Best Choice Products SKY1826 Fireplace Electric Insert | Detailed Review

This new insert style fireplace is presented by Best Choice. The product is directly bought from the manufacturer and then supplied on the website. This vent free electric fireplace insert is another beautiful addition to the home decor. The product is CSA certified and is already assembled before delivering. All it needs is a simple installation.

Embedded Fireplace Electric Insert Heater

The components that come along with this fireplace include a remote controller which allows turning this electric fireplace just with the press of a single button. This electric fireplace is an awesome choice for your living room. The reason is that it adds beauty to your room and charm to the atmosphere.

You do not need to wait for a specific season to turn this heater on. It can be used in all seasons, with or without heat. It allows only the flames to be turned on without giving out any heat. It requires a power of 110 – 120 volts. And can fluctuate between two wattages, i.e. 750 watts and 1500 watts.

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It has a glass view window. It has an electrical cord of about 4 feet. And a standard plug. The product has its origins from the United States of America.

Features of this Fireplace Electric Insert

Dimensions and Weightage

The product measures 21 (L) x 28.5 (W) x 6 (H) inches and it weighs about 29 pounds. The shipping weight is 34 pounds.

Dual heat settings

The heat of the electric fireplace can be lowered or increased using a remote controller. You can now control the amount of heat according to your area’s current weather.

Five brightness settings

The brightness and luminosity of the flames can now be controlled according to the required light in your room or in accordance with the time of the day.

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Overheat protection

The unit has an automatic system of turning off the system on its own when it is about to overheat. This causes a saving of any extra charges in utility bills and prevents device from getting hot. When it reaches a temperature of 72 Fahrenheit, it shuts off.


the unit has 3 x 40 watts E12 bulbs. These bulbs provide the lights that


  • Requires less space, thus making your living place spacious and easy for you to move around.
  • The heat can be easily adjusted just b pressing a single button on the wireless remote.
  • Runs on electricity, thus, no fuels, gas or batteries are essential.Harmless for kids and pets.
  • Brightness / luminosity of the flames can be controlled.
  • Does not charge high rates for operation, thus, pocket friendly.


  • Not suitable for cooking purposes.
  • Might not be good option for usage in porches or outdoor.
  • Might not be a good choice for large halls or banquets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. is the flame one color or does it have some blue too? A. it is just one color that is orange.

Q. How many square feet does this electric heater heat? A. This electric heater heats up to 500 square feet.

Q. Does the fan make noise? A. The fain makes a faint noise but the noise is not at all disturbing.

Q. Can this b used as a fireplace insert? A. Yes, this electric heater can be used as a fireplace insert as well.

Q. Can we change the heat temperature? A. Yes, the het temperature can be changed.

Q. What is the size of this electric fireplace insert? A. The product measures 21 (L) x 28.5 (W) x 6 (H) inches

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Final Notes

The SKY1826 Fireplace Electric Insert is a good replacement to the mainstream fireplaces that have all of us have been using since is an environment friendly product that does not cause any sort of pollution or mess. It is a beautiful addition to the home décor; because its beautiful appearance adds charm and glamour to your living room. Since it works on electricity, it helps you avoid the hassle caused by fuels and kills the requirement of natural gas to obtain heat.

The fireplace electric heater is a vent-free electric heater that heats up your room at your desired temperature. The luminosity of the flames can be turned brighter or lighter with the help of a wireless remote controller that comes along this fireplace insert in the kit.

The electric fireplace is a good option for anyone who wants a showy piece of modern accessories that would be beneficial most of the times, just like this electric heater which is beneficial in all seasons of the years. The fireplace is a simple yet amazing product that is being sold by Best Choices online.

The fireplace is a good product that keeps the appearance of your living room attractive just while making your room very warm and super cozy.

Janice Friedman

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