Stiebel Eltron CK 20E Wall Mounted Electric Fan Heater

Enjoy fast warmth in your bathroom, kitchen, hallway, or in your shed with the sleek and stylish CK 20E wall heater. It is magnificently built with first class features that you would not find anywhere else. This heater will enable you to heat a small room without necessarily turning on the main power supply.

This will helps in reducing your heating bills as you will save a lot of energy in the process. It provides consistent, reliable and efficient heat of up to 70 degrees to the surrounding area.

Stiebel Eltron CK 20E Wall Mounted Electric Fan Heater

Installation is quite easy; you just need to follow the provided guidelines. However, the manufacturer recommends that you find a professional to do the installation for you, not unless you are an electrical engineer. The heater features the surface-mount design, hence can be easily mounted on a wall.

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It can be used as a replacement of outdated heater, in which it is installed over the aged heaters. The guide also contains some of the maintenance tips that you can use to keep the heater in a good condition.

One of the qualities of CK 20E wall heater is its striking beauty. The design and the color schemes will definitely make your room colorful, hence, creating a perfect ambience. The designers not only focused on the quality but also on the quantity.

The heater is compact enough to fit anywhere where you intend to warm up. It has a grille which directs heat downwards. This helps in warming cold floor. You can perfectly perform your activities without being distracted by noise as this heater operates quietly. For accurate and convenient regulation of temperature, the heater is fitted by in built thermostat.

CK 20E wall heater does not require a specific location for mounting as it can be mounted anywhere in the house where you require additional warmth. It is an ideal replacement for the electric space heaters. It liberates heat within just a few minutes after being turned on.

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Features of Stiebel Eltron CK 20E Wall Mounted Electric Fan Heater

  • Wattage: the heater produces 2000 watts at 240V to warm up the room or where it is located. It also has a fan to enhance the speed of heat transfer and also for even distribution of heat.
  • Nichrome wire thermostat: it has a built in thermostat for heat regulation and to provide maximum comfort while doing indoor chores.
  • Steel housing: this reduces maintenance cost as well as boosting the sturdiness of the heater.
  • Wall mounted electric heater: the heater has a sleek European-surface mount design.
  • Weight: CK 20E wall heater weighs 8 pounds with a shipping weight of 10.4 pounds.
  • Measurements: it measures 4.8 inches long, 13.2 inches wide and 18.1 inches tall.
  • Quiet operation: when working, CK 20E wall heater produces as low noise as 49.7dB (a). This provides an ideal environment for working or relaxing.
  • Downdraft design: this helps in heating the floor, eliminating cases of cold floor as well as ensuring the spaces are heated evenly.
  • Freezing: CK 20E wall heater is fitted with frost protection settings, to protect the heater from freezing.


  • Can be mounted in any location where heat is required. The heater has a magnificent surface-mount design for quick and easy installation.
  • It operates quietly, providing an ideal atmosphere for working or relaxing.
  • It warms an area quickly or simply maintains a relaxed temperature.
  • It is a perfect addition in cold spots which usually do not get sufficient heat from the central source.
  • CK 20E wall heater has a 60 second timer designed to quickly warm up the room, when the set temperature is reached, the timer switches off and the unit resumes the thermostat setting to provide a comfortable temperature.
  • The CK 20E wall heater comes with three years of warranty, this indicates that indeed, the heater is of high quality and does not wear or tear easily.

Questions and Answers

Q: How many BTUs does the heater give out?
BTU (British thermal unit) is a measure of energy. The CK 20E wall heater can generate 2000 watts at 240V. It is designed to heat up small areas that need additional warmth.

Q: What is the noise level of the heater?
It is very quiet. The only sound you will hear is that of the fan blowing.

Q: What is the perfect size of the room that one unit can warm?
it is designed for a maximum room size of 12X 8 ft. However, the temperature attained will depend on a lot factors such as the extent of insulation and outside temperature.

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Having a cold spot in your home, where you need additional warmth? CK 20E wall heater provides you with an ideal solution. It is effective, efficient and easy to use. It takes less than a minute for the room to heat up, hence no time to waste while waiting. It has a thermostat to maintain comfortable temperature. It sells at a reasonable price, featuring high class features and a beautiful decor.

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