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After you build or purchase a fire pit, you need to think about buying the fire rocks. These rocks serve many useful purposes. Besides hiding the inner workings of your pit, such as pipes, they assist in heat dispersion, enhance the fire, and make your fire pit look attractive. There are many different rocks available on the market today.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose from lava rocks, glass beads, and river rocks. Each type looks different but serves the same purpose. The best rocks for fire pit come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, making it hard to make the right choice.

Best Rocks For Fire Pit Compared

I spent a few weeks going over various reviews written by people who used different rocks for their fire pits and speaking with fire pit owners. Eventually, I came up with a list of top eight rocks for fire pits. I hope they will make your choice easier.

Best Rocks For Fire Pit - Reviewed By Experts

Onlyfire Reflective Fire Glass for Natural/Propane Fire Pit

The main advantage of this fire glass is its appearance. The jewel-like pieces look elegant and festive. They come in a great variety of colors from Pacific and Caribbean blue to light green and platinum. The glass reflects light produced by the fire and the beads shine and sparkle.

Onlyfire Reflective Fire Glass for Fire Pit

The appearance of this fire glass helps your fire pit look perfect even when the fire is not lit. These glass beads won’t discolor or melt. They can be used for both outdoor fire pits and indoor fireplaces. Onlyfire fire glass comes in a container rather than a bag, which makes it easy to store.

This half inch fire glass comes in various colors. You can choose between bronze, arctic ice, gold reflective, crystal diamond, and more options. The color of the beads doesn’t affect their work. You can choose any shade you wish. The small fire glass has smooth edges so there is no risk of cutting your fingers when you fill up your fire pit. You don’t have to worry about discoloration, odors or popping problems.

Starfire Glass 20-Pound Fire Glass 1/2-Inch Caribbean Blue Reflective

The modern and elegant appearance of these glass beads is exactly what you need to make your fire pit look stunning when the fire is burning and when it’s idle. The only downside of this glass is that not all pieces are 0.5-inches, some can come smaller.

These high-quality fire glass drops look magnificent. Unlike the simple fire glass pieces, their shape is round or oval, which makes the fire pit look different and striking.

These drops come in a variety of colors, including onyx black, Caribbean blue and emerald green. They can be used with both natural gas and propane fire pits. These glass drops are eco-friendly.

Stanbroil 10-Pound 1/2 inch Fire Glass Drops for Fire Pit

They don’t produce smoke or odors. They are created to be safe in operation and won’t break or pop when the fire is burning.

These beads are moderately priced. You can mix and match the colors to give your fire pit a beautiful and shiny look. They come in a ten-pound bag, which is not always enough for a large fire pit.

This beautiful fire glass comes in 5, 10, and 15-pound bags. You can choose between 11 different colors, including cobalt blue, evergreen, black, and champagne. The variety of colors is impressive and can help you create a unique fire pit appearance by mixing a few of them together. These are small ¼ inch stones. Not all fire put owners prefer such small stones since too many are needed to fill up the fire pit.

Blazing Fireglass 10-Pound Reflective Fire Glass

However, smaller stones create a shinier and brighter look than large ones. Meanwhile, they come with a nicer price tag. This fire glass is easy to clean with vinegar and water. These beads can be used for both indoor fireplaces and outdoor pits.

This fire glass comes in various shapes and sizes. You can purchase ½ -inch or ¼-inch stones in 10 or 20-pound bags. Small bags are convenient for people who want to mix several colors. It’s not recommended to combine the sizes. This glass comes in 12 colors, including such impressive ones as gold rush reflective, titanium, and clear arctic. The beads can become a wonderful addition to your outdoor or Indoor fire pit

Golden Flame 20-Pound Fire Glass 1/2-Inch Caribbean Reflective

This fire glass is easy to install, use, and maintain. It can last for many years depending on how often you use the fire pit. The edges are smooth to prevent any cutting. The glass doesn’t lose its color for a long time.

This nicely designed fire glass is perfect for outdoor and indoor use. It’s safe to apply to the fire pits and fireplaces that use natural gas and propane. The glass comes in 12 different colors. It’s made from recycled glass.

That’s why the shape is not perfect. However, the asymmetrical form adds the glass extra charm and a natural appearance.

AZ Patio Firepit Recycled Glass

You can purchase this fire glass in 10 or 20-pound bags. Most of the fire pits require at least 20 lbs. of rocks. You can buy two ten pound bags if you want to mix the colors. One side of the glass is mirror-coated which makes it reflective. This feature allows your fire pit to shine brighter.

This lava rock and log kit is perfect for making your fire pit look realistic. Lava rock is a natural and cheap material that doesn’t lose color over time. The logs that come with the lava rocks can make your fire appear even more real.

These rocks and logs are heat resistant and very durable. They even come with a one-year warranty.

Uniflame Lava Rock and Log Kit for Propane Fire Pits

Besides being nice-looking and long lasting, these lava rocks and logs produce a certain amount of heat to keep the area nice and warm. While not as shiny as the fire glass, the lava rocks are more useful and realistic. They work with propane fire pits only.

These moderately priced glass beads come in nine beautiful colors and two sizes. You can purchase ½-inch or ¼-inch pieces in 10 or 20-pound bags. All depends on your preferences, but most people prefer larger beads for their fire pits.

The fire glass is easy to use and clean. It can be washed with just vinegar and water. The glass doesn’t lose its color even after long use.

Stanbroil 10-pound 1/2 inch Fire Glass

These beads are environmentally friendly. They help keep the fire even while giving your pit a stunning appearance whether the fire is burning or not. These beads don’t scratch, crackle or pop. They don’t produce any odors, ash or soot. The fire glass can be used both indoors and outdoors.

How to Choose The Best Rock for Fire Pit

When looking for the best rocks for your outdoor fire pit, you need to consider a few simple points.

Type Of Rocks

There are three general types of fire pit rocks. Each one has its own pros and cons. Let’s take a look.

Lava Rocks

Lava rocks are the cheapest option. They are natural and come in many shapes and sizes. These rocks can be used with virtually any fire pit. They offer great heat resistance and don’t lose their color over time.

Smaller lava rocks are used as fillers for small spaces inside the pit, while large rocks are spread on top for better fire dispersion. Sometimes lava rocks come in red and can be used for decorative purposes. Lava rocks are porous and don’t absorb and radiate heat.

Fire Glass

Fire glass (beads) is the most beautiful option. They come in a variety of colors and many different sizes. The tempered glass is specifically polished not to have any rough edges, so it’s more or less safe to handle. The beads are heat resistant and don’t lose the color over time.

They are easy to maintain and can be washed with vinegar and water. Fire glass can be reflective. It reflects the light and allows the flame to sparkle and dance in an impressive manner. Fire glass is made out of recycled glass, which makes it a great environmentally friendly option.

River Rocks

River rocks don’t have anything to do with the ordinary stones you find by the river. They are made out of a special multi-colored ceramic fiber. They are called “river rocks” because they look very close to the original. River rocks usually come in big sizes so they can’t always be used as fillers.

They need to be evenly distributed on top of the burner for the proper fire dispersion. You can put small lava rocks or glass beads on the bottom of the pit and then arrange the river rocks on top. River rocks retain heat better than the above two options. They are great if you want your fire pit to generate maximum heat.


When purchasing the fire pit rocks, you need to determine the size you require. Most of the fire pits need small ¼ - ½ inch rocks to fill them up. Then you can buy larger rocks for the top arrangement.

The larger the rocks are, the easier they are to maintain. Meanwhile, large rocks are harder to arrange for the fire dispersion to be ideal. You can experiment with various sizes to find the one that fits your fire pit the best.

Meanwhile, you should pay attention to the quantity you buy. Fire pit rocks usually come in 5,10,20, and 30-pound bags. While the largest bags are the cheapest, you might want to consider buying smaller bags to mix and match your rocks.


The cheapest option for your fire pit is the lava rocks. This is a good choice for people who want their fire pit to look realistic while spending the least amount of money. The next cheapest option is the glass rocks. They can be magnificent-looking, but can’t make your fire look natural. The most expensive option are the river rocks. They are the most natural looking and come in big sizes.

How to Use Fire Pit Rocks

The fire pit rocks serve two purposes. They fill up the pit so the toppings can be arranged properly and hide the inner workings of the fire pit. You have to buy enough rocks to fill up your fire pit completely and leave 2 – 3 inches for the top layer.

Since the lower layer of the fire rocks is not visible, you can buy the cheapest rocks. For example, you can fill up the pit with small lava rocks or glass beads. The top part should have a nice appearance so you can go all out here. You can purchase large reflective glass beads or pretty river rocks.

The quantity of the fire rocks you need depends on the size of your fire pit. Some fire pits require as much as 100 pounds of rocks while others can do with 20 to 30 lbs. Since the fire pit rocks are rather long-lasting, you only have to invest in the lower layer once. You can then deal with the top layer as often as you wish.

Some owners prefer mixing the different rocks on top of their fire pits. It’s allowed to mix all three types in any way you like. The most popular mix is the river rocks “sprinkled” with fire glass. You can also use various colors of fire beads to create a unique fire pit image.

You need to follow precautions when using the fire pit rocks. For example, the main enemy of the lava rocks is moisture. If it absorbs any amount of moisture, it may explode when burning. You have to make sure to cover your fire pit on rainy days as tightly as possible to keep the moisture and humidity out of the rocks.

The more fire glass rocks or river rocks you use, the more heat your fire pit generates. Such is not the case with the lava rocks, the porous nature of which doesn’t allow them to retain heat. If the goal of your fire pit were to heat up the area rather than create a certain ambiance, I would recommend investing in the river rocks. They do the best job giving off heat even after the fire goes out. Glass beads can also do a good job generating heat but river rocks are the obvious winners.

Can Fire Pit Rocks Explode?

Yes, they can. The main enemy of the fire pit rocks is moisture. If the rocks contain moisture, it turns to steam when heated up and the pressure the steam creates from the inside causes the rocks to explode. That’s why it’s imperative to use only certified rocks from the respectable manufacturers. Here are the major safety precautions you should consider when using fire rocks.

Avoid moisture

Take good care of the lava rocks you purchase. Their porous nature allows them to collect moisture. Accordingly, they must always be kept dry. Glass beads and ceramic fiber river stones don’t have that problem.

Don’t use regular rocks

Never use regular rocks you find on the ground in your fire pit. They are bound to contain moisture and explode when you light the fire.

Use gloves when handling fire glass

While the manufacturers claim that the fire glass doesn’t have any sharp edges, you should still be careful when handling it. Glass can break and cut your fingers. Accordingly, you should wear gloves when filling up your fire pit or doing maintenance.

Use the right amount of rocks

Don’t put too many fire rocks or beads on top of your fire pit. The extra stones might fall to the ground and start a fire.

Don’t leave the fire pit unattended

Even if you follow all the safety precautions, it’s not recommended to leave the fire unattended in order to avoid accidents. Make sure that there are no flammable objects at least 15 inches around the fire pit.

Cover the fire pit when it’s not in use

In order to avoid moisture and humidity problems, you need to cover your fire pit when you are not using it. Make sure that the lid or the screen you buy fits as tightly as possible, especially if you are using lava rocks.

Wrapping It Up All

When you are looking for the best rocks for fire pit, you have to consider many options. I hope the above information can give you everything you need to make the right choice. You should pay close attention to your preferences and budget before purchasing the rocks.

If you are looking for rocks to give off heat while being more or less budget-friendly, choose fire glass. If you are after a realistic feel and want to save money, go for lava rocks. Study the above top-8 list to get an idea of what the best choices on the market are.

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