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What if choosing the best ceramic heater was that simple?

We could have thousands of satisfied customers. However, choosing any heating unit for your space is not that simple.


To get the best value of your product, you have to match into the battlefield with strong armors. With this long in-depth review, you don’t need that.

You also don’t need to read review after review looking for that information. Or comparing it to another review to find out who is telling the truth or lies.

7 Best Ceramic Heater Comparison Chart







Brightown ETL Ceramic Space Heater

2.7 Lbs


5 x 5 x 8

Sarki Personal Space Heater

Sarki Personal Space Heater

2.4 Lbs

950 W

5 x 5 x 8

Landmann 26364

Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater

3.5 Lbs

1500 W

6 x 7 x 9.2

Check Price

Lasko 751320 Tower Heater

8.8 Lbs

1500 W

23.6 x 7.6 x 8.6

Lasko 6435 Designer Oscillating Heater

7.9 Lbs

1500 W

8.2 x 8.2 x 16.1

Check Price

Lasko #100 MyHeat Personal Heater

3.5 Lbs

200 W

3.8 x 4.3 x 6.1

Check Price

Honeywell HCE100 Heat Bud, Black

1.1 Lbs

250 W

5 x 4 x 7.8

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I have done the digging for you. I have spent lots of energy interviewing experts on the subject and compared with other units including kerosene heaters, oil filled etc.

I have also interviewed customers who have bought these heaters for the last one year. They told me what makes each ceramic heater special and their experience.

The results

You don’t just choose the best ceramic heater, but something that has been tested and verified by experts and thousands of other customers.

Grab a sit and let me show you around….

Best Ceramic Heater 2018 – Review In Details

1. Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat

No products found.

No products found.

The lasko 754200 puts out lots amount of heat and has a powerful fan that pushes lots of warm air fast in the room. The Lasko 754200 comes with an effective digital display, remote control and timer.

With this heater, you find two knobs that are intuitive and easy to operate. The lasko 754200 portable and can be moved to any room. Additional, the heater includes a six foot cord length that is capable of reaching any electric outlet without the need of having an extension cord.

I consider this model of lasko ceramic heater to be efficient. However, it lacks some key features like the over tip protection. It is a vital feature, especially when it comes to keeping you and everybody in the family safe. For the price that it is retailing I won’t complain that much.

Aside from that, the Lasko 754200 is equipped with a reasonable powerful fan that is silent. The noise level is not that much. In fact, you can compare it to a generator that this six foot away.

2. The Lasko 751320 Ceramic Tower Heater with remote control

Lasko 751320 Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote Control (2-Pack)

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The Lasko 751320 tower heater with a remote control provides efficient heat in your house. It employs an elongated heating element with the ability to penetrate air velocity and oscillation to provide much heat when in use.

The ceramic tower heater comes equipped with superb features such as electronic, programmable thermostat, a seven-hour timer and two quiet comfort settings. The good news is that you can control all these operations at your fingertips with a handy remote control.

You will enjoy effective heat and soothing warmth evenly distributed in your room. Additional, you will find the lasko 751320 to be compact in design and size that means the heater doesn’t occupy too much space.

When it comes to safety the Lasko 751320 has an automatic overheat protection to ensure that you and your family are safe when it’s heater on. With its impeccable performance and versatility, you will have a reliable heat all the time.

3. Lasko 6435 Designer Series Ceramic Oscillating Heater

Lasko Designer Series Ceramic Space Heater-Features Oscillation,...

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The Lasko 6435 is a popular, inexpensive, functional portable space heater. Comes equipped with 1500 watts of heating capacity that ignites lots of warm air in the room. The heater features a stylish beautiful design in the shape of the bar with a nice crackle finish.

The Lasko 6435 ceramic heater weighs 8 pounds. The less weight makes it portable and easy to move around with. Its construction includes a durable plastic case with a tan color.

The lasko ceramic heater has two quiet settings and its total silent when it’s working. The heater employs a 7- hour timer including control that makes the heater to shut itself after use.

When it comes to safety, the heater has an automatic overheat protection to prevent it from getting hot. The heater has a four cord length that is long enough to reach any power outlets.

4. Lasko #100 MyHeat Personal Ceramic Heater

Lasko Heating Space Heater, Compact, Black

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The Lasko #100 is durable, reliable and maintenance-free heater that is ideal for small spaces. In a cold winter morning the Lasko MyHeat heater keeps the room warm enough that there is no need to have a dedicated central heating for the room.

This is an energy saver heater. In consumes 200 watts of power that is capable of drawing 4 amps of electricity.

When it comes to weight, the heater weights 1 pound, making it one of the portable heater around. The heater also comes with a 6 foot cord to plug it next to an electrical outlet.

It is durable, reliable and maintenance-free heater that is ideal for small spaces. Because of its weight capacity, this is a good choice of heater to have it under or on your office desk or at home. It is an ideal heater for warming one person.

This heater is well loved by most people that stay in a small condo. However, it lacks some key features like remote control, dual temperature or oscillating fan.

5. Honeywell HCE 100 Heat Bud Ceramic Portable Mini Heater

Honeywell HCE100B Heat Bud Ceramic Heater Black Energy Efficient Space...

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Honeywell has received lots of love from customers because of its energy efficient solution. It features a built-in ceramic technology that is capable of providing a fast and even heat for all personal spaces.

It is sold in 4 four color options with a compact design that fits and can be used under the desk, table or work spaces. It incorporates a one button manual control to keep your room cozy and warm.

The Honeywell HCE 100 employs 2 constant heat settings for your own personal comfort. With its 1500 watt output, the heater is capable of throwing lots of warmth in a room.

The one unique thing about the heater is its ability to heat the room as opposed to other heaters that heat the whole house. The heater operates in silence. However, like all other heaters, it produces ozone like smell and doesn’t have a remote control.

How To Choose A Perfect Ceramic Heater

There are a lot of noises out there on the best ceramic heaters to choose. However, there is little information on how to choose these babies. If you want to choose a ceramic heater, there are some factors that you may want to consider.

Size and design

Ceramic heaters come in different sizes and designs capabilities. If you are considering buying a ceramic heater you will need to measure the size of the room in square foots.

Then you will need to choose a heater that is capable of heating that room in square feet size. Doing that will help you know how much energy the heater can throw up.

Most of these ceramic heaters will include a hard wiring ceramic element in the middle. Which makes the heater safe during operation and gives it the ability to disperse heat throughout the room?

Taller ceramic heaters with excellent oscillation are comfortable for warming large rooms. Additional, they ensure that heat is throughout the room.

Portable or fixed

Do you want a portable or fixed ceramic heater? It is a matter of choice. if you want something that a fixed ceramic heater, consider a permanent solutions. However, it will come at a cost. You can also save more on this by buying a portable ceramic heater.

A portable heater gives you the advantage of moving it to any room. Whether you want a portable or fixed ceramic heater, know that they come in different sizes and serve different purposes.


They are different brands that manufacture ceramic heaters. However, you want to buy from well-know trusted brands on the market. Currently, there are four types of brands that make ceramic heater. They include: Lasko, Honeywell and DeLonghai that are capable of providing high quality beneficial ceramic heaters.


You need to have an excellent budget for this. However, the cost of heaters are not that expensive and they vary. If you are considering a permanent solutions, you will incur the cost of installation.

Types Of Ceramic Heaters

They are three types of ceramic heaters on the market. They have different features and capabilities. Whichever the choice of heater that you choose it will be affected by price. Here is a detailed description of these heaters to help you make the right decision.

Ceramic tower heaters

These are taller heater than most ceramic heaters on the market. They are narrow in nature. They are meant to be used in a more confined spaces because of their construction and design.

Most of these tower heaters will come with oscillation built in, which makes it possible for the heater to reach more spaces in the room fast. It is the perfect kind of heater if you are a one person in a room or few people in the room.

Ceramic wall heaters

At times, you don’t want to keep buying or keep moving with the same heater in a room. That is where ceramic wall heater comes in. They are a permanent heating solution to any home.

You can keep them in your bathroom, the kitchen or anywhere as long as they remain safe. Ceramic wall heaters can be mounted on the wall or you can have it built in any wall depending on the design.

Ceramic wall heaters are effective way of heating your space and produces lots of heat.

Compact ceramic heater

It is compact that means it is the type of heater that can be kept in a small room. The compact ceramic heater gives you the benefit of using it in different rooms. The compact ceramic heaters are portable and light.

The compact ceramic heaters are effective if you work in small spaces. Like the ceramic tower heaters, they are for small room or spaces.

Benefit Of Ceramic Heater

There are lots of benefit to owning a heater. Warmth is not the primary reason why people buy ceramic heaters. They are 5 benefits that people get from ceramic heaters.

You have to know that any heating appliance can cause fire. That calls for exercising caution whenever we have any heating appliance at home.

According to the Guide To Space Heaters, by CBS News:

Ceramic heaters are easily portable and give off a great deal of heat from a small box. These heaters tend to be more energy efficient and safer than many heaters, so even though they heat up quickly, their plastic casings stay cool. A great use for this type of fan would be in a small office or tabletop.” – by BRIAN DAKSS, CBS

Unlike space heaters, ceramic heaters are not that dangerous. They come with a thermostat along with other couple of safety features to keep us safe.

They can fit any shape

Most ceramic heaters tend to be smaller, for that reason they can fit any desired shape. And the good news is that you don’t need to give clearance for the heating element inside.

Safely package to prevent overheating

When it comes to heaters, overheating remain to be a primary issues and a major cause of accident. Ceramic heaters have a lower operating temperature, and they are packaged in small cases. For that reason, ceramic heaters have less chances of fall over.

Ceramic heaters are portable

Most of this heater will weigh less than 10 pounds. They are so light that you can move with it in any room at any time. You can also travel with them.

They consume less energy

Ceramic heaters are capable of using 85% of electric energy and converting it into heat. In fact, the cost of using these heaters less than the conventional heating.

Safety Concerns You Should Follow

Everybody knows that ceramic heaters are safe. However, let us not forget that they can be dangerous if we don’t follow the necessary precautions.

When working with any heater at home, not matter how safe the heater is, accidents will occur. And when they do happen, you need to be ready at all times.

Here are the safety concerns that you need to take into account.

Safety features

When shopping for ceramic heaters, you need to check the safety features that come with it. The more features the heaters has, the safe it will be to use with your family. Some features to look out for include:

  • Anti-tip over switches: At one time, no matter where you are, you will tip over the switch. Or, you little crawling daughter may do. Sometimes it may be your pet. When this situation occurs, it result to fire. The best way of preventing accident like this is to have anti-tip over switch.
  • Overheat protection: Overheating can and will cause fire. To prevent this all you need is a ceramic heater with overheat protection. Having at least more safety features like this will help you operate the heater with a peace of mind.

Fire extinguisher

Not just ceramic heaters, but if you have any type of heater, you will need a fire extinguisher. If you have never thought of fire occurring, then you will also feel like you don’t need an extinguisher.

Yet, you need it, at least two and each member of the family must have an idea on how to operate it. You don’t need to have fire outbreak before you know that you need it. Sometimes it can be in your neighbors.

Safety certification

Don’t just buy a ceramic heater for the sake, check it if has safety labels. Those labels show that the heater has passed safety standards and it is safe for you to use. The labels on the heater need to come from a trusted source.

General safety tips

  • You need to buy a heater that is appropriate for your room. Don’t buy a heater with more BTU when you have a small room. The danger is, it can cause the room temperature to go high and make the heater overheat.
  • The electric current need to match the current amp and watts of the heater. If there is a miss match, you may need to call an electrician to fix that problem.
  • At all time, when dealing with any type of heater including the ceramic heater, you need to avoid an extension cord. If you need one, consult a professional electrician before installing one.

Ceramic heaters Vs Other heaters

A lot of different surrounds these three types of heaters. There is a lot of personal preferences when it comes to which is the best.

However, I will give you the major difference on price, energy consumption and effectiveness. Those four things are essential if you want to choose one out of them.

Initial purchase

Looking at the three types of heaters, you are wondering which is expensive and which is cheaper?

Oil filled heaters tend to be more expensive among the three. That is because these types of heaters come with sturdy features. If you are considering a budget friendly heater, then ceramic heater will be a great choice for you.

Infrared heaters are cheaper but expensive compared to ceramic heaters.

Weight capacity

The weight of the heater matters the most, because that will determine how fast you can move around with it. For instance, ceramic heater weigh less than 10 pounds. If you want a heater that you can move from one room to another, choose ceramic heaters.

However, other heaters tends to be heavier, because of the oil or other energy that they have.

Energy consumption

You don’t want a heater than can rise your energy bill. But, if you can afford it, no problem. Those living in a small apartment or condo, you will want something that consumes less energy? Your best choice will be ceramic heaters. You can find a nice portable ceramic heaters that consumes 220 watts.

Other heaters use too much electricity or fuels and they are suited for large rooms or condos.

Heat output

When it comes to heat output, it will depend on the size of the room that you have. However, most of the heaters produce lots of heat than ceramic heaters. For that reason, they are the perfect heaters for large rooms. And anyone who want a heater that throws out much energy.

Oil heaters take long to heat up the space and leave the room warmer even after you have switched the off. Additional, they are conserve energy.


Ceramic heaters have a durable heating element that isn’t likely to wear and tear. But other heaters usually emit light, which can lose power over time.

When making a decision on what to buy, know what you want in heater before investing your money.

Wrapping It Up All

Choosing the best ceramic heater, shouldn’t make you to have sleepless night. Or scour the internet the whole day. In this review I have given you lots of information about ceramic heater that will help you make an informed decision on what to choose. Thank you for reading this review till the end.

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