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Best Electric Fireplace Insert

Do you enjoy hot home air sitting around a fireplace in the evening? Then you will enjoy reading this review. I have put up the top electric fireplace insert together. I gone into lots of details in the review.

​I created this electric insert reviews with the buyer in mind. By that I mean, all the information that you read here is unbiased. We don't get paid for writing or selecting the product to write the review.

My Top Picks for Electric Fireplace Insert Reviews

​Do you know why?

Because in the end, you will buy the product based on our recommendations and you will be the judge whether we lied to you or not. If I said even a single lie, it will hurt our reputation and that’s why all the info you will read is unbiased.​

Electric Fireplace Insert Reviews In Details

1. Best Choice Product Sky 1826 Electric Insert

Imagine if you had this fireplace electric insert? With this unit you will have a soft glow and realistic fire flame. Something that is soothing to the eye and it will make you feel relaxed in the evening. The whole unit will provide you with a crackling sound that resembles the real wood burning fireplace.

fireplace inserts electric

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  • The whole unit is CSA certified.
  • Comes with a handy remote control.
  • Little assembling is required.

What I love about it?

  • Two heat setting: The unit comes with two settings that is 750 watt/25598 BTU and 1500 watt/5118 BTU.
  • Frame and front: The flame uses high quality glass and steel material giving a sense of durability and stability.
dimplex electric fireplace insert
  • Heat: It gives out a decent amount of heat to warm the whole room.
  • Assembling time: It requires no assembling; all you need is to insert the whole unit inside.
  • Remote control: Relax and enjoy the ambience as you will be able to control the whole unit at the comfort of your sofa.


When you get this fire pit its log and remote will look a little bit different. It is not what you see in the picture as advertised.

2. AKDY 23" Black Electric Firebox Fireplace Heater Insert

modern electric fireplace

With this firebox you will be able to convert your existing gas or wood burning fireplace to a sturdy electric fireplace.

That will make the whole family have a romantic evening each time you gather together.

​When you own this unit, you will enjoy the experience of having a real fire flame without messing around with wood burning ashes and soot. You will have a breeze put this unit in your living space, because it requires little to no innovations. Everything is set up for you so that you can have an easier time installing the whole unit.

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  • It features a black firebox electric insert
  • On and off remote control
  • No innovation need. Just plug anywhere and you have your fireplace.
  • The electrical requirement is 120 volts.

What I love about it?

  • Remote control: At the press of a button, you are able to adjust the flame settings, the colors and even height without moving out of your couch.
  • Fast shipping: FedEx ships this product across the US, bottom line: You are guaranteed first delivery.
  • Thermostat: It is included to control the temperature so that it doesn't go beyond


You don't hear the crackling of the flame.

3. ClassicFlame 36" Traditional Built-in Electric Fireplace Insert

Have you ever wanted contemporary fireplace to compliment your decor? Then this is the unit to own. It has a nice flickering, and its logs have a nice amber-like glow that will leave you mesmerized and delighted just watching the whole thing.

electric fireplace reviews

You will never feel bored in your home when you are catching up with latest season or tv shows. Its warmth alone will make visitors crave and admire your living space.

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  • Heats up to 400 square foot area producing 4400 BTU. That is enough heat for the whole house.
  • Features a log set, remote control, glowing ember beds
  • It is a 36 inch fireplace insert

What I love about it?

  • Energy efficiency: The whole unit saves energy, with it you will only heat the room that you want.
  • 5 different flame settings: You are given a choice to choose the kind of flame effect that you want.
  • Wall mounted thermostat: A thermostat gives you the option to decide on the temperature of your room. When the required temperature is reached, the heater shuts off.


The few customers that have bought this fireplace have complained about the less heat. It doesn't produce enough heat to warm up the whole place unless you are standing on it. On the bright side, the look on the whole unit looks fine and has a lot of glass for viewing.

4. AKDY 28" Freestanding Electric Fireplace Insert Heater

fireplaces electric

An amazing fireplace that will leave the whole family enjoying the conversation in the cool nights and summer. The LCD display of the whole unit works fine as advertised. The flame and heater of this unit add a great cozy of feeling of a real fireplace. The beautiful thing about this unit is that it gives off instant heat and ambience.

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  • Features, flat panel glass, remote control and Black Firebox Fireplace Insert.
  • Any location will be perfect for this fireplace. You can place it your bedroom, patio and living room.
  • No assembling required.
  • Comes with a functional remote control

What I love about it?

  • LED light: They create a realistic looking flame, giving you the power to control its effect the way you want it.
  • Heat output: It has 6 heating level ranging from 71 up to 99. This gives you the option to choose the desired temperature that you want. Additionally, they are enough to warm any room that you choose to put the fireplace.
  • Logs: The logs work fine and are complete with the look of glowing, burning wood


The remote control. The remote is looks cheap.

5. Dimplex DFI2309 Electric Fireplace Insert

The Dimplex fireplace insert produces glowing fire flames with realistic effects. The Dimplex Company is the leading producer of fireplace in the Northern American.

The company has put a lot of effort into innovating interesting products. The Dimplex DF12309 electric fireplace happens to be one of them.

fireplace inserts

It is a product that is perfectly designed for the whole family. You will enjoy having this fireplace in your living room.

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  • This fireplace is easy to install; all you need is to insert into a hearth or an outlet.
  • Comes with a fan forced heater.
  • Includes a remote control

What I love about it?

  • Silent fan-forced heater: Produces enough heat and it doesn't make lots of noises. It can produce approximately 4692 BTU's of heat.
  • Flame and heat: They work independently. You can have flame only or flame and heat together.
  • 100% energy efficient: Unlike other fireplace that will tell you that they are 80% energy efficient. The Dimplex electric fireplace is 100% energy efficient. All the energy that is received is converted to heat that stays in the room.
  • Full Electrical Certification: The fireplace has certification to be used in area and no combustible energy are used to produce the flame.
  • Heater: To control the heater, you get low and high settings on your remote control.


When the products come, it usually smells Styrofoam.

6. ClassicFlame 33" Infrared Quartz Fireplace Insert

electric fireplace insert

This fireplace includes infrared heater that less risk and doesn't cause any health problems. You are guaranteed 100% comfort and relaxation the moment this fireplace gets into your home. It is a contemporary fireplace that’s designed to give your home a modern stylish look.

The glowing embers and flame effect will enhance your room with good ambience and mood settings. It is one of those fireplaces that turn boring night into something so special for your family and guests.

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  • Heats up to 1000 square feet area and produces 52,000 BTU.
  • Provides you with 125 selected flame options. Meaning you will never get bored when watching the dancing flame flicker
  • Comes a thermostat for your heater.
  • The fireplace features:5 flame speeds ,5 flame colors, timer,back lighting and infrared quartz heating

What I love about it?

  • Safe plug switch: Comes with a switch which monitors the temperature. In case there is a rise in temperature, the plug will automatically shut down.
  • The built-in thermostat: Works together with the safe plug switch to control and regulate the temperature of the plug.
  • Heat ability: The fireplace kicks out some good amount of heat. You will enjoy the amazing colors of the flame.


The unit could be a little bit bigger

7. Duraflame Electric Log Set Heater with Realistic Ember Bed

The antique bronze finish will make it look expensive in the eyes of your guests. It is the perfect fireplace that would give your house the royal feel that it deserves. This a portable unit that comes already assembled. All you need is to unpack it and use it.

fireplace heater

This is a safe place because it features safe to touch glass. That means you never have to worry about the protection of your kids and pets. The zone heating fireplace will save lots of energy because you won't have to heat every place.

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  • Produces 4,600 BTU that is enough to heat a 400 square feet place.
  • 100 energy efficient fireplace. That means you will save lots of electrically bills. All the energy that gets into the set is converted into heat and it will only warm the room that you want.
  • Flame and heat work independently. You can use flames alone without heat. Or both heat and flame.

What I love about it?

  • A multi-functioning control: This gives you the ability to control the logs, embers and flame effect at the comfort of your couch without moving.
  • The flames: They are nice designed to provide a visual effect delight of a real fire. You also get two fire effects: rippling flames and glowing logs


The products are a little bit overpriced, but i believe you can get the same fireplace at a lower much price with the same features. Overall it works fine.

8. Cofort Glow Electric Log Set w Heater

electric fireplace heater

Sitting in front of a cozy fire in the evening is something restorative and pleasurable. That is the feeling you get with cofort glow electric log set.

The comfort glow electric log set features 3 styling options that you can choose from.

Its fire flame effects features a rotating rod with shiny metal fins. The LED light it has is reflected with these shiny metal fins. Creating an excellent ambience for you in the evening. The size of this log set is 22-1/2" long, 14" high and 9" deep. This perfect size for a small room that doesn't need much heat.

>> Check Verified Customer Reviews and Ratings on This Product <<


  • Features a remote control, glowing embers, flames and heat.
  • Produces 5000 BTU of heat, enough to warm a small room.
  • Energy efficient LED light is included in this set.

What I love about it?

  • Thermostat: Thermostat enables you to have total control of the heat and temperature of your house. When the desired temperature is reached, the whole set shuts off.


The blower produces some noises. If there fireplace produced a crackling sound, the blower noise would be compensated.

Types of Electric Fireplace Insert

You are asking yourself, what type of fireplace insert is perfect for your needs. Here are the descriptions of the 3 types of electric fireplace insert.

Log set insert

Do you have an old fireplace at home, either gas or wood burning fireplace? The log set insert is a perfect option if you convert a standard gas or wood burning fireplace into an electric fireplace without much installation. It takes time less time to install the whole unit. All you need is to slide the whole unit into an existing fireplace.

fireplaces direct

Plug-In Inserts

Do you have a cabinet or mantle at home, then all you need is a plug-in insert. They are easy to install. They come in various sizes such as square, rectangular or fully incased boxes.

Built-In Inserts

fireplace inserts electric

They are complicated and time consuming when it comes to installation. Because you will be building it in your house. So you may need a professional contractor and electrician who can work together to put the whole thing up. Most of the built-in inserts are perfect for those people who want to have a permanent fireplace in your house.

​They also have different heating capacity, but before deciding on which capacity to go for. You will need to know the amount of space that you have. Some built-in inserts can warm up to 400 square feet with a thermal unit of 4,600 BTU.

Features of Electric Fireplace Insert

An electric fireplace insert will feature several things. Most of these features are designed to make your life comfortable for you. When buying an electric fireplace, it’s vital to check if the fireplace has at least most of this features. Not only will have, but a selected number of quality fireplace insert will have.

  • A multi-functioning remote control: This is a common feature with all electric fireplace insert. A handy remote control will give you power to control the fireplace setting at the comfort of your couch.
  • Cool to touch: If you have kids or pets at home, their safety is so important. So make sure that its glass is cool to touch.
  • Thermostat: You never want the temperature of your house to go beyond. That is why a thermostat regulates the heat and shuts off when the desired temperature is arrived.
  • Fan-forced and infrared heater: The best option heater to option to go with is the infrared heater. Fan-forced heater comes with health challenges. That is why it is advisable not to use its heater most of the time. You want to use the heater only when you need it.
  • 100% energy efficient: Few fireplaces are energy efficient; majority will be either 80 or 70% energy efficient. This feature is important to making sure that the electric fireplace only heats up the room that you want.
  • Pantent LED technology: A fireplace with this feature will produces good realistic flames.
  • Material: The material that is used to make the electric fireplace insert needs to be of high quality. Some fireplace will come with antique bronze finish. Others will come with stainless steel. It all depends on the material that you are looking for.
  • CSA certification: A product having this certification shows that it has passed several tests and met various safety standards.
  • Heating capacity and electrical requirement: Electric fireplace insert has various heating capacities. Some produce 50,000 BTU, others 30,000 BTU. It all depends on the size of your room and how much BTU of heat that you need.
    Second, the electrical requirement of the fireplace is vital. Some will require 120 volts to start doing the work. Others will need 750 watts. The more the watts, the more electricity the whole unit will use.
  • Sound effects: They are two kinds of sound effects. We have the crackling and ripping sounds. Some fireplace will come with both of these features, other not.
  • Flame effects: Electric fireplace come with different flame effects. Some will give you 5 flame effects; others will come with 30 flame effects. They will all feature different colors of your preference.
portable electric fireplace

Things to Consider When Choosing an Electric Fireplace Inserts

They are two things that you need to keep in mind, when deciding which fireplace inserts to go with. It is safety and comfort. Besides that, here is what you need to know before jumping to buy one. Inside, you will get the answers to the common question that first time buyers have.

The Opening of the Existing Fireplace

electric wall fires

Look at your insert, the mouth. It is long enough to accommodate an electric fireplace inserts. You may need to measure the height, length and width of the areas.

This will help you choose the correct size of the electric fireplace inserts.

Decide on the type of electric fireplace insert

They are three inserts. We have the log set, built-in insert and plug-in insert. Your choices will depend on the wood burning fireplace you had. Do you want something that you can just slide in or do you want to build the whole set up.

I have provided detailed on information about this in the first section of this article. You may want to read to know what insert will suit you the most.​

Heating Area

You need to know the space that you have so that you can determine what kind of fire insert to have. You never want to go for a fire insert that is meant to heat a large area in a small house. It can pose health problems. A normal fireplace insert can heat 400 square foot area while others can heat up to 1000 square foot area.

electric fireplace logs with heater

For you to choose the best infrared heater, you need to know the two heating systems. The fan forced system heats up to 400 square foot area. The infrared heating system can heat either a 1000 or 3000 square foot area. Now you are probably asking....what is the best heating system to choose is. The infrared heating system is more effective and efficient. But your choice here will depend on the space that you have.​

Added functionality

Depending with the model that you will buy, you will notice that each fireplace insert will come with different functionality and features.

Here are some of the features that some fire inserts come with.

  • Remote control: High quality fireplace inserts will come with a remote control that you will use to adjust the flame height, the heat output and automatic shut off. If you want a good fireplace insert, at least invest in one that has a remote control.
  • Glass embers: If you are looking for a way to simulate the look and feel of the electric fireplace insert, you may need to choose the unit that has glass embers.
  • Flame effect: Some fireplace inserts will come with different flame effects. This includes things static flame or dancing flame. Other fireplace inserts will feature different colors of the flame and height. The different brands include different features to their fireplace inserts; all you need is for you to look at what will suit your needs.


When you are in the market for fireplace inserts, there are two designs that you can choose.

  • Traditional design.
  • Contemporary design.

The traditional styles feature the traditional design but feature a classic real flame. The firebox has a flame effect with heat or no heat.

Contemporary styles feature modern design that has gone into account to transform the old style traditional fireplace insert.

Most contemporary styles will be designed with an aim of blending with your decor.​

Safety option

You have kids and pets. Fireplace insert should be cool to touch. They should have a thermostat to regulate the temperature of the house. Or to the point of shutting down when the desired heat is reached.


Fire insert comes with different prices. You may get top end high quality brand or low end brand. But depending on the price each will have the most vital thing is for you to look at the features.

The features of the whole unit have to promise a better experience for you when you use it. Don't make your choice based on the price, feel the experience that the fireplace insert will bring.​

How To Install The Electric Fireplace Inserts

When you have bought your first electric fireplace insert, the next daunting task is installing it. If you don't follow the right direction, then you it can result in damage.

Here is a simple guide on how to install the whole thing all together.

Follow the manual

The first place to reading the manufacturers manual. You need to have an orientation of how to put the whole thing together. Without reading the manual it can be very difficult to fix the whole thing. Especially when you are considering installing the plug-in insert or built-in insert.

In case you can't handle the whole thing, you may need to call a profession to help you fix and install the whole unit.​

Select the space

electric fireplace log set

If you used to have a wood burning fireplace, the first thing may be for you to remove the ashes and soot it is clean. The hearth area needs to have the right measurements. I have seen most first buyers get an insert that is of the wrong size. Even if you have a correct unit, but the wrong fireplace insert size, you can still correct things.

You can either call the manufacturer for immediate replacement. Or you can call an expert to measure the hearth and give you the right correct unit that matches the measurement of the hearth.​

Check the electrical requirements

You need to have a dedicated cord and an extension of the whole unit. The extension needs to have some good rating, not something that result damage after some few months.

​Your electrical outlet needs to meet the requirement of your insert. Most insert will have an electric requirement of

  • 120v
  • 15amps
  • 60hz

All this depends on the kind of fire insert that you have bought.​

Safety measures after installation

Once you have put the whole unit in the hearth, you may need to make sure that it is secure enough that it can't result in damage. For example, when you are done with fireplace insert, you need to unplug it. You need to always check the condition of your fireplace insert from time to time.

Video: Electric fireplace installation

Frequently Asked Questions on Electric Fireplace Insert

What does energy efficiency mean?

All the energy supplied by the electricity is converted to heat and use up to heat that particular room. There is no heat loss like what wood burning fireplace where the heat escapes through chimneys and vents.

Do I need to replace the LED light Bulbs?

Yes. You will need to replace them after two years. But it all depends on the fireplace insert that you have.

Which brand should I buy from?

This is subjective. I can't tell you which brands has the best electrical fireplace, but, what i can tell you is that, you need to read all the features to see if they will appeal to you.

Are electric fireplace inserts expensive to run?

This depends on many things. If you use it without heat, it would not use lots of energy. I won't lie to tell you that it is not expensive. But you have the power to control it so that you can save your energy bills. It's just like any other electrical appliances.

What is BTU?

It is the amount of heat that the electric fireplace insert produces, the more BTU the more the heat.

What is the standard space requirement for the insert?

If you have a hearth at home, you may need to take the measurement of the mouth and then buy the electrical fireplace insert that you need.

Can I move them to any place?

Yes, most of them are portable unit. That means, you can put them in your bedroom, living space or kitchen. As long as there is an electrical plug.

Will the glass get hot?

No, all the glass is cool to touch.

Final Verdict

There are two things that you need to do now, if you want to choose the right electric fireplace insert for your home.

​You need to read this electric fireplace insert reviews, or bookmark it. Then you based on your decision you can choose the best kind of fireplace insert for your home. All the information you need are this in these review.

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