Landmann Big Sky Wildlife Fire Pit (Expert Review and Details)

This is a must have for any wildlife and fire lover! This beautiful wildlife fire pit has some of the most beloved wildlife creatures featured on it. They are cut out and come alive when the flames of the fire dance behind them. This is a medium sized fire pit that gets the job done. It is great for at home or on the go when you need a contained fire.

Wildlife Fire Pit

It is also the perfect solution for those who are regulated on types of fire pits they can have.

This one will pass probably just about every regulation on there since it is portable, small, off the ground, contained and also has the screen to keep sparks and fly away in the fire pit. The ring around the top gives you something easy to grab and move it with. Of course, always wait until cooled off. It has three tubular shaped legs to help keep it in place as well. Durability is no worry since it is made with high quality steel.

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Features of This Wildlife Fire Pit

Most of the features on best fire pits are pretty straight forward. I want to make sure though that you have all the information you need though. An informed buyer is a happy buyer is the way to be. That way you won’t be disappointed when it arrives. Knowing the features are important when you buy online since in most cases you cannot feel or touch it like you could in a store.

Spark Screen

This wildlife fire pit is lined inside with screen to keep things contained within the fire pit. It also comes with a spark screen domed top as well, so you lose no ashes or sparks from the top either. Which is great for your safety and the surrounding area as well.

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Fire Bowl

The bowl is constructed of steel and coated in black paint to finish it off. It has 3 tubular shaped steel legs as well to help keep it in place. There is also a ring that goes around the top of the bowl, which is great for setting cooking tools, poker, and other fire safe items if needed. The bowl is 12. 5 inches deep, which will allow you a medium size fire that will last awhile before refilling.

Wildlife black Fire Pit


It comes with the poker as well for removing the lid and to move things around when needed during use. You can use logs or burn smaller twigs and branches in this as well. If you feel the urge to do some cooking there is also a cooking grate included as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will this fire pit rust?

A. This fire pit is protected with a painted finish, but if left in the elements for long periods it could rust over time. So, buying a cover for protection between uses is suggested.

Q. Can you use this fire pit for cooking on?

A. Yes, this fire pit can be used for cooking on, it also comes with the cooking grate needed as well.

Q. Can you only burn wood in this fire pit?

A. Wood is the recommended fuel, others have burned fire glass in it as well though.

Q. Do I have to line the bowl with anything?

A. If you want better heat distribution and want to protect the bowl and what fire pit is on, you can use sand in the bottom of the bowl. It will help keep the base cooler, while helping protecting your bowl.

Q. What is the best way to start a fire in this fire pit?

A. The best way to start a fire including this is to stack your starter wood in a tee pee fashion around balled up newspaper.

Q. What is the best way to extend the life of the fire pit?

A. Cover with a storage cover when not in use, keep clean and if wanted you can add your own coat of high temp paint should you see any signs of rust starting. Then it should last you for years. Otherwise store indoor during inclement weather conditions.

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  • Full size cooking grate for cooking.
  • Full circle safety ring, that can be used for carrying and other things.
  • Constructed of durable steel.
  • Includes steel poker for removing lid, or moving logs around.
  • 12.5- Inch depth so you can fit more wood in it.
  • 23 ½ Inches wide, for longer pieces.
  • Bowl is lined in screen, as well as having a screen top to keep spark and ashes contained.
  • Wildlife cut outs all around the bowl, for a 360-degree view as well as providing needed air circulation.
  • Great portable size, great for home or outdoor activities.
  • Easy Assembly, most can do by themselves.


  • Must be scooped out or dumped out since there is no tray.
  • No holes for water drainage.

Final Thought

If you love wildlife or you have a friend or family member that is, they will love this wildlife fire pit. It is great for at home, on the go, at the cabin and more. It is a perfect size for being portable and it is a safe self-contained design as well.

The ring is a nice feature since it is a multi-purpose addition. You can hang your pit tools on it, keep your coffee warm, keep your poker handy and it makes it easier to carry when it is time to move it.

It is easy to care for after cooling you simply scoop out or dump out. If you want to make your bowl last longer and make it less hot on the lower part, simply add a layer of sand. Then add your wood that you would like to burn.

It will disperse heat better keeping things cooler. It’s made of steel which is a very durable metal but it does add some weight. So, this comes in at 32 pounds, which most can handle. Never move these when hot or transport while hot. You won’t be disappointed in this fire pit, you will just wonder why you didn’t get it sooner.

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