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If you don’t like evergreen Christmas tree messing your house each day. That is a sign that you need the best artificial Christmas tree.


It will save you time and energy. All you need is to keep it after the festive season is over and use it when the Christmas is knocking at the door again.

Best Artificial Christmas Tree Compared








BCP 7.5′ Premium Spruce Hinged Tree


25.4 Lbs

52 x 52 x 90 inches

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BCP 6′ Premium Spruce Hinged Tree


8 Lbs

55 x 55 x 6 inches

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National Tree 7.5 Foot Carolina Pine Tree


58 Lbs

58 x 15 x 17 inches

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National Tree 7.5 Foot Kingswood Fir Pencil Tree


19 Lbs

30 x 30 x 90 inches

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However, choosing a Christmas tree is not an easy road. Yes, you can return  thousands of products, but returning an artificial tree is a hassle.

To avoid bad shopping experience, this review shows you the best artificial silk tree on the market and the way you can choose it.

Best Artificial Christmas Trees 2018 Review

1. BCP 7.5′ Premium Spruce Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree W/Stand

Thanks to the  hinged construction of the artificial spruce, this tree is meant to last for years. I love the fact that, it easier to put up together. It is a one-man job that takes less than 5 minutes.

There are plenty of branches that you can use to display your ornament. The tree is full and takes less space on your floor, making it a perfect artificial Christmas tree for the people live in Condo and a small apartment.

BCP Premium Spruce Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree

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The only concern I found that the top is a bit  narrower than the rest of the tree. I think it will be perfect if the top part was a slightly wider. Its stand looks pretty nice, I didn’t find a problem with that. At 7.5 feet high, this is a beautiful tree that you can use during the Christmas Holiday.

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2. BCP 6′ Premium Hinged Artificial Christmas Pine Tree With Solid Metal Legs

Although artificial, it looks like a real Christmas tree. Can’t believe this! Next time, invite your neighbors in the house and the question they will ask is, whether it is  a real Christmas tree. At first, I had no idea of it being an artificial Christmas tree until I asked.

You won’t experience any  cases of damage or breakage with this tree. It comes with a sturdy metal base. Features three sections for easier assembly, storage and easier transportation. That means you can easily attach its parts onto the hinges.

6 Premium Hinged Artificial Christmas Pine Tree With Solid Metal Legs

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Completes everything you need for a Christmas day with a list of handcrafted Christmas ornaments in the set of 24 and assorted sets of 72. This tree is six feet tall and six feet  wide. A nice bonus point of buying this tree is that, the branches are made of nice metal wires.

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3. BCP 7.5′ Ft Prelit Premium Spruce Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree W/ 550 Clear Lights And Stand

This is an eye-catching  artificial Christmas tree that you can  add to compliment the beauty of your room. It is  in spruce-style  full-body shape and comes with 1346 branch tips to provide you with more room for decoration.

The three body comes in 3 distinct sections with hinges for easier attachments, dismantling and storage. When it comes to setting up, it is a one-man job that takes you less than 15 minutes of your time. Hands up, this is an excellent tree for the prize and bill.

Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree

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The one that you’ll love with this tree is the pre-lit and lights that look excellent and accents the beauty of the house on  a Christmas eve. You’ll love that you have  all the 550 UL-Certified clear lights for a festive atmosphere to your house.

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4. National Tree 7.5 Foot Carolina Pine Tree with Flocked Cones and 750 Clear Lights, Hinged

The National artificial tree measures 7.5 ft tall by 5.2 inches. Like other trees it comes with 1346 branch tips that you can use them for decoration. There is a sturdy folding metal stand that keeps the tree stable.

Like the rest of the artificial tree, this one has three sections. Because its hinged, you’ll be able to assemble, dismantle and store it well. The key distinction features is that the North valley tree is slightly thinner and perfect fit for those living in a small condo.

National Tree 7.5 Foot Carolina Pine Tree

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You have to understand the top section of the branch is not hinged. That means you’ll have to follow the manufacturer’s instruction on how to wrap the tree. Am sorry to say that there is a lot of bending of the branches that you will have to do.

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5. National Tree 7.5 Foot Kingswood Fir Pencil Tree

The Kingswood Christmas tree is pencil thin shape, perfectly great if you have a small corner of the room or space. The hinge construction makes saves you time when it comes to assembling, dismantling and storing of the Kingswood christmas tree.

The 18-1/16”*18-1/16” width and a height of 6-4/4” inches high, you’ll agree with that it is small enough to fit any small space you have. There are three sections, branches that hinge at the bottom and two sections folding individual twigs. This is a

National Tree 7.5 Foot Kingswood Fir Pencil Tree

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Unlike other artificial tree, this semi-full, looks a little bit, but it turns out well after you have made decorations. The only concerns that I have with the tree is that the lights aren’t dispersed evenly throughout the middle sections.

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6. National Tree 7.5-Foot North Valley Spruce Tree, Hinged (NRV7-500-75)

You love the Caroline Pine tree for one reason. The attractive display of the wide array of cashmere and bristles branch tips. It is top is high, but you can chop it off to define the look you want. The fact that is long makes it perfect for you to decorate the tree the way you want.

You went on to add birch balls, pine cones and berries, it becomes a beastling beauty to behold in the house. The Caroline Pine Tree is one of those trees that brings life and adds mood to any festive season.

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You’ll need to do a large amount of fluffing after setting it up. And the best way to fluff a tree like this is to start with the base and start pulling the branches down and move them around. Then, you do the middle section.

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How To Choose The Best Artificial Christmas Tree

Rest assured that all the artificial christmas tree that I have reviewed. I have chosen them based on this criteria. In 0ther words, these are the factors that you need to pay attention when shopping.

Type of branches

It is important you pay attention  to the type of branch, because it will determine how easy  you can assemble the tree. Most trees are hinged or hook-in. A hinged tree will consist of a few parts and they will have permanent fixed branches that make them easier to fix. Hook-in branches are  cannot be pre-lit and will take time to be assembled.


Since you can dismantle the artificial tree and store them, you need to check also the type of material. They are two types of material used to make artificial tree. We have the PVC and PE, all are plastic materials. You can distinguish the type of material based on how the tree looks.

For instance, PVC material is attached to the  fake tree branches  using a wire. PE trees are a fabrication. That means that both the needle and  branches look like a real tree. Sometimes the branches may be  sculpted to make the tree resemble an evergreen real tree.


The cost of the tree will vary depending on the features that manufacturers included in the tree. For instance, if you are looking for a custom artificial tree you will have to dig deep in the pocket.


The height of the tree is something that most people ignore. The height also depends on the available space that you have at home. For instance, a 6-6.5 ft christmas tree is perfect for those living in a small condo.

It is a standard range of small spaces. A 7-7.5 -ft artificial Christmas tree is perfect if you have a standard ceiling of 8 foot high. A tree of this size will accommodate room for various decorations that you may have. The 9-9.5 ft.

The Christmas tree is perfect if you have a large room with ample space. It comes with leaves that are between 6 to 12 inches high. It is the perfect height if you want room to do plenty of decorations.

Extra features

If you want to get the best value for your money and you don’t want a standard tree. You can look for the extra features that come with the artificial tree. They are some that come with different colors, tinsel and feathers.

Final Verdict

The best way of spending the holiday is having the best artificial christmas tree in the house. It adds the festive mood and vibe in the house. With the guide above, rest assured that you’ll be choosing a tree  that is going to last for some years.

The artificial Christmas trees that we have reviewed above are the best selling artificial trees on amazon. We have used them at home and this should give you even more confidence when you’re making the purchase.

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