Top Electric Fireplace TV Stand Reviews In 2017

Unlike an ordinary electric fireplace, an electric fireplace TV stand has lots of benefits to homeowners. In this guide, you are about to discover the desired electric fireplace TV stand that you should buy.

But first you need to know that if you have an electric fireplace TV stand you can store all your electronic equipment in one central place. That includes your books, media accessories, video gaming consoles and DVD players.

Top Electric Fireplace TV Stand in 2017 Compared

Looking for an electric fireplace TV stand reviews? Save yourself the time of scouring the internet by reading this intense guide that has everything you need about selecting an electric fireplace TV stand plus the best product to buy.

Electric fireplace TV Stand Reviews by Experts

1. Walker Edison W58FP18ES - Fireplace TV Stand

The Walker Edison Fireplace stand will give your room a cozy feeling. It will warm your room extremely well. It is easy to assemble. All that is required is to plug into an outlet and there you are!! Have an ambience that will make you enjoy the whole evening as you meditate or sip your favorite wine.

walker edison fireplace tv stand

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  • The Walker Edison can accommodate a Television set that is 60 inches.
  • Comes with adjustable shelving.
  • A Stylish textured rich finish that is smooth and beautiful to touch.

What I love about it

  • Adjustable shelving: Offers ample storage spaces your electronic devices and components.
  • The flames: The flames look elegant and beautiful. It throws enough heat that can warm a 300 square foot room. The flame can work with or without heat.
  • Installation: You don't need a technician to put the whole unit together. All you need is to plug the whole unit into an electric fireplace and voila! You have a beautiful realistic flame.


By reading the descriptions, you will notice its wood is high quality. But when you get the product, it is not veneered. Or it is a cheaper veneered that will crack in the next moment.

2. Real Flame 7720E Calie - Media Electric Fireplace

This is a beautiful fireplace with attractive embers that will leave everyone mesmerized including your pets. It throws off a nice amount of heat that will leave everyone happy and warm during the whole evening. 


The firebox is available in two colors: Dark espresso and dark walnut. These two colors will compliment with your decor thereby making your interiors look royal and Victorian. If you want to receive lots of praise from your friends then all you need is this fireplace.

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  • Features: a mantel fit for fireplace, firebox with screen kit, remote, programmable thermostat, time function, brightness and setting.
  • The items are shipped in different packages.
  • Ignites 4,700 BTUs per hour and needs around 1400 watts
  • Requires very little assembling. In short a no-brainer.

What I love about it

  • 3 Separate Boxes: On arrival, you get two boxes containing entertainment center pieces and firebox unit. All these units will need assembling for them to fit well into your room.
  • Ember effect: You will enjoy the ember effect that comes with this fireplace. The ember effects create a slow brightening and dimming effect like a real fire flame.
  • Dual Side cabinets: You get ample storage spaces to keep your DVDs, nic-nacs, books and other objects
  • Handy remote control: It makes it possible for you to control the whole unit at the comfort of your couch without moving an inch. It has various setting such as flame setting, temperature setting and brightness setting.
  • Well-packaged: It is wrapped in foam and other protective materials so that the item arrives without damage. The wrapping also prevents scratching.


The firebox unit is a little bit small.

3. Altra Furniture Carson - 70 Inch Fireplace TV Console

Are you always amazed with flickering LED lights display? Then you will enjoy the Altra furniture Carson fireplace TV console. It gives off nice ambience with or without heat. It is an all-round year fireplace that you can use.

Altra Furniture Carson Fireplace

And so before you forget, it uses less energy in your home. The 2-toned cherry, black finish gives you a TV stand a contemporary modern style that will compliment your decors

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One more thing. When you get the product, don't assemble it on your hardwood floor, instead put a towel or blanket underneath.


  • Can accommodate all types of TV panel. To be specific it can support a TV that weighs around 135 pounds.
  • Comes with LED lights with 50,000 hours of light.
  • Features 2 large cabinets and open shelving that you can use to organize your gaming consoles, TV, books and magazines.
  • With it you will enjoy the ambience of flame with or without heat.

What I love about it

  • Height of the stand: The stand is 21 inches tall and 48 inches wide that will add a nice look to your living room. If you have a toddler that is aggressive, they won't be able to reach the Tv.
  • Protective packaging: The whole item come in one box. That is well-packaged with Styrofoam and corner braces. So that you don't get any damages during shipping.
  • Solid construction: It's well-constructed and durable. That means you won't have trouble with your investment.


It is more time consuming to put the whole unit together. The audio stand weighs around 98 pounds that means you will need two people to put the whole unit together.

4. Claremont Convertible - Corner Electric Fireplace TV Stand

Claremont Convertible Media Electric Fireplace

The color of mahogany alone will make your room look stylish and royal. It will add a nice warm touch to your living space, dining room and bedroom.

Having this fireplace around will send a romantic ambience to your family and guest during the night.

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  • It features: 1 media shelf, 2 triangular side cabinet and 4 adjustable side shelves total.
  • Has a temperature rate of 62 to 82 degrees. This is perfect to heat a 400 square feet area or room.
  • Can accommodate a flat tv panel of up to 85 pounds.

What I love about it

  • Triangular Media Cabinets: Offers you a chance to organize all your electronic equipment and devices in one place.
  • Multicolored flickering flames: You will enjoy the dancing flickering flames and glowing embers that will give your interior a brick design.
  • Safety features: Comes with lots of safety features which mean that your kids and pet are secured. It has automatic shuts off and self-regulating heater that turns off when the desired temperature is reached.


The whole unit comes packaged with Styrofoam, which is difficult to remove. For easier cleaning, you will need to have a vacuum cleaner nearby. The pre-drilled holes that come with these units are small. You will either need a professional builder or you will need to drill holes by yourself.

5. Muskoka Dwyer Burnished Pecan - 57" TV Stand with Electric Fireplace

The Dwyer Tv stand features a simple design that is combo tvs stand and faux fireplace. You will be thrilled with this fireplace because it has backlighting in the fireplace that can be used in during the night.

This is a traditional style of media console that comes designed with an espresso, rich finish which gives your room a good look.

You will feel the breeze of saving your utility bill while you enjoy romantic ambience each single evening.

electric fireplace tv stand heater

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  • Burnish pecan finish.
  • Central shelves for keeping and organizing all your electronic equipment and device in one place.
  • The electric fireplace is insert is 25 inches curved
  • Contemporary traditional style media console

What I love about it

  • Fan-forced heater: If you really want heat and more heat to warm your surroundings. Then what you need is an electric fireplace that comes with a fan-forced heater, because it throws up a good amount of heat.
  • A functioning remote control: Comes with heating and flame setting for you to adjust the ambience that you want in your room. With a touch of a button, you could be playing with different flame brightness.
  • Panoramic view: The electric fireplace features a unique curved firebox that offers the best viewing height that can leave your cat obsessed looking at the flames alone.


All the instructions are explained in diagram format. I wish they were accompanied with written instruction. This would make installation a no-brainer. The electric fireplace produces some squeaks and grinds.

6. Walker Edison W58FP18BL - Fireplace TV Stand

Walker Edison Fireplace

The Walker Edison fireplace is a fire that adds a little something to the room. It gives you the feeling of enjoying your night life at home. With a good fireplace like this, you can kiss goodbye to hotels and restaurant.

Because you can make your night great with a good movie while you enjoy the cozy and comfort of an electric fireplace.

The heater ignites 44,000 BTUS that can heat a 400 square foot room.

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  • Its shelves are adjustable. Perfect if you have all sorts of electronic devices. It doesn't matter if you are gaming pundit or just want to use it to make it your own library.
  • Can hold a Tv that is 60 inches and weighs up to 250lb.
  • Features an electric fireplace insert.
  • Well-designed to give it a rich textured finish that makes it look stunning and elegant.

What I love about it

  • Well-sturdy construction: Features a high-grade MPS and a durable laminate. The look and feel of the wood gives it a premium finish of a high-end flame.
  • Protective casing and packaging: Extra board is put at the end of the box to protect every corner of the fireplace unit. So that you get zero damages during delivery.
  • Easy to put: You will only need 3 hours to put this entire unit together, but with a second person.
  • Bright orange flickering: You will be amazed by the realistic look of the dancing flickering orange flames.


No remote control. That means you will get be getting up on your couch to adjust the heat and flames.

7. Walker Edison W48FPCRBW - 48 inch Corner Electric Fireplace Tv Stand

If you are short on budget and want something that can look nice in your room. While at the same time throwing off a good amount of heat, then all you need is a corner fireplace TV stand.

It is well-constructed to give it a stylish wood finish that is durable.


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  • Features an electric fireplace insert that gives the whole unit a contemporary traditional style look. That will make your decor elegant and stylish.
  • A solid robust design that supports up a TV that weighs 250lbs.
  • Save lots of space this design. Suitable if you have a small room with little space such as a bedroom. Or a small apartment.
  • Features safety glass front panels. That is cool to touch for kids and pets.

What I love about it

  • The heating capacity: By no doubts, this electric fireplace throws up a good amount of heat that will warm the whole room.


No remote control. You have to get up and press button to control and adjust the heat and flame. The other things is that the unit that doesn't come with a thermostat. That means there is not automatic temperature control.

8. Real Flame Hawthorne Electric Fireplace TV Stand

Real Flame Hawthorne Electric Fireplace

If you are looking for that something that will look elegant and stunning in your room, Then the addition of burnished oak finish will impress you. The design alone will give your room a nice look and feeling that will upgrade the whole place to another level.

You will also love the nice visual aspect that comes with these electric fireplaces that gives your room a nice viewing height. The dimension of the unit is 12 inches wide and 15 inch high.

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  • The burnish oak finish that inspires elegance and beauty giving your house a royal touch.
  • Throws off 4780 BTUs of heat at 1400 Watt.
  • Dazzling LED lights that are truly mesmerizing.
  • Solid sturdy construction that is durable and long lasting.

What I love about it

  • Muli-Storage and Display: Comes with 6 storage shelves to organize your electronic devices and equipment. It also has 2 removable shelves located on the sideways.
  • Excellent customer service: The excellent customer service alone will make you buy from this company again. If you have any concern, they will get to you as fast they can. They won't leave you hanging with days of unanswered emails.


The blower of this unit has only one setting which is low. That means you have to get close to the fireplace for you to enjoy the warmth.

Quick Tips to Buying Electric Fireplace TV Stand

It may be the best investment that you could ever make. But with so many choices in the market. The buying process can be overwhelming and confusing. You may end up buying the wrong product that is shitty and less durable. These quick tips will ease the buying process.

I have reviewed complete units in this article, if you need the electric insert only, you may check another great reviews of electric fireplace published in our site.

Where to place it

You need to know where you would keep the electric fireplace tv stand. They are two different types of electric fireplace, the corner and flat wall electric fireplace Tv stand.

So the question is Do you need to place it in the corner or you want something that is flat.


You have to know your budget. How much are you going to spend on an electric fireplace? There are some electric fireplaces that are highly priced. But have weak features and designs.

The thing to look for when shopping for a highly expensive product is the features and the design it has.


How much space do you have in your room? If you live in a small room, you will need a small unit. Some electric fireplace stand will take more space and they are perfect for large rooms.

Extra Features

It is not about your Tv sitting on the stand and you enjoying the flickering flames? It is about comfort and more luxury that comes in the way. For the ultimate experience, consider some added features that come with it. Such as the remote control, the thermostat, safety features, cabinet, shelves, LED lights. The list is endless.


What keep people away from buying an electric fireplace is the energy bills. Bottom line: You want an electric fireplace that saves your utility bills throughout the year.

Usefulness of Electric Fireplace Tv Stand

best electric fireplace tv stand review
  • An electric fireplace has lots of benefits to homeowners. Apart from the cozy appearance of your room. You also enjoy the warmth and ambience that comes with it.
  • It is a no-brainer to set up. All you need is to plug it into a standard outlet.
  • It also has little to zero maintenance. The only maintenance problem that you will ever incur is replacing the bulbs. Which is, according to some expert, will take two to three years.
  • The electric fireplace emits a good amount of heat. Thanks to the integrated fan-forced heater that evenly distributes heat in the room.
  • The design of the electric fireplace alone makes the whole unit safe for kids and pets.
  • It comes with glass that is cool to touch. And some have a self-regulating heater that shuts off automatically when the desired temperature is reached.

Does Electric Fireplace TV Stand and Media Center Worth the Money

That is the question that most first buyers ask. According to me, it is both yes and no. Yes, if you cherish the illusion of seeing dancing flickering flames every night. Having one will also give your room an elegant rich appearance. Just imagine your Tv standing on a mahogany finish cabinet. It makes the whole place a royal touch.

electric fireplace media center

And here is why

A TV stand with electric fireplace will keep you organized. You will keep your electronic devices and equipment and books in one central place. Having an electric fireplace TV stand offers you two benefits. The first one is a place to keep your TV. The second is the heater to warm you.

Finally, they are also simple to operate. You won't need a technician for these, but you will need a second help to assemble everything. No, if they are out of your reach. By that I mean, when you have no money.

Final Thoughts

I believe this review has gone into great details of showing which are best electric fireplace with TV stand. I have addressed every flaw that every product.

So my advice is for you to look for the features presented and see if it is something that will excite you. Lucky enough, I have done that part for you by including why I love it section. I believe you will benefit from it when choosing the best unit to buy.

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