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Are Ceramic Heaters Safe To Leave An Overnight?

It is a question that bugs every homeowner. Read any heating forums, you’ll find  lots of people saying that ceramic heaters are safe.The answer comes to the fact that, these best ceramic heaters have safety protection features and so it’s safe for them to work at night.However, the National  Fire Protection Association says the exact […]

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Propane Fire Pits vs. Wood Fire Pits

Cost wise, propane fire pits are more expensive than wood fire pits. However, the cost is worth it; a propane fire pit is a great investment that will pay off in the years to follow. Compared to a fire pit that contains wood, a propane fire pit will bellow much less smoke, making it much […]

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Keeping Your Gas Fire Pit Safe

You have now bought your first gas fire pit. The only thing that is bugging you: How can I keep the damn thing safe? How can I ensure that everybody is safe with this fire pit?A fire resulting from a gas fire pit can be explosive. Because it is gas, this kind of fire can […]

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