Best Gas Logs for Vented and Ventless Fireplaces | Reviews and Analysis

Having the best gas logs in your living space means three things:

  • Classic roaring dancing flickering flames
  • Soothing ambience that inviting and welcoming in the evening.
  • The urge to relieve yourself from the long-day stress at work.

Best Gas Logs Compared







Landmann 26364

7.2 Lbs


16 x 11.5 x 8

41 Lbs


23.5 x 15.5 x 17

46 Lbs


12 x 18 x 16

1.2 Lbs


20 x 2 x 2



26 x 23 x 20

We went into great details in diving this article into two parts that. Ventless and vented gas log. Second, if you a first timer buyer thinking of owning one of these heating units, you will greatly benefit from the following information:

  • Buying guide: How to choose a gas log even if you don't know anything about heating units.
  • Measurement guide: The right way to measure your fireplace.
  • Safety: How to keep, you pets, your family and yourself safe from a ventless gas log.

In the end you get to make an informed decision and choose the best gas log for your home.

Best Ventless Gas Logs 2018 Reviews

1. Natural Glo Large gas fireplace logs of ceramic wood logs

The 15 inches pieces of logs that are 10 number will leave your fireplace insert burning an erringly throughout the night.

You will stay all night and the logs burns continuous without the fire going off.

gas fireplace logs of ceramic wood logs

The large gas fireplace logs can be used in ventless gas fireplace, outdoor fire pit, indoor gas fireplace and any types of fireplace that you have in mind.

Additional, the large gas fireplace logs is capable of providing you with soft ambience of realistic flames that makes a soothing evening. You, your family and pets will have a romantic evening graced by realistic flames that burns for hours.

Living with fumes and ashes, those days are over. Thanks to the large gas fireplace logs that are safe for everybody.

2. Sure Heat Mountain Vernon Oak Vent Free Gas Fuel

The 6 high-detailed ceramic logs create an endearing evening in your living space with mature realistic flames. The natural glow sets an awesome mood and ambience in your living space to help you enjoy the night and relax in tranquility.

Sure Heat Mountain Vernon Oak Vent Free Gas Fuel

The sure heat mountain logs are simple to operate with their controlled valve system and quick ignition button that sets the flames on.

Their design modification of the dual burner makes this fireplace capable of producing realistic dancing flame patterns in the night.

With this fire place, you get to enjoy the innovation in technology and the 18 inches log sets that clouds you evening with the atmosphere that you need. With over 1000 customers, there is something about the sure heat mountain vernan oak vent free log set that most people don't see.

3. Peterson Real Fyer 24-inch Split Oak Log Set

Think of Paterson and think of superior refractory ceramic logs that are 24 inches long. It is beautifully created to bring the best that you can have in your fireplace insert.

With 24-inches log set come the huge realistic flames that will awaken your memories and relieve you from the long-day stress at work.

Peterson Real Fyer 24-inch Split Oak Log Set

The Peterson logs set lets you have a more realistic fireplaces flames, because the log sets and spilt pieces comes in different colors. The wide array of colors is something that misses in other high-end logs sets on the market.

The creation of wood and hand-painting, gives the wood an exotic natural look in terms of appearance. When you light the logs, you get the feeling of real woods burning and not just the logs. You are much safer buying this wood because it is certified and CSA approved.

4. ProCom VFI8NA Vent-Free Gas Log set

A powerful log set capable of heating 1,200 square foot area. It throws of 30,000 BTU of heat capable of warming everyone in the room even pets. The ProCom gas log-set is designed to operate with gas in order to let you enjoy the much energy it ignites. The ProCom inclueds the 7 hand-painted concrete logs that create a realistic looking flames when the fireplace lights.

ProCom VFI8NA Vent-Free Gas Log set

Safety remains to be paramount with the ProCom log-set fireplace making the safest gas log-set. It includes a couple of safety features, one of them being the oxygen depletion sensors and automatic shut off. With this in mind I can guarantee you that even a new born baby in your household is pretty much safe.

With ProCom you enjoy the 6 LED ambient light that creates a nice welcome experience in the evening with their natural glowing effect. Thanks to the ProComm heartsense you will have an easy time enjoying your night.

5. ProCom Hearth Sense A-2 Ventless Gas Logs

With ProCom Hearth sense ventless gas logs you can't imagine the experience you will have in the night. It is not a type of ventless gas logs that you wouldn't talk about when you are with your friends. That’s because the ProCom Hearth sense includes lots of features. One of them being the natural flame burner system that is designed to produce flickering glowing flames.

ProCom HearthSense A-2 Ventless Gas Logs

The ambience created by the lights is inviting and soothes your mind with every bit of tranquility and calmness. Seriously, sitting in the evening watching the ProCom hearth sense control the mood of the evening, is relieving.

Don't just read the review about the ProCom heart sense and forget the fireplace actually exist. You have to get this one to feel it and experience it. With just a couple of dollars you could change your evening starting from today.

Best Vented Gas Logs Review

1. Sure Heat BROI8NG Burnt River Oak Vented Gas Log Set

Customers who have bought the Sure heat BROI8NG sure heat gas log set remember it for one thing. And it is what makes them obsessed with this log set.

It is the sound of a natural roaring fire that makes the addicted to the ambience and the atmosphere that clouds the evening.

Sure Heat BRO18NG Sure Heat Burnt River Oak

When it comes to the Sure Heat BROI8NG, every customer will tell you the experience they had with glowing beautiful embers that produce mature realistic flames. An addiction and allure like this happens only to the customers who appreciate the fine thing of life like the sure heat gas logs.

The sure heat gas log stands-out from the pack, that is because it easier to operate and install. It only requires two simple things an open and working valve.

2. Peterson Real Fyre 24-Inch Live Oak log set

6 gas logs, sand, embers, custom grate and burner. That is all you get from Paterson to turn your evening into something.

The 24-inch live oak log set will fit into any type of fireplace and provide radiant heat. The logs continue to burn the space and let you enjoy the warmth even after they have been turned off. This is perfect, if you are the person who likes to save your logs to enjoy the warm of the fire.

Peterson Real Fyre 24-inch Live Oak Log Set

The package includes steel rod insert for reinforcement. A vented design to prevent pollution of the environment and protect the existing natural resources.

3. Peterson Real Fyre 18 Inch Post Oak Gas Logs

The 18 inch high definition oak bark with natural colors gives the logs an authentic natural look that deserves attention.

These gas logs come with steel rods that provide enough reinforcement when the logs are placed inside the insert. Peterson Company is known for paying close attention when it comes to making their log texture and flame presentation unique.

Peterson Real Fyre 18 Inch Post Oak Gas Logs

Because of that they make it easier for you enjoy elegant display of the flames that is inviting and alluring in your living space.

4. Peterson Real Fyre 24-Inch Split Oak Designer Log Set

Anyone who has used the Peterson log set with vented natural gas burner will tell you one thing: They are meant to catch realism. Like other log set produce by Peterson Company this one is no different.

Looking at the log, you will notice that they are nicely hand crafted to create a realistic look and appearance of the modern wood.

Peterson Real Fyre 24-inch Split Oak Designer Plus Log Set

Superior ceramic log comes with steel rods that facilitate reinforcement when the logs are place inside the fireplace.

Best Gas Logs Buying Guide

Fear is something that every buyers experiences when they are making a choice of buying either ventless or vented gas logs.

I used to think it is the technical details that make first time buyers not to buy the best gas logs. Later on when I was buying a ventless gas log for my family, I was soaked up in the details of:

  • The fear of choosing a wrong gas log.
  • The fear of getting started
  • The fear of ending up with defective heating unit that last in less than six month.

And on and on.

But you don't have to go through all this that is why I want to show you a simple straight forward approach that can guide you to choose the best ventless or vented gas logs.

Before choosing one, you must have answers or have a clue on what you want in each area.

Fuel type

Any gas log can be operated either propane or natural gas. If you have propane or natural gas in the area that you live, then it is pretty much simpler to you on the kind of fuel to choose.

However, if you have both, you many need to choose a fuel options that will be efficient to you in terms of cost and heat output.

For instance, natural gas is cheaper than propane gas and lighter than air. However, propane gas is expensive; contain more carbon monoxide that burns produces lots of heat than natural gas.

Again, it is a matter of preferences depending on the merit and demerits of each fuel options.

Heat output

It is obvious; the size of the room you have will depend on greatly on the amount of heat output a gas log can produce.

Heat output will also influence the cost of the gas type. For instance, vented gas log produce less amount of heat and consumes more energy.

On the other hand ventless gas log produces more energy and consumes less energy. The reason for this is that vented gas log, leaves a lot of heat escaping through the chimney and ventless gas log have no chimney, so they concentrate the heat in the room. This provides you with more warmth.

Material and quality

Gas logs are made of three materials and each has its own benefit.

You have read the review and find out that there are ceramic, refractory ceramic gas logs and ceramic hybrid gas logs. Here is a quick difference to help you choose a gas log.

  • Quick details about refractory ceramic gas logs. They are heavy and put out lots of heat. However, when under pressure they crack
  • Quick details about ceramic gas logs. They are made of high quality standards for long lasting performance. For that reasons, customers find them to be cost effective and produce more heat than refractory ceramic gas logs.
  • Quick details about the ceramic hybrid gas logs. They are made from a mixture of ceramic and cement logs. In their make a lot of technology is used to make them heat efficient to maximize the desired heat output.

Safety standard and issues

Everyone knows that any heating unit has its potential hazard. It is not matters of knowing how to select but how prepared you are when danger strike.

For instance, if safety is your concern, then you are better of going with vented gas log instead of a ventless one.

Before deciding on the choice of gas logs make sure it has safety sticker label from recognized safety bodies and organization.

The local ordinance

You must be compliant with the state regulation before you think of owning either a vented or ventless gas log.

For instance, in California, ventless gas logs are illegal. However, there is certain procedure you must follow install them in order to comply with law.

With such laws that could land you with a sentence or fines, it becomes paramount to know what is permitted in your area regarding any heating unit.

Sets of log

The number of logs has become an important issue. There are some manufactures who will give you either two or four sets of log.

The number of logs depends on personal preference; you will find some manufactures offering 11 pieces of logs that are 24 inches wide.

What Type Of Gas Log Should I Buy?

It is a confusing subject on whether to go with vented or ventless gas log. However, good place to start is to check the local area code to find out which gas log to they prefer.

If in any chance they permit both, then you need to make a decision on which gas log will settle for. To help you out, here is quick details you may need to know about each type of gas log.

Vented gas logs

You are going to install this fireplace, if you have a vent and a chimney in your fireplace, where logs can be set up.

With vented gas log, you get to enjoy classic realistic flames and large fires all the time.

Vented gas log will need to be connected to a manual safety pilot or millivolt pilot valve for them to work.

Ventless gas log or vent-free gas log

You will set the log in the fireplace with your vent closed. They are also the perfect gas log for people with no vent in their homes.

They produce lots of heat than vented gas log, because they hardily lose heat to the environment. They are considered 99.9% heat efficient because their heat is concentrated in the room. The sizes of their flame are small and not realistic.

They burn lots of carbon monoxide and safety precautions are paramount when it comes to operating them.

How Do I Measure What Size Of Gas Log To Purchase

The size of gas log will depend on the measurement of your fireplace. But first, you need to....

Meet the clearance requirement. Most people will start measuring or buying a gas log without meeting the clearance requirement.

Each burner comes with minimal clearance from the sides of the wall of the fireplace.

Gas logs burners with a safety value need more clearance than those without. The purpose of clearance is to protect the valve from overheating or melting.

Now that you know the clearance requirement, you need to calculate the right size in order to install the gas log.

For accurate measurement, you need to measure the width, the rear width, and the depth of your fireplace

Are Ventless Gas Fireplace Safe?

This question has been asked in lots of forums. However, in this section, I want to give detailed information on how you can protect yourself and even prevent accident.

But first...You need to know how vent less gas fireplace work?

Ventless gas fireplace produce lots of gas during their combustion: Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, formaldehyde and water vapor.

For that it becomes vital for you to protect yourself but before that......

Let see the dangers they have..

Even a small amount of carbon dioxide in the air can be harmful to pregnant mothers, unborn babies and new born babies. If any of the condition applies to you and you have a ventless gas log, you need to take precautions.

Ventless gas fireplace shouldn't be used in the bedroom or as a source of heat.

The water vapor produced in the combustion process damages dry walls, the wood flooring and furniture. Excess amount of this water vapor can cause allergies to people with asthma or any respiratory conditions.

For effective use of ventless gas fireplace, follow the three rules:

  • Use only four times a day or less...You definitely don't need if it is not a winter months.
  • To be ultra-safe, make sure you have installed a lot of carbon monoxide detectors and oxygen depletion sensors around the house and near the fireplace.
  • For every gas log that you buy check if it has safety features like the automatic shut off features or oxygen depletion sensors.

If you follow those rules, unexpected migraines, headaches and death resulting from the odorless and colorless carbon monoxide can be controlled.

However, if you doubt yourself about keeping it safe, then you are better of having a vented gas log or considering buying choosing another heating unit.

Final Verdict and A Few Recommendations

You have the read the best gas logs review. I hope the information provided here was jammed-packed and detailed enough to help you make the right choices in your purchase.

If you have any respiratory conditions, pregnant mom or have a new born babies. You are better off having a vented gas log.

It is more secure and safe than the ventless gas log.

Thank you for making it to end and enjoy classic roaring flames of your new gas log.

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Ed is a family man first and attempts to be a writer second. He is a home expert and his passion for helping people in all aspects of home improvement.

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