Follow the guidelines when it comes to fueling the ethanol fireplace. It is recommended to leave 1 cm space in the burner.

Fill up to the brim, can lead to uncontrolled fire that is difficult to shut down.

Watch out for kids and pets

Ethanol is an open fire, never leave it unattended. Your kids and pets should keep a distance to avoid to being burned by the ethanol.

Get fire extinguisher

To avoid uncontrollable fire that comes from spillage, have an fire extinguisher in your home. In case of accident, you will be quick to control it.

Clearance area

Ethanol needs to 40 inches away from inflammable substances and 80 inches away from curtains.

Enough oxygen in the room

Ethanol needs oxygen for it work. That means, you room must have enough air circulation for it work well. You need to have windows and doors open at all times.

If you have a small room that lacks enough oxygen, ethanol fireplace will be a hazard to you. You may feel headaches or difficult to breath.

When you experience such situations shut the ethanol fireplace immediately.


I believe the best ethanol fireplace review gave you more information.

You can now use this information to choose the best ethanol fireplace for your home. You can also use this guide to choose a heating unit that will meet your needs at home.

Best of all, this information will help you keep you and your family safe at home when you are using the ethanol fireplaces. Have a question for us, you can leave a comment below.

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