5 Fun and Romantic Things You Can Do with an Outdoor Fire Pit Table

Once you buy the fire pit table of your choice, you have plenty of amazing fun time ahead of you. The below options are just a tip of the iceberg.

Extend Your Summer

When fall is upon us, we tend to decrease the number of our outdoor activities.

A nice gas fire pit table can help you extend the summer by heating up the air and allowing you to spend more time enjoying the outdoors.

You won’t just get a chance to spend a few more quiet evenings sipping hot tea and enjoying the view of the fire.

You’ll be able to take a long nap near the heat source without being afraid of being burned or feeling too cold.

Throw a Birthday Party

If your birthday is in the fall, you might be missing out on the fun of throwing a full-blown party outdoors. If you buy a large fire pit table, you’ll get a chance to organize a great party on your patio without being afraid that your guests will get cold.

Party with fire pit

Sitting around a table looking at the flame or dancing around the fire are just a few things you can plan for your next birthday or any other type of party you want to arrange.

Plan a Date

Everyone knows that fire is romantic. While sitting in front of an indoor fireplace is a great way to spend the evenings with your loved one, an outdoor date is definitely a better choice. There is nothing more romantic than sitting near the fire, gazing at the stars, sipping hot tea and hugging the person you love.

romantic date around fire pit table

A fire pit table will allow you to combine all the benefits of a romantic evening with the advantages of staying outside. Breathing in fresh air and looking at the fire will get you in the right mood for romance.

Do Yoga

Did you know that you get the best out of exercising when you do it outdoors? Fresh air oxygenates your blood and makes your body more receptive to the benefits of exercising.

outdoor yoga around fire pit

A fire pit table will offer you the warmth you need to exercise on the cool summer mornings or mild fall evenings. All these breathing exercises you go through while practicing yoga will be more effective if you do them outdoors.

Cook Marshmallows

Kids love popping marshmallows onto sticks and watching the way they roast in the fire.

A gas fire pit table offers you a completely safe way to allow your children to have plenty of fun in the backyard or on the patio.

Besides marshmallows, you can teach them how to roast cheese, bread, bacon, and even eggs using a stick and a fire pit.

You can plan a fun and exciting cooking workshop for your kids and their friends.

After spending 2 weeks choosing, assembling, testing, and enjoying various fire pit units, I can say that Endless Summer, GAD860SP, LP Gas Outdoor Fire Bowl with Slate/Marble Mantel is definitely the best fire pit table powered by gas on the market.

The design, the build, the flame – all made a great impression. The only downside is the price but, in my humble opinion, the unit is worth the money you spend on it.

John Dean

I am a father, husband and a blogger. Because we live in the mountains that is usually cold, my family has had a history of fireplaces for a very long time.

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