Keeping Your Gas Fire Pit Safe

You have now bought your first gas fire pit. The only thing that is bugging you: How can I keep the damn thing safe? How can I ensure that everybody is safe with this fire pit?

A fire resulting from a gas fire pit can be explosive. Because it is gas, this kind of fire can get out of hand. For that reason, you need to know the safety precautions that can keep you and your home safe. Here are the tips on how to keep the gas fire pit safe.

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Have a Fire Extinguisher

When the fire goes out of control, it can be difficult to extinguish the fire using water or sand. This is gas, and the best way to extinguish it, using a fire extinguisher. If you have this tool at home make sure everybody knows how to use the device including kids.

Install it Properly

Gas fire pits need to be installed properly. If you have any doubts whether you can install or not. Then it will be vital if you if you called the gas supplier.

When you receive the gas fire pit from your manufacturer, make sure that you read the instruction manual correctly, so that you don't make mistakes during installation.

Location, Location, Location

Where you place your outdoor fire pit will keep you safe. But the most important thing is to make sure that you have followed the area code. Different states have different rules regarding the placement of the fire pits in your backyard.

All stated agree that your fire pit should be a distance from your house or trees. The precise distance is 10 or 15 feet away from your home or nearby trees. The installation spot should not have grass, foliage, or inflammable substances.

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Watch the Wind

Before lighting the fire pit, you need to check the direction of the wind. A strong wind can cause huge flames which can result in a huge fire.

Fortunately, you can prevent this. All you need is to get yourself a metal mesh screen. The advantage of this screen is to prevent the embers and sparks from flying out.

Watch out for Gas Leakage

Gas leakages are the major of cause of fire in most homes. This happens because negligence or ignorance on the part of the homeowners.

Before you think of lighting the gas fire pit, you may need to check if your gas is leaking. If you smell the gas, then it is a sign of leakage, and all you need is to extinguish the gas, call the gas supplier or the fire department.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

All gas fire pits needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Cleaning regularly will keep you away from possible danger. You will clean your gas to get rid of leaves, dry grass, paper or any combustible material that can cause fire. Cleaning the gas fire pit also makes it easier for, you know, any gas leakage or blockage.

Blockage results from things such insect, nesting inside the gas valves, vents or burners. Finally, make sure that a professional expert checks your gas fire pit, every month. So that you don't run into any problem that can result into the fire.

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Frequently Asked Questions of Gas Fire Pit

Will I be able to use the fire pit in USA or Canada?

Yes, you will but you need to check the area code

What is British Thermal Rating (BTU)?

This is the amount of heat that the fire pit can ignites. Some gas fire pit produces more heat as a result of high BTU. All depends if you want more BTU or not.

How Do I light the gas fire pit?

All this information comes with the instruction manual. But the most fire pits have an ignition knob.

What is the fire pit base and what things can I store?

You are not required to store anything on the base of the fire pit apart from the propane tank.

Do I need to have a professional expert examine my fire pit??

Absolutely. A professional can help you know if you have blocked valves or burners, which can result to flame. He should check the gas fire pit once a month.

Getting the gas fire pit is not the most important thing. What is important is how to take care of it so that it does not get out of hand. I believe this handpicked gas fire pits will help you narrow down your option and make you select the best fire pit that can sit on your deck or patio every single night.

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