Best Fireplace Mantel And Mantel Shelf In 2018 Reviews

Every home has a story.

The setting in the living space, will tell you more about the homeowners. The rustic fireplace mantel adds a little beauty and elegance on the fireplace.

Do you want to make your fireplace a focal point that draws attention? Then you will need the best fireplace mantel.


So you know fireplace mantels are known for three things:

  • Enhancing the appearance and loo of your fireplace.
  • Creating an excellent focal point in your living space.
  • To display your desired treasures and ornament that matches your decor.

Fireplace mantels are not just a piece of wood, in this review here is…

Best Fireplace Mantels and Selfs Compared







Landmann 26364

Pearl Mantels 530-48 Fireplace Mantel

107.6 Lbs


8 x 72 x 54

Belham Living Rustic Mantel

59 Lbs


66 x 15 x 12

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Pearl Mantels 412-60 Mantel Shelf

32 Lbs


76 x 13 x 7

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Pearl Mantels 495-60 Auburn Shelf

47.4 Lbs


10 x 72 x 15

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Pearl Mantels 490-72-70 Lindon Wood

48.5 Lbs


76 x 13 x 9

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Pearl Mantels 412-60 Shenandoah

32 Lbs


76 x 13 x 7

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Pearl Mantel 415-60-50 Abingdon



64 x 13 x 9

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Frederick Mantel Shelf Paint Grade



61 x 8.5 x 4.5

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What are you looking for ?

  • We have reviewed 5 best mantel for fireplace and 5 mantel shelves in this article so that you choose the one you want.
  • We show you the most bought fireplace mantel in the last year and why.
  • The nitty grace of choosing the most elegant fireplace.
  • The type of fireplace mantel that most customers buy.
  • How to care and maintain your fireplace mantel.

All of that information is included in this review to help you make the right choice.

Best Fireplace Mantel and Mental Self 2018 Review

1. Pearl Mantels 510-48 Newport 48-Inch Fireplace Mantel

The Newport 48-inch fireplace Pearl mantel has a sturdy hanging mechanism that creates a superb focal point for your fireplace. 

It features 1 1/2 inches projection that allows you to install it with easy. Once in installed the Pearl fireplace has zero chances of failing.

Pearl Mantels 510-48 Newport 48-Inch Fireplace Mantel

It is the kind of fireplace mantel that will sit on the wall and you will never worry about it falling off someday even if you placed something on the mantel.

Excellent dimension that measures 48 inches wide and 40 inches high, enough to size to accommodate the modern fireplace dimensions.

The log is shipped in 3 pieces: Nuts, bolts and mitered hangover board. Those 3 pieces are enough to help you assemble the pearl mantel fireplace.

2. Pearl 110-50 Williamsburg Unfinished Fireplace Mantel

The Williamsburg unfinished mantel is common to most American household. That is because this is an Asian hardwood and veneers designed to last long in modern homes.

It features 50-inches wide and 24-inches high, perfect for small and medium-sized fireplace hearth. The mantel is a fine piece of exotic furniture that will accentuate your decor.

Pearl 110-50 Williamsburg Unfinished Fireplace Mantel

The Williamsburg mantel is a true show of a stylish finish and beauty that lacks is many modern homes. Additional, it includes an 8-inch shelf that you can use to place or keep your treasured display in the living room.

With an option of plinth bases, you are capable of increasing the mantel height. Having the Williamsburg in your living space will improve the look and feel for your home.

3. Pearl Mantel 120-48 Windsor 48-inch Fireplace Mantel

The Windsor fireplace mantel comes unfished so that you can customize the look you want your fireplace to have.

The look and appearance of the fine furniture it is a true artisan work having been hand-crafted with details in mind. This brings not only a picture of beauty in your space but it elevates your decor to something that spurs conversation.

Pearl Mantel 120-48 Windsor 48-inche Fireplace Mantel

Featuring 48 inches wide by 24 inches high, this mantel is perfect suited for any home that has a hearth a medium to small sized fireplace.

Like the rest of the Pearl Mantel Corporation units, the Windsor mantel arrives in 3 pieces to make it easier for you install it.

Additional, you will find the inlay masked so that you can paint or stain it the way you want. All you need is to get it off when you are done.

4. Pearl Mantel 530-48 Monticello Fireplace Mantel

The medium density fiber wood is sturdy and can support anything above it without falling down. The MDF is an impressive modeling that turns your fireplace into a focal point.

The Monticello fireplace mantel is a showcase a true story of what you find a modern contemporary room. Featuring 48 inches wide by 42 inches high, it can be placed on any fireplace without leaving spaces.

Pearl Mantel 530-48 Monticello Fireplace Mantel

Like any fireplace in Pearl, it arrives in 3 pieces that makes it easier for you install. Straight from the box, it can take less than 30 minutes to finish the whole set up.

5. Belham Living Rustic Timber Beam Fireplace Mantel

Let’s leave the appearance alone, the touch and smooth feel of the Belham living rustic timber will tell you something that most people have no clue. It is high quality exotic piece of wood.

The textured finish makes you fireplace becomes a centerpiece in your living room and a beautifully decor to look at.

Belham Living Rustic Timber Beam Fireplace Mantel

The Belham mantel is made from solid pine wood and pine veneer which are strong pieces of long-lasting furniture Items.

Comes in multiple sizes that will giving you an easy time customizing the mantel to match your decor. Additional, the Belham mantel has a strong hanging mechanism.

Fireplace Mantel Shelf

5 Top Rated Fireplace Mantel Shelf Reviews

Here are the top best mantel shelves loved by thousands of satisfied customers.

1. Pearl Mantel 490-72-70 Lindon Wood 72-Inch Wall Shelf

The stylish distressed cherry from Asian hardwood and veneers is something you wouldn’t want to miss in your decor.

That is because this piece of wood is in high-demand and has a rich surface texture. A simple touch by the finger will tell you that this piece of furniture is a classic modern upgrade.

Pearl Mantel 490-72-70 Lindon Wood 72-Inch Wall Shelf

The Lindon wood Pearl Mantel wall shelf is a sophisticated piece of furniture with quality material and beautiful design that adds flavor in your living space.

Customers who have bought the Lindon wood Pearl mantel wall shelf have found that it stains beautiful. The good part is you can set it on any kind of fireplaces from vented fireplaces to freestanding gel fireplaces

2. Pearl Mantel 412-60 Shenandoah Pine Mantel Shelf

The charming frontier of Shenandoah pine mantel shelf creates a unique look in the living room and it is capable of matching any decor in your room.

From the hand-hewn edges to the corbels, the Shenandoah pine mantel shelf creates a soothing atmosphere to a boring living space.

Pearl Mantel 412-60 Shenandoah Pine Mantel Shelf

You will find the Shenandoah pine mantel shelf measuring 60-inches high and 9 inches wide. The total weight being 28 pounds. With this pine mantel you have the options of hanging it with or without corbels.

3. Pearl Mantels 495-60 Auburn Arched Wood Mantel Shelf

The Auburn arched wood mantel shelf comes with 3 options having different designs. In details, you are getting the shelf, a pair of corbels and the arch.

These 3 little pieces adds a rustic feeling and atmosphere in your living space. Additional, the mitered hangover board is included for easier installation.

Pearl Mantels 495-60 Auburn Arched Wood Mantel Shelf

Customers love the Auburn wood mantel shelf because it is gives them a taste of clean and classic design piece of furniture in their living space.

4. Frederick Mantel Shelf Paint Grade Unfinished Poplar

Known for their classic design of mantel those are perfect to match the decor of any home.

Homeowners that have bought Fredrick mantel shelf like the excellent solid wood with smooth quality for painting.

Frederick Mantel Shelf Paint Grade Unfinished Poplar

The Fredrick mantel shelves are available in grade oak and paint grade. You have the options to choose any of two for your customization needs.

5. Pearl Mantel 415-60-50 Abingdon 60-Inch Mantel Shelf

The Abingdon wood fireplace mantel comes measuring 60-inches. It also features a medium oak finish that is unique and durable.

Pearl Mantel 415-60-50 Abingdon 60-Inch Mantel Shelf

In between the shelf, you find a large pullout drawer for storing your valuable items.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Fireplace Mantel

It may look like a piece of wood but you need to know some details before you buy one.

Not all mantel are designed the same, a lot goes into their construction that you need to have an excellent buying checklist for choosing one.

The following tips will help you choose a nice mantel for your fireplace.

Fireplace code policies

When choosing you mantel you need to know the national fireplace code policies, which states the following:

  • You need to have at least a 6-inch clearance around the fireplace.
  • For every 8-inch mantel protruding from the surface, there must be one-inch away from the opening of a fireplace.

Now if you are thinking of buying a mantel, you need to take those rules into consideration. And those rules especially the one-inch rule will apply when you are installing your mantel next to the fire place.

Take the measurement

To get the right fit and dimension of the mantel, you need to have correct measurement.

Fireplace has different heights, width and depth and so do mantel. To begin, follow the process:

  • Measure the height and width of the fireplace.
  • Measure the dimensions of the hearth.

Doing this two steps will save time and you will choose the right mantel for you.

The design and style configuration

With every companies competing for the same market, it won’t surprise to find a wealth of style configuration to match your decor.

If you are a style pundit like the rest of the homeowners, you will want something that will compliment your living space and give it a touch of beauty.

For instance, if you have a lay break fireplace, wooden mantle will be a perfect match.

Other types of mantel have a small large pullout drawer that you can use to store small valuable things. Others come with a lot of ample space where you can keep ornament on tops of them.

Finally, mantel come in styles, you just need to choose a piece of furniture that will enhance your living room.

Ideas for wooden mantles

For those of you choosing a wooden mantle, you need to know they type of wood that will be perfect for you.

If you have intentions of staining your woods, a better choice of wood would be oak or birch.

For those who would like to paint their mantel to something, you will need to go with MDF mantel. It is a perfect choice for homeowners who want a mantel that would blend with the surrounding and reflect the personality of their style.

Fireplace Mantel Materials (Types of Mantels)

Mantels are made of different materials. In this section, I want to show you the types of mantels that are now retailing on the market places.

Brick Mantels

You have to know that brick mantels are heavy and they are going to need additional support when you are installing. They come in different styles and colors to create the appearance that you want in your living space.

Tile mantel

They come in various types of finishes and color options. The best thing about tile mantel is that they give your house a modern contemporary look. They are a bit expensive in terms of cost and initial installation.

Marble mantel

They are rich and elegant. You will find marble mantel in most 6 or 7 star hotel. These materials tend to be hard and that is why you will find them in formal room most of the time. Additional, you will find this types of mantel to be durable than wooden mantels.

Stone or rock mantel

They are perfect choice if you want to have a natural appearance in your home. They are popular and resilient to damage. River rocks, granite and limestone are commonly used to make stone or rock mantel.

Metal mantel

They can either be turned to look either contemporary or Victorian styles. In most cases, steel is used to create metal mantel but they are other options like copper and brass.

Wood mantel

They come in oak, cherry, cedar, hand-crafted veneers. The list is long. They are the most popular types of mantel that we have around, that because they are cost effective in initial cost and installation.

Unlike, other types of mantel, wood can be curved, paint or stained to match any appearance or the styles of the home.

Before installing the wood mantel, you will need lots of clearance from combustible items on their side and top.

Proper Fireplace Mantel Care and Maintenance

Like the fireplace hearth, the mantel needs to be taken care of. It is the one piece of furniture that gets lots of attention in the house.

When a guest gets into the house, the first thing they will set eyes on is the fireplace and if you have a piece of MDF mantel, they will get close and touch it.

Now, you don’t want people touching dust instead. Here is how to care and maintain your mantel.

De-clutter it

A mantel can be storage shelf, where you place or store your valuable things. It can look tacky as a result of too much weight which can lead to damage.

Just showcase few things on your rustic mantel, not all of them. You want this piece of treasure to be clutter free. Two or three things of your valuable treasured piece are enough.

Clean it

Over time, your mantel will accumulate dust, especially if you have a white fireplace mantel, you will often see dust from far.

And smoke and soot from the fireplace may at times stain your mantel.

A good rule of thumb is to make sure that when you dust or wash the room, never forget the mantel.

Before you begin cleaning or washing the mantle, get rid of all the items on it and do a deep cleaning.

Cleaning a wood fireplace mantel

Not every detergent can clean a wood fireplace mantel. From my experience and that of other customers, cleaning a wooden mantel with oil-based cleaning product like Murphy’s oil works like charm.

It is soft and doesn’t cause damage to the wood. It makes your piece of wood looking new and colorful. You can then use a cotton swap to make it clean.

Harsh chemical and abrasive cleaners can damage a wooden mantel and even cause it to scratch.

If you are not sure which detergents to use, always turn to forums. They are other types of wood mantel like cedar, cherry or oak that are sensitive to cleaners and you have to know the right cleaning agent for them.

Cleaning stone fireplace mantel

Unlike wooden mantel, stone mantels are cleaned different. However, you have to know that stone mantel is always sealed to prevent water and soot from causing stains.

For sealed stone mantel, all you need is a mild soap and warm water to start your cleaning.

Regular household cleaners can damage the natural appearance and look of the stone mantel.

For those of you who have unsealed stone mantel, the manufacturers always provide a guide on how to clean those mantels.

Controlling pest

If you have a wooden mantel, you worst enemies will be termites sneaking their way into the wood to create a haven for themselves.

Pesticide can be used to kill these termites and other pests that are nesting in the backside of the mantel. Or if you do regular extermination, make sure that your fireplace mantel in included.

Caring for your mantel and fireplace shouldn’t be a big deal. In the end, it will look stylish and elegant. Walk into any room and the first thing that will always get your attention is the fireplace and the mantel.

Having even small dirt on it, guests will have a bad impression on your cleaning experience.

Wrapping It Up All

I believe by now, you have made your decision on the best fireplace mantel to choose.

It is not that hard to make a decision. Information like this will save you time and money. You won’t be that guy that gets the fireplace mantel only to realize that, it is not the right fit.

That is what I experienced when buying my first fireplace mantel. I just ordered it after reading a review, only to realize that it was not the right measurement.

Before you buy take the measurement, then read our review again and choose the one that fits.

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