Fire Sense Bronze Painted Roman Fire Pit with Spark Screen Review

You will love to see this roman fire pit in your outdoor area. It adds that futuristic look by having that flying saucer shape to it. It has a nice wide mouth with a shallower depth. It sits up off the ground making it easier to enjoy, as well as helping to prevent surface damage to whatever it is sitting on.

Roman Fire Pit

It is small enough to still be able to move from place to place. Since it is black it will fit into almost any decor as well. This is great for a smaller enjoyable fire that will help you relax the night away. Next to the pool, in the backyard or on our outdoor patio. You can use with or with the mesh cover that is included.

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Features of This Roman Fire Pit

Features should always be a buyer’s best friend and they should always be part of any fire pit reviews you read. So, I am making sure you know that this one is no exception. So, let’s go over what this one has to offer in features.

Fire Bowl

Fire sense fire pit

It has a nice wide 35-inch bronze painted steel fire bowl. The paint used is also used for high temp applications.

So, it will continue to look great fire after fire. The steel will help it stand up against the elements that outdoor life has to offer.

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It has a hammered lip edge design with an antiqued bronze looking finish. To tie it all off it features four legs with a cross over support. Keeping it up off the ground for a better view and to help keep the heat off what it is standing on.

There is also a fireplace grate included as well to elevate your logs so they can get the proper air circulation needed. It also comes with a lifting fork as well so you can move things around. Also, makes for a safer removal of top or grate when needed while hot.

Fire sense roman fire pit

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will this roman fire pit rust?

A. Almost every fire pit will rust if left in the elements. You can purchase a cover for it separately to protect and extend the life of the fire pit.

Q. How often do I have to empty?

A. Since it is a shallower bowl you will have to empty more often; you can scoop it out or dump it out after it cools.

Q. Is it safe around children?

A. It is metal and it contains fire, so anything that contains fire should be monitored with children around. It does get hot to touch, so children should stay at a safe distance.

Q. Are you able to use this to grill on?

A. It comes with one grate, which is supposed to be for setting logs on to allow air flow. You could probably use it as an occasional grill grate though. Otherwise you could probably purchase another separately.

Q. Do I have to use the legs on this fire pit?

A. Yes, you do because they stabilize the fire pit.

Q. What types of materials can I burn in this fire pit?

A. This fire pit is meant for wood, to use anything else is your choice. At your own risk and also at the risk of voiding warranty if still under warranty.

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  • Lightweight for a fire pit at 15 pounds.
  • Mesh screen top to keep ashes and sparks where they belong.
  • Raised, up off ground supported by legs for a better view and to keep heat off what is sitting on.
  • Screen lift tool included, to protect you from the heat when you have to remove screen top.
  • High temp paint, so it lasts fire after fire.
  • Portable, since it is a great portable size.
  • Comes with grate to keep logs off bottom of bowl allowing for better air circulation.


  • Has a wide but shallower bowl, so may need to feed more wood more often.
  • No ash gate, so have to scoop or tip over to empty.

Final Thoughst

This is the Perfect fire pit for a small and simple fire. You won’t be able to have a huge fire, but this one is a great one for a comfort or display fire. It would be great for those nights where you want to indulge in some wonderful smores or just roasted marshmallows. You can watch the fire with or without the screened top, but it is suggested to use with the top especially on those breezy nights.

Even though the paint is a high temp paint, it is still recommended to cover when cool and not in use. That way it will extend the life of this roman fire pit by a long time. The great thing is this one is small enough in size that storing in a shed or garage wouldn’t take up much space.

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