Best Infrared Heater For 2018 | Tested And Reviewed By Expert

A troubling thought isn't it? Scouring the internet and never finding the best infrared heater guide that could help you make the right decision. It is tempting and addictive to read review after review and never coming up to a conclusion. You don’t have to be a victim of that.

I want to end that today. I have spent hundreds of hours of research and interview experts on the infrared heater. And I have received conflicting views and opinions.

Best Infrared Heaters Compared







Dr Infrared Heater Portable

23.5 Lbs

50-86 F

13 x 11 x 16

Lifesmart Large Quartz Heater

24 Lbs

5100 BTU

16.2 x 13 x 17.5

Lifesmart Medium Heater

11.5 Lbs

5118 BTU

12.5 x 7.5 x 13.5

Comfort Zone Ceiling Heater

8 Lbs


26.5 x 5.2 x 14.2

Homegear Pro 1500w Large Heater

11.5 Lbs

5100 BTU

12 x 13 x 17

But at last I have separated the chaffs and compiled a 4000+ guide to answer every question that you will ever need to know about infrared heater. All you need is to grab a cup of coffee and make your choice on which heating unit is the best for you.

And as a smart shopper you may need to have a pen and pencil to jot down some of the features that will interest you the most. 

Best Infrared Heater 2018 Reviews

1. Dr. Heater-968 Quartz PTC - Best Portable Infrared Heater

Dr. Heater is the most popular heater on the market. In fact, they are two variations of this heater. We have this one and Dr. Heater Elite series.

They both have a humidification capability in addition to all other features. With Dr. Heater you will use less energy. Buying it will save you $1200 per year which is $100 per month on energy.

Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

High quality heat output

Dr. Heater 1500 watt is capable of warming a 1000 square foot room. Dr. Heater is quiet and it is something that you can keep in your room the whole night. It uses 1500 watts to warm a large room.

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Safe for you, your kids and your family

Dr. Heater comes in a wooden cabinet that is cool to touch. It is not like radiant heater that is dangerous.

In addition to that, Dr. Heater has advanced thermal control system to prevent overheating.


With Dr. Heater you will use less energy. Buying it will save you $1200 per year which is $100 per month on energy.


The addition of a remote control would make Dr. Heater match its competitors like Lifesmart heaters that have a remote control.

2. Lifesmart 6 Element - Large Room Infrared Quartz Heater Reviews

The Lifesmart 6 element heater is a competitor to Dr. Heater. Except that it has one exception, which I will tell you later on its limitation.

If it was crafted without this limitation, it would have been the bestselling heater in its category.

It weights around 24 pounds; you can carry it to your work place, the bedroom, the living room.

Large Room Infrared Quartz Heater


Like Dr. Heater it uses 1500 watts that is the energy that you will find in most hair dryers or coffee makers.

Comes with 3 energy saving settings. You can opt for eco-setting which is designed to turn the heater into saving mode. The low setting is capable of heating the room with 500 watts while maintain the same warmth.

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Remote control

You don't have to leave your couch and kneel down just to control the heater.

With a touch of a button, the heater could be on and off any time. And if you feel like adjusting the heater, they are buttons to on the remote.


There is less noise even in a quiet room that is because this heater uses the fan. Here is where Dr. Heater is much preferable than the lifesmart.

3. Lifesmart Medium Room Infrared Heater with Remote

It is designed to heat small and medium sized room. It therefore portable and provides enough heat. Like its predecessor it also has the same features.

To be exact it can heat up to 150 square feet sized room with Built in fan circulates air through the heater.

The heater incorporates digital display of settings on the thermostat while at the same time it has a remote control that is a no-brainer to operate.

Lifesmart Medium Room Infrared Heater

3 heat setting

The lifesmart medium room infrared heater has 3 heat settings. There is the warm setting, cool setting and eco-setting. Depending on what you want, you can move to the setting that you prefer the best; all you need is to press the button.

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A timer

It comes with a timer that allows the heater to start and stop, and at the same time run 12-hours none stop without any interference. If you are the kind of person, who forgets whether you have the heater on, you will enjoy having this one at home.


There is some noise produced by the fan.

4. Comfort Zone EZQRVSM - Ceiling Mount Quartz Heater ,Black, 1500 Watts

Comfort zone heater is the most portable infrared heater on the market. It weighs 7.6 pounds. If features adjustable halogens light and metal housing.

It is quick and easy to install. You can mount it on the wall or hang it up on the ceiling.

Now when using it, the instruction says that you shouldn't use it with an extension cord.

Ceiling Mount Quartz Heater

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It draws 12.5 amps at 120 volts to warm a room at low setting and 1500 watts at a high setting.


The mounting bracket is weak. It is not that sturdy.

5. Homegear Pro 1500w - Best Infrared Heater For Large Rooms

The homegerat pro incorporates the dual heat settings. It designed to combine quartz infrared heating with mica ceramic heating elements for maximum performance.

All its setting is displayed on LED screen for easy monitoring and adjusting the temperature settings.

Homegear Infrared Electric Portable Space Heater

Remote control

Everything is on the remote control and it is easy to understand. You don't have to leave you couch, with a press of a button; you could have everything you want.

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Caster wheel

The caster wheels are there to ease the movement of the heater. You can move it with ease to your bedroom or living space anytime.

Heat output

It throws out large amount of heat capable of warming large spaces. Early on I talked about Dr. Heater warming a 1000 square foot room; well this heater is capable of warming 1800 square foot room. So if you are looking for something that big and large, look no further.


The power cord is short, it is 5 feet long. You may need a dedicated extension for it.

6. Lifesmart Large Room 6 Element - Best Infrared Heater With Remote

The lifesmart heater incorporates a sweet wood finish that will compliment your decor. Because of this stylish design, the heater has received awesome positive review from thousands of satisfied users we interviewed.

Little noise is the only drawback we received till now about this product.

Lifesmart Large Room 6 Element Infrared Heater

6 independent heat exchangers

The LifeSmart 6 element infrared heating options make this heater capable of throwing large amount of heat to warm large spaces.

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The heater also incorporates lifetime air filter for cleaning and purifying the air inside your house.

Modern and attractive design

Made of wood, but not just any wood: Quakertown dark or oak dark. You have the options to choose between those two options for your room to look stunning and inviting.


It has an EZ glider which will allow you transport the heater from one place to another easily without hurting your back or spine.

7. Lifesmart Lifelux Series 8 Element - Infrared Deluxe Wood Cabinet

I wouldn't it call it just any heater; it is a heater inside a wooden cabinet. You can turn the cabinet into anything you like. It can be storage or anything else.

The finishes on the wooden cabinet look nice that no one would notice whether it is a heater.

It comes with a 9-hour timer. You can set the start or stop of the timer from 1-hour to 9-hour.

Extra Large Room Infrared Deluxe

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Digital remote control

No need for you to hurt your back or spine looking for the buttons, you have a digital remote control that has all the settings.

Beautiful and attractive

Do you care so much about how your decor looks, then this heater will complement your decor and put you in the admirations of your peers.


The heater utilizes the 8 quartz infrared elements that mean it is going to be a little bit expensive to run. But if you have the cash, why not try it.

How to choose Best infrared heaters

How to choose the best infrared heater

You've made a choice to have an infrared heater. How do you make a buying decision on the best heating unit that meets your needs.

You don't have to toil days on this. Here is a checklist of factors that can help you spot a winner.

The space

You need to look at the space of your room. How large or small in square foot area?

Then you can determine the kind of infrared heater to buy. Different heaters have a heating capacity of different sizes in square foot area.

Before getting one, look at the product descriptions to find this information. You must know that these are infrared heaters, they don't work like a fan-forced heaters.

What I mean is that don't expect it to heat the whole space, they are meant to heat a specific object. That is the basic how infrared heater work.

Weight and size

Weight and size are key factors that will influence your purchase.

For instance, if you lack free space in your room or if you don't want the heater to take space, then you will need to choose a smaller and compact heater.

A small heater is portable and lighter. Large heaters are heavier and bulky. A small heater will suit you if you want something that you can carry around when you go for work.

Safety features

Even if you've bought the best heater in the world, there is something that you can't ignore. And that is your safety. Any heating unit that you buy, you want to make sure that it safe for you, you family and everyone else to operate.

Most infrared heaters aren't that dangerous in nature compared to the fan-forced heaters. In fact, they are considered the safest heating unit unless you have gas fuel that is when it can be a little bit dangerous.

Look for a heater that has the following features:

Anti-tip shut-off

We all try to be careful, but one day the unexpected happenings cloud our life like an accident. You will need a heater that has anti-tip shutoff features.

Its function is to turn the heater off when you knock it over. It is the most useful features when you have crazy people around like pets and kids.


Some infrared heater will have these features. It is meant to shut off the heater automatically when the desired time is reached.

With this feature you will never worry about forgetting to turn the heater off or overheating.

Cool-to-touch glass

You can't avoid the little fingers from touching the glass. Like we all, they are curious to know touch that sparks of light. Am talking of kids. If you are going to buy a heater, choose the one that has a cool to touch glass. But don't let your kids get used to touching the unit every time and then.

Type of Infrared Heaters

Here is a list of the most common type of heater on the market.

Infrared room heaters

These types of heater are common. They are used to warm rooms of 200 square foot area. Perfectly designed for those that live in condos and small apartment.

Operation is easier; all you need is plug into an electric outlet. Infrared room heater use 1,500 watts to warm a place. And they typically save one's energy bill compared to heaters that use central heating or zoning.

Infrared radiant heater

They are small and compact. They consume little amount of energy and are portable in nature.

Infrared radiant heater are simple operate, all you need is to plug them on an electric outlet and you are good to go. They have one limitation and that this, they produce less energy.

High-intensity infrared heater

These types of heaters are large. Instead of warming rooms they are designed to warm large space such as construction site, garage, basement and large offices. They are capable of producing large amount of energy. For garage heater reviews: Click Here.

Low-intensity infrared heaters

From the name, you get the idea that this heater warms small spaces. They don't produce lots of heat.

How Do Infrared Heaters Work

Let me explains it simple in terms. Infrared heaters are radiant heat; they give out the feel and warmth that you will typically get from the sun.

You can't see infrared heat with your naked eye. Although not proven, most people argue that infrared heater is similar to the heat that a human body emits. Basically Infrared radiation is a type of electromagnetic radiation, as are ultraviolet radiation, radio waves, X-rays and microwaves. [Source:]

How is it different? Most heating units are designed to warm the surrounding air. But infrared heater warms the object by travelling in a straight line.

That means, you are able to utilize the heat that is given off by an infrared heater without losing it to the surrounding. Now, you may prefer infrared heater because it is energy-efficient compared to this other types of heaters

Infrared heater operates by sending electromagnetic waves. When this waves touch the surfaces of an object, their molecule oscillate creating heat energy that is produced to the outside environment.

The thermal energy then triggers the molecules which then start to vibrate. The results of this vibration is energy which then starts to warm the objects.

We all know that a fan-force heater can dry out air and sometimes pose serious health risk to persons who have respiratory problems.

Well, an infrared heater is different. In fact studies done by the American journal of medicine, states that infrared heaters have healthy benefit to persons.

You are much likely to benefit from the heater, just like you will receive the same benefit from the sun. Infrared heaters prevent heat loss, so you don't have to worry about ventilation even if you stay in an insulated room.

Before you get yourself one, you have to know that many of these units will come with different heating specifications. Some will require propane, electricity or natural gas.

If you want to save more on your energy bills and enjoy more heat, choose an infrared heater.

Infrared heaters or electric heaters-Which are the better option?

Visit any forum and it won't surprise you to find a thread about infrared heaters vs. electric heaters.

It seems that there is a preference of one in place of the other. Here is how they compare, because I have used them both in the past. The thing is to know how to use them. Personally, I can't give preference to the other, like any heating unit, they both have their limitation.

Here is how they compare.

Immediate heat

Infrared heaters provide immediate heat when they are switched on. Electric heaters take times to warm up the space.

Now when you switch off the infrared heaters, the heat also goes off instantly and you start to feel the cold again.

On the other hand electric heaters will still provide warmth even after you have switched off the unit. The heat will still be in the air to provide the warmth.

Electric heaters will need to heat the air first and then rely on the warm air rising to create a stream of warm air around the room. The process takes long like 20 to 30 minutes to be precise.

On the other hand infrared heaters send the heat instantly in a straight line to warm the objects, instead of the air.

If you don't want to wait for the electric heater to warm the place, then you are better of going with an infrared heater.


You know the agony that comes with electric heaters. They have a fan and since it distributes heat in the air, it produces noises.

Infrared heaters are quiet, when they are switched on. If you are looking for the best heating unit for your bedroom it is good to look for an infrared heater because you will benefit from the minimal noise.

Cost effective

Infrared heaters will rarely wastes your energy that is because they work by heating specific objects. Unlike an electric heaters that wastes most of the energy by warming the space.

Earlier on, I told you that an infrared heater works by heating the object instantly while an electric heaters will take time to warm the space. Well, you will end up saving a lot of money on your energy bills per year.

On occasion where there is draught, the warmth from an electric heaters will escape from the room, where the cold air is coming from.

For that reason, to use an electric heater efficiently, you must ensure that the room is insulated so that you retain most of the heat.

With an infrared heater, you won't need to worry heat about heat escaping through ventilation of your room, because it heats the objects and not the air. So there is less energy wasted.

Health wise

Here is the topic that I didn't want to leave out. Infrared heaters are environmental friendly. They pose no risk to your health.

On the other hand, electric heaters can pose a serious health risk to you. For instance, if you have respiratory problem, it is wise to use the electric heaters with caution.

Why am I saying this?

Electric heater work by warming the air and as result moisture in the air dries up. This situation will leave you feeling as though you have dry throat or sinuses. It will be unpleasant for you.

On the other hand, infrared heater will not dry out the moisture in the room. Instead you will feel better and warm.

Studies have shown that infrared heaters have health benefit when you used. Like it is beneficial for your health to sit under the sun, it is also beneficial to use an infrared heater to warm you.

One of the benefits of an infrared heater is that they promote circulation of air. For that reason, people with sinuses or respiratory problem should refrain from using electric heaters and go for infrared heaters.

Safety Concern For Infrared Heater

Is infrared heating safe? First, they are safest heating unit to use in my opinion compared to others.

But you have to acknowledge that these are heating unit, something along the way can happen when you least expect.

Safety concern is something that is rarely talked when it comes to infrared heaters, but they are basic things that you need to know about.

Here are the basic safety concerns that you need to know when using infrared heaters.

  • Although not very important, you should look for the unit that has safety features. By safety I mean anti-tip shut off features so that when you knock the heater, it shut off automatically. Or when one of your kid or pet.
  • Use proper extension lead. Always makes sure that it can draw large amount of current required ignite the necessary heat to warm the room. Every heating appliance has different heating capacity.
  • Use extension cables but remember that they are dangerous can sometimes leads to shock. If want to buy an extension cord, get recommendation from a trusted electrician.
  • When the heater is on make sure that there is nothing obstructing the flow of current. This can lead to fire or accidents.
  • If the heater is in the room and working, never leave that place unattended. Make sure you look out for the kids and pets.
  • Buy infrared heaters from trusted brands. Trusteed brand will always make sure that their heaters are certified and have past safety test. When you get your heater look for the safety sticker, it can either be CSA, UL or anybody.

Infrared Heater - How Healthy Are Those?

Infrared heat emits lights using electromagnetic spectrum. Because of this it is easy to think that they you can expose your skin or eyes to harmful rays.

The truth is our body natural absorbs and emits infrared heat all the time.

In medicine, infrared heat is used in physiotherapy, in rheumatism treatment and enhances circulation. Infrared heat warms the object; it doesn't warm the air, making it environmental friendly because it doesn't cause air population.

This makes infrared heat perfect for people with allergic condition like asthma and other respiratory element.

Here are the reasons why infrared heater is safe.

It works in silent

Most heaters use a fan to circulate heat to warm the air. For the heater to operate smoothly, the fan has to produce some noisy, therefore this may not be the best heater to use in the bedroom.

Also if you have a stuffy room, an electric heater may not be the best options because it may lead to suffocation. For those reasons, an infrared heater is still the best options for you.

It doesn’t interfere with the quality of air

Let's face it, most heater dry the air. They lower the humidity level in the room and when this happens you are likely to feel dry throat or sinuses.

They even can cause oxygen level to reduce in the room. For them to work efficiently you will need to make sure that your room is ventilated, with ventilation you lose heat as result of warm air getting inside the room.

You actually don't have to worry about humidity or ventilation on this matter. Just use an infrared heater and you will be much safe.

Produce energy that is close to the sun

Energy from the sun is not harmful. And that is the way an infrared heater works. You won't run into harmful UV rays interfering with your skin or eyes. You will enjoy the normal heat that the sun provides.

Improves blood circulation

Studies have shown that these heaters improve the circulation of blood in your body. They also improve the quality of air that you breathe.

In fact, some heaters are designed that way, in addition to give you the warmth, you benefit from the quality of air in the surrounding.

You now know the reasons why having an infrared heater is much safer compared to other heaters. You now have all the right reason, why you need to go for this kind of heater instead of others.

Where to Buy An Infrared Heater?

Online will be the first place most people will think about. In fact 2 billion dollars will be made the next month as result of online sale. Don't be a victim of losing that money to the wrong company or people. Shop for these heaters online safely.

Trusted places to shop for infrared heaters


It has everything under the sun. Every retailer has his item on the shelf. Amazon has a good return policy and warranty. If in anyway, you have received the product and it is not actually what you are looking for, you have every right to return the item.

eCommerce sites

They are not the best place to shop. Most sites are. Before you shell out your money to buy from an ecommerce site make sure that it has secure socket layer encryption (SSL).

A site that has SSL will always have a URL of this nature: HTTPS:// and not HTTP://. Second, look for the padlock; you will see this in your browser, probably on the left hand side of the URL on the address bad. Depending on the browser that you use it can be right or left.

Reviews sites

It is actually the best place to shop for these heaters. Not because they receive commission, but because they give lots of information.

And some reviewers like us we like to buy the unit before we actually write the review. To us and this site, we like to get firsthand experience before writing the unit to our 20,000 satisfied readers. It is one our policy, there is no two way about it.

The good thing with review site is that you can never feel cheated because, they only showcase product from trusted brands. If you are looking for a place where you will get unbiased information, check review sites.


Stores are safe to buy. Every brands that sell heating unit will have their store either online or offline. You can either visit the offline to buy the product or you can shop online and have them delivered to you instantly. Mostly within with days or a week. They also have a good return policy and you can learn more about their heating unit from the customer care representatives.

Final Notes

With information like this on your fingertips, it becomes impossible for you weigh your decision.

Don't let the cons weigh you down on your decision making process. There is no perfect product on this planet. Even iPads and iPhone have their own limitation, but will still use them.

I believe this infrared heater reviews, I gone through everything and every information that could assist you make an informed decision.

Before you leave, these entire products that I have reviewed, have received positive remarks by a thousands of satisfied customers. Only few of them have expressed negative remarks with reasons known to them.

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