How to Clean Fire Pit? A Complete Cleaning Guide

Do you know the hardest thing about having an outdoor fire pit table? It Is noticing that it has leaks, dirt or rust. When you are entertaining your guests or family around a gas fire pit. It can be very difficult to notice this tiny little thing.

The beauty of having a clean fire pit is extending its lifespan. The cleaner and maintained it is, the better it will serve you. Let’s figure out the answer of How to Clean Fire Pit

Maintanance Fire Pit

The best fire pit makes it easier for you to roast marshmallows and hot dogs. Am sure you wouldn't want to eat food that is smelling soot. It can pose a risk to your health.

Most people that have their own a propane potable fire pit, usually forget this one thing...Keeping the damn thing clean.

How to Clean Fire Pit

How to Clean Fire Pit [ Step by Step Guideline ]

In this short article they are two things:

  • The 4 steps to cleaning your fire pit.
  • How to maintain your fire pit so that it last longer?

To get you off the start, you will need to know the tools You will need to clean the fire pit.

1) Rubber Gloves. Click To Check our recommendations.

2) Broom. Click To Check our recommendations.

3) Dustpan. Click To Check our recommendations.

4) Water Soap. Click To Check our recommendations.

5) Eye Protection. 

6) Nylon Scrub Brush. 

Before you start make sure that your fire pit is outside and the ashes are cool. Otherwise, it can be difficult to wash when the fire pit is hot. You may need to wear a protective eye protection, so that as you dust the fire pit, nothing gets into the eye. If you are using gas fire pit, you may need to shut off any gas outlet, to prevent any gas leakage which can be hazardous.

backyard fire pit

For those who have a propane portable fire pit, you may need to remove the propane tank and keep it outside. The propane tank needs to be put in a place where oxygen won't be displaced.

Step One: Clean the fire pit table top

Wear the rubber gloves. Take a damp cloth and a bit of some soaps, start wiping the table top. You should deep the damp clothes in water. Wipe it until it is crystal clean.

When you are done, cover the tabletop with canvas or vinyl until the next time you will want to use.

Step two: Remove the rocks, lava and glass.

If you own, a natural gas pit or let's say any outdoor fire pit. Time and again, you will find that its vents are clogged. You can find bugs or insect nesting in there. So getting rid of rocks, lava and fireglass will enable you to remove any dirt that is inside.

fire pit design

This is the time for you to remove any residue that you find in the fire pit. You are not supposed to clean any fire pit rocks, lava or the fireglass, you can leave them the way they are.

Step three: Inspect the burners

When cleaning the fire pit, it is vital that you inspect and clean the burners. The burners can be a breeding ground for insects and dirt, which can block the flow of air and cause fire.

The most appropriate thing that you can use to clean the burners is the toothbrush and household agents. When doing the cleaning, never leave the valves aside.

Step four

The other option can be to for you to call a professional fire pit clean.

Video: Cleaning fire pit

Regular maintenance Tips.

All fire pits fasteners and hardware need to be checked every month. If you have anything that is loose, you need to fasten it. If you happen to be having portable propane fire pit, you need to make sure that all its connections are not open, because they can cause a leakage of the gas.

Covering your fire pit table

Immediately after use, make sure that you cover your outdoor fire pit table to protect it from all bad weather conditions. If you regularly cover your fire pit table, you will do a little cleaning. Covering also keeps the fire pit table from possible rusting.

Finally, never leave your fire pit open. Always place a cover after use. But you have to wait for the fire pit to cool before you can do so. The best cover to use are vinyl and canvas or anything that is rust or weather resistant.

cover fire pit

The grill

The grill that was used to roast hot dogs needs to be cleaned regularly after use. You never want the food particles to sleep over, because they can cause food poisoning.

Keep away from plastic

Never put plastics around the fire pit, because it can melt. And when it melts, its residue is difficult to remove during cleaning. On top of that, the same residue can produce toxic fumes.

Rubber gas lines

Every day or week, you will need to inspect the rubber gas lines to make sure that they have no cracks. Or insect and other animals have not chewed them.


The batteries need to be checked and replaced when they are finished.

Professional inspection

Your gas fire pit needs to be professionally inspected every month. A professional will tell you the state of your outdoor fire pit.

Fire pit pads

To protect your decks or surface, you may need to get yourself a pad. This insulates the surfaces from the heat, which keeps the surface safe.

They will tell you if you have a defective pilot light. Any damaged pilot light makes your gas fire pit not light. Same with defective burners which can weaken because 0f bad weather conditions. Will also advises of any hitches that you are likely to encounter. Or, if you need to get a new one.

concrete fire pit

Final Verdict

Cleaning your natural gas fire pit will mean a lot of things. Not only will you extend the lifetime of the fire pit. You will be able to protect your whole family against fire. Apart from that you will be eating clean food from it.

Cleaning a fire pit is easy, but it is the most neglected thing by most homeowners today. Ensuring that you fire pit is cleaned, means that you will have it working properly every single evening and it is safe for everybody.

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