Landmann Savannah Fire Pit ,Model 26364 23 ½ Inch Black Review

You will love to be sitting around this black fire pit solo, with someone special or with friends. This fire pit will make sure you enjoy what a great fire pit has to offer safely.

This fire pit will look great in any backyard or on any patio. It is also totally portable! Which is great if you want to move it around, or if you live in an area that requires you to have a fire pit that can be moved.

Black Fire Pit

This is great for anytime of the year no matter where you live. That is the great thing about a fire pit, there is never a bad time for a great fire. This sits up off the ground as well so there is no ground damage from a hot bowl. With the square cut out design it has, you will be able to enjoy the fire from any angle as well.

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Features of This Black Fire Pit

There are many features you are sure to love about this black fire pit. So, let’s go over what it has to offer you. You won’t be disappointed!

It features a 23 ½ Inch round bowl. Which is large enough for a good size fire, without being too big to control or move when needed. Constructed of steel for durability. Steel can withstand high heat temperatures such as fires. It is also a great material to use since it can withstand outdoor wear and tear.

Screen Cover

Has a spark screen cover to keep sparks from wandering off. Keeps the sparks to a bare minimum from coming out of the top of the fire. Making things safer for you and the surrounding environment. Great for when you are burning something that creates a lot of fly away or spark. The bowl is also lined with screen to keep things from falling out of the cut-out designs.

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Comes with a poker, to safely move things around without getting burned. Carry rings, one on each side for moving if needed as well. Also, is supported by three legs, to keep the bowl up and off the ground.

Easy to assemble, portable and weighs a manageable 22-pounds. You will also have a 360-degree view, so you will be able to see the fire from any angle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does this fire pit come with a cooking grate?

A. No this fire pit does not come with a cooking grate but you can order one separately.

Q. What is the longest log length you can put in fire pit?

A. You can put up to a 23-inch log in the fire pit.

Q. How is the fire pit emptied? Is there an ash door?

A. There is no ash door, so fire pit must be scooped or dumped out.

Q. Is there anything I need to do to prep fire pit before use?

A. It is suggested that you put a layer of sand in the bottom before use. It will disperse heat better and protect the bowl from extreme idle heat.

Q. What can you burn in the fire pit?

A. It is only recommended to burn wood only, anything else is at your own discretion.

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  • Portable 22-pound design.
  • Carry ring on each side of fire pit.
  • Spark screen lid to keep in fly away sparks.
  • Inside is lined with spark screen as well.
  • Continuous square cutout design, for a 360-degree view.
  • 3 – Legs to keep up off the ground.
  • Made of durable heavy duty steel.
  • Legs to keep bowl up off ground to prevent ground damage.


  • There were not really any cons, except that some said paint may peel. That also can factor on what type of fire you are having and size because that means more heat. Also following instructions on adding sand will help with heat distribution.
  • It doesn’t come with a grate, but you can order one separately if wanted. It is an optional piece, for those who do want to use it for cooking.

Final Thoughts

This is the best fire pit because it has that universal design that will fit in with almost any decor. Since it is portable and also offers the means to keep things safe is why it’s included in fire pit reviews. It is a fire pit many fire pit lovers are sure to love. It is great for any outdoor space and can be moved easily in case you want to switch things up once in a while.

No matter what side of it you find yourself on, you will always have a perfect view. The screen top is there if you need it for fly away sparks and ashes. Keeping them where they belong, while still allowing the fire to get the oxygen it needs. Since it sits up higher than ground level, it brings it up to a more comfortable watching height as well.

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