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You have made the right choice. It is time to make your evening great again by having the best electric fireplace in your home. This by far is the longest guide you will ever read about selecting an electric fireplace. I have gone through a lot in this guide to answer every conceivable question about electric fireplace.

I have made sure that each customer that I got involved with dictates to me their experience on some of the electric fireplace that I have reviewed. And I didn't just get feedback from one single customer, I asked nine customers and they each dictated their experience to me.

The Results:

I got the best and worst feedback about each product I review. Some customers even inspired me to include other sections in this review so that you could have an easier time buying the best unit that you want.

Before I get into the detail electric fireplace review here is the quick comparison chart

The Wall mount electric fireplace: If you have enough space in your room? Or you are thinking of installing something that hangs on your wall. Then read our best wall mount electric fireplaces to see my best pick.

The electric fireplace insert: Maybe you have a hearth in your house or you are just looking to install one in your house. All you need is read our long electric fireplace insert reviews post. 

The best electric fireplace tv stand: Want to have a fireplace as you watch the late night news and movies? I have handpicked the best electric fireplace tv stand that can fill that need.​

Best Electric Fireplace Reviews In Details

Touchstone 80001 Onyx Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

The Touchstone 80001 Onyx wall mounted electric fireplace adds a nice ambiance and warms your room to the required temperature.


Once it is in your house, it will be the center of beauty and glamour. It will leave your kids and pets mesmerized the whole evening.

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  • The touchstone electric fireplace features: a wall mount, a dry wall and wood screws.
  • The black touchstone wall mounted electric fireplace will blend with your decor, thereby adding a touch of elegance and modernity to your living space.
  • Two heat options enable you to control the amount of heat you want to warm the room.
  • Easy installation. When you buy the touchstone electric fireplace you get a step by step manual that tells you how to unpack it and install the whole unit.
tv stand electric fireplace

What I love about it?

  • Heater: Its heater gives kicks on lots amount of heat that will warm your room.
  • Auto shut off timer: It makes it easy for you to control the time you want the heater and flame to go on before it shuts off by itself.
  • Heat and flame independently: They work separately. You can have heat and flame, or flame only.
  • Safety: Its LED bulbs and glass is to cool touch, that means your kids and pets are safe.
  • Customer service: The excellent service this company deserves a mention. If you have any concern and question this company will get to you as soon as possible.


Its vent sends the heat upwards. It should be sideways.

Duraflame DFS-550-21-BLK Maxwell Electric Stove

Maxwell Electric Stove With Heater

The Duraflame electric stove gives you the freedom and luxury of having a portable unit that you can move it to any side of the room. Without going through the tedious act of installing a freestanding electric fireplace. This electric stove has an instant ambiance with its beautiful antique design and flickering flames.

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  • Produces 4,600 BTU of heat that is enough to warm a 400 square foot room.
  • Features realistic flame effects and glowing embers and logs.
  • Automatic shut off that ensures the heater shuts off when the required temperature is reached.
    • Safe to touch. The glass front of the whole unit is cool, that means your kids or pet will never get burned when they touch it.

What I love about it?

  • Two control knobs: One knob controls the brightness of the flickering flames. The other knob controls the temperature setting-low and high.
  • Thermostat: The thermostat shuts off automatically the heater when the desired temperature is reached.
  • Portable unit: Since it is easy to move around, all you need is put it in the room that you want.


It doesn't come with a remote control; every button is on the unit. Its heater is on the bottom while the blower produces some noises.

Best Choice Products Large 1500W Fireplace

Embrace yourself for a two in one fireplace that has an elegant glass front. The good thing about this Best Choice Products Large 1500W fireplace is that it is large and beautiful. It has realistic flames that will add a great atmosphere to your room.


If you want to give your space a warm feeling, then owning this fireplace will be the best choice you will ever make.

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  • This big electric fireplace that 35 inches long, 6 inches wide and 22 inches tall.
  • Conserves energy and it is environmentally friendly because it does not emit emission.
  • 2 in 1 fireplace: It features wall-mounted and free standing tempered glass panel heater.
  • Features 3D flame technology that you can control it using your remote control.

What I love about it?

  • Dual heating setting: It has two settings that are 750w for low setting and 1500w for high setting. This gives you the freedom to choose the heating requirement you want on a cool winter evening.
  • Heat: It warms your living space even on low setting. So you will never have to worry about consuming too much energy on your electric bills.


The fan is a little bit noisy. I wish the manufacturer of this fireplace could have created a thermostat to regulate the amount of heat output.

Best Choice Products SKY 1826 Embedded Fireplace

Electric Insert Heater Glass View Log Flame

If you are looking for a way to accentuate your living space with a modern look electric insert, then look no further. Best Choice Products SKY 1826 insert heats perfectly therefore producing realistic flames that are soothing to the eye. Bottom line: This is the kind of fireplace that is designed to take the chill out the room.

In short, cold will be a thing of the past in those winter months.

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  • Certified by CSA
  • Comes with a remote control to that make it easy to control the whole insert.
  • Quick and fast installation.
  • Features a grate, logs and fire

What I love about it?

  • Durability: The frame and front of the insert use a high quality glass that is durable.
  • Flame: It features an adjustable flame setting for the different brightness. It also has a crackling sound. You also have the options to operate the flame with or without heat.


The fan blows, but the fortunate thing is that you can hear the noise from a small distance. It is not that distracting.

Cartwright Convertible Electric Fireplace

It comes with realistic flickering dancing flames and glowing embers enhanced with long life LED lights. The dark ebony finish will give a stylish look in your living space. It will make the electric fireplace something to be desired and talked about by your guests. Not only will your kids love it, but your pets will enjoy sleeping around it just to get a little warmth.

Cartwright Convertible Electric Fireplace

>> Check Verified Customer Reviews and Ratings on This Product <<


  • You will need to assembly the whole unit
  • Comes with a safe regulating heater that turns off once the desired temperature is met.
  • Safe for kids and pets, thanks to the child safety lock and cool to touch glass.
  • Features a multi-color flame and burning logs with glowing embers.

What I love about it?

  • 100% energy efficient: You will save lots of energy bills with fireplace. It uses the same amount of energy that a regular coffee marker uses.
  • Thermostat: Its thermostat is adjustable providing you the option of using it with or without heat.
  • Quick and easy installation:  All you need is a screwdriver.
  • Multiple temperatures: This feature will enable you to adjust it from 62 to 82 F giving you the comfort options that you crave.
  • The functional remote control: The simple push of a button makes it easy for you to adjust the brightness of the flame. And also the brightness of the logs.


It does not produce neither a crackling or pop sound.

Claremont Convertible Media Electric Fireplace-Ivory

You will enjoy the Mahogany rich color that comes with this Claremont Convertible fireplace. It has 2 more colors : White and Cherry. The whole unit comes with 3 separate boxes, each containing different parts to be put together.


With this fireplace comes the realistic looking flame with shades of yellow color.

>> Check Verified Customer Reviews and Ratings on This Product <<


  • The firebox is 23 inches wide and 20 inches tall
  • Weighs 85 pounds and can support a 50 inch flat screen tv
  • Heat output: 1500w/5000btus, 120v-60hz. This is the same amount of energy that used by electric coffee maker.
  • Easy to control and adjustable thermostat, that safely regulates the heater.

What I love about it?

  • Flame: Its flame has 5 different settings. The logs also have 5 different settings, which will make you enhance its glow.
  • Remote control: It makes it easy for your adjust the flame setting, flame height and heat to the intensity that you want.
  • Side shelves: You also get the side shelves that you can use to keep all your electronic devices.


The grid above the glass gets hot, which can burn a kid or your pet. But the glass front is cool to touch.

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Best Electric Fireplace Buying Guide

Electric fireplace comes in different shapes and styles. When you are in the market for an electric fireplace, it can be overwhelming. Because all the information is confusing to some point. It is possible to get confused into what you really want. Now I this short guide I want to show you how you can narrow down on the best fireplace possible that suits your needs.

tv stand with fireplace

Stylish and Design appearance

Fireplace come in different styles and designs. We have some that features a contemporary modern look while others embrace the traditional style settings.

It all depends on what you want to complement your decor. If you want to enhance the beauty of your living space, then there are lots of options to choose from.​

Stylish and Design appearance

The size of your room will depend on the kind of fireplace to choose, because different fireplace have different output. For example, a typical fireplace that has 50,000BTU can heat a 400 square foot area. Before you make a decision to purchase one, you may need to determine the amount of thermal unit you will need.


Many different electric fireplaces will have different features. Most will have features like a remote control, thermal unit, and speed flame control. The list is long. If you want to choose the best electric fireplace, all you will need is getting to know the different functionality the whole unit comes.

It may surprise you that some of the fireplace may look good when you read the reviews, only to find out that some don't have a remote control.​

Types of Electric Fireplace

They are different types, what matters are the needs that you, have. To get the ball rolling here are the different types of electric fireplaces

The wall mount electric fireplace

This kind of fireplace doesn't need much installation. All you need is to get the unit and plug into an electrical outlet. However, the hardest part is screwing the whole unit on the wall. You will have to drill holes to put it installed on the wall. It is usually light and easy to carry, but just to avoid breaking things. You may need a helping hand when putting on the wall.

Electric fireplace inserts

Do you have a hearth or an existing fireplace in your house? If so, then all you need is an insert. The perfect kind of insert that you can go include: electric log inserts and electric fireboxes.

Before jumping on to getting one of these, it is vital for you to check the different functionality that each has.

Electric fireplace inserts

I see some fireplace insert that doesn't have a simple thing like remote control get sold most of the time. Some don't even have a thermostat for that matter, and they will require you to put off the heater by yourself.

Electric mantel fireplace

Electric mantel fireplace

A mantel is a small space designed to enclose a fireplace insert. It gives you the freedom of supplementing heat to your house without the need of messing with your wall or work your way in to install an insert.

The mantel resembles a traditional fireplace and once installed, they are a nice decor to your room.

However, because of change of technology, some do come with an integrated air purifier to improve the quality of air in your home.

Electric fireplace stoves

Stoves have been there for long. The problem with having an electric stove is that it requires proper ventilation. It also needs lots of maintenance. If you want to have a stove, make sure that you have plenty of time to look after it. Children or pets may trip on it resulting in fire. If you are looking for a way to cut off on energy expenditure, then a stove may be the best choice for you.

Electric fireplace stoves

The best part about this electric stove is that you won't have to worry about installation. Most stoves in the market are designed to heat a room that is between a 400 to 600 square foot areas.

Freestanding and fixed fireplace

Freestanding and fixed fireplace

If you live in an apartment or rent and you want to save on the cost of installation. You may consider installing a freestanding electric fireplace in your house.

However, space is an issue in your house, then a fixed fireplace will work fine for your house.

Most of the electric fireplace that I have discussed above, they fall into either of these categories.

How to Choose the Right Size Electric Fireplace?

When you have the right size of electric fireplace, you make a statement about your home. Most first time buyers make the mistake of ignoring the size of the electric fireplace.

media electric fireplace

If you have a hearth, it is common for a buyer to be excited about the fireplace, but miss to take into consideration the size of the whole thing. Fortunately, I won't let you make that mistake. Not my watch, that is why I want to show you the things that you should pay attention the most when choosing the right size electric fireplace.​

Select the Room

You need to select the place or room that you will place the fireplace. Most people place their fireplace in the living room to make it a focal point or center of attention. When you have decided on the location, you need to make sure that it has enough space. That is why you need to...

Take its Measurement of the Room

You need to take off the perimeter of the area. Would you want the fireplace to sit on the floor? Or you plan to screw the walls so that you can mount the electric fireplace. Once you have the perimeter, the next thing is to multiply it by the length and width to find out the total square feet of your room.

electric fireplace logs

​If you have got the square feet of the room, then you will need to compare to the product descriptions.

Fireplace Depth

Let me surprise you, not all rooms will be perfect for an electric fireplace. That depends on the depth of the walls. Some walls have shallow depths and they may not be suited for an electric fireplace, especially the wall mount electric fireplace.

​If your home has thick walls, then it has more depth to accommodate electric fireplace inserts or wall mount electric fireplace. Shallow electric fireplace designs are best suited if you have thin walls with lots of sufficient walls. To determine the depth of the walls you may need a contractor to measure, if you plan to have an electric fireplace inserts.

Rebates Sizes

You have heard most of the time, what is the rebate size? I believe at one time a manufacturer or contractor has asked you that question. A rebate is the space between the inside of the fireplace and the wall. All fireplaces will have rebates that measure 25mm, 35mm, 50mm or 75mm.

How to Operate an Electric Fireplace?

It is stressful having a wood burning fireplace, but if you can handle the maintenance cost and requirement good for you. But most of us folk, want something that is a no-brainer to operate like an electric fireplace. It is so easy to install and operate. They are easy to clean and produce zero ashes and soot.

They are two things about an electrical fireplace:​

  • The heat output
  • The flickering flames

How an Electric Fireplace Gives off the Heat?

For an electric fireplace to supply you the heat that you want, you need to plug into the electric socket. After that, the metal coils heat up automatically, thereby forcing the fan to push the heat outward into your room.

​If you have bought an electric fireplace for some time you will notice that some fans produce lots of noises. Others remain silent. The most important thing about an electric fireplace is that the heat produced is never wasted.

Meaning of Zone and Central Heating

You have heard of those two terms. At one point I believe you have met products that have either zone or central heating. Zone heating means that the electric fireplace will produce heat when you want and need it. And the heat produced will heat a single room. Central heating means that the electric fireplace will heat the whole room.

How flickering flame works?

The regular light bulbs and refracted light are responsible for producing the flickering flames. The light is refracted in no particular order and in 3-dimensional pattern, thereby giving out a beautiful realistic flame. 

Infrared Heaters Vs. Electric Fireplace-Which One Is Good for You

Do you know the best heating options for your house? Most first time buyers struggle with this issue. But it is not that difficult to make a decision. All you need is unbiased information so that you can decide what you really want.

Infrared Heaters and Electric Fireplace

Fortunately, I want to give you the most unbiased facts about these two types of heaters. And in the end, you will narrow down your choice.

Health Is Important

An electric fireplace has heaters that use fans to distribute heat in the house. Unfortunately, this reduces the amount of moisture in the air, leaving the air dry which can make you have sinuses or have a dry skin. On the other hand, infrared heaters have no side effect on health.

They use infrared heaters to distribute warmth into the air using infrared rays, which heats and locks in the warmth. Infrared heater works like the sun. By that I mean, it releases the same warmth as the sun. But, you won't feel heat like you are in the summer. In fact, they have been known to improve your blood circulation. That makes the infrared heaters to be the most comfortable heater.

Winner: Infrared heaters​

Zero Noises

An electric fireplace has fans that distribute heat in the house. Unfortunately, this fan produces lots of noise. On the other hand, infrared heaters don't have fans. That means you won't experience any noise.

Winner: Infrared heaters.​

Cheap on Energy

An electric fireplace saves lots of energy, when you are using flame alone. They also utilize the zoning aspect, such that, the fire will only heat a single area. An infrared heater saves around 50% of the energy that you would use in your electric fireplace. Additionally, they also don't allow heat to escape through ventilation ducts and open doors. That means you save a lot of energy

Draw: They both save energy.​

Power Sources

An electric fireplace uses their power sources...the electricity. Well, this is a clean source of heat; the problem is that this kind of heat is not enough.

For example, most of its heat can only warm a 300 square feet area. While infrared heater, can heat the up to 1000 square feet area for the same amount of energy. And best of all is that this heat produces the natural heat of the sun.

Winner: Infrared heaters.​


If you have looked all the facts that I have provided, you probably know where I stand.....But the question still remains...

Between an electric fireplace and infrared heaters which one is cheaper to buy?

Well, infrared heaters are a bit expensive but that doesn't mean that they are out of reach for most people. With just a couple of dollars, you can get a good infrared heater on Amazon. On the other hand, everybody can afford an electric fireplace. It is not that expensive.

Winner: An electric fireplace.​

Decision Making

You know where I stand on this matter. You have all the facts. It is now your choice to determine what type of heater you want to power your house.

Safety Concern of an Electric Fireplace

Is an electric fireplace that safe? They are, if you know how to use the appliances. If you follow the do's and don'ts, you will have a breeze using the electric fireplaces. The best way to understand electric fireplace is knowing its dangers early in advance, before an accident happens. You never want to have accidents because of ignorance.

fireplace media

Here are the safety concerns and tips that you need to know about electric fireplaces.

  • An electric fireplace is designed to run on a standard 120v household outlet. Well, the truth is that this appliance tends to draw lots of power. Because of that, you must not use its circuit together with other appliances. You could blow its fuse or fuse of other appliances.
  • If you are going to use a large electric fireplace, you will need a special wiring or a dedicated circuit. And you will also need a surge protector.
  • You must mount your electric fireplace safely so that it does not tip over and fall down. For instance, it is advisable that you mount your TV set over the discharge unit. If the heat of the bower blows at the bottom, you may not want to have inflammable substances at the bottom. For that reason, you need to put the whole unit away from the carpet, draperies and other flammable substances.
  • The electric cable or cord must not be hidden under the carpet nor should it be covered with any material. You must pass the cord through an area where they are less traffic in your house.
  • An electric fireplace is designed to be used for indoor purposes, never use it outside your house or expose it to any weather conditions.
  • Make sure that the cord that you have is not damaged. If that happens, then you need to get a new one.
  • Never touch the heating element when the electric fireplace is on, you might burn your hands. Keep your children from touching the hot surfaces.
  • If you are not using the electric fireplace, make sure that you unplug it from the socket.
  • Never use the electric heater in your bathroom or use it to dry your clothes, because you will expose the whole unit to water. Water and electricity don't mix; it can result in accidents.
  • Additionally, if you are considering installing an electric fireplace, never put it near the bathroom or water, because it can fall and cause an accident.
  • Finally, you need to have a fire extinguisher.

Advantages of Electric Fireplace

Imagine sitting around your cozy little living room with beautiful couches and an electric fireplace ensuring that you are warm throughout the year.

electric fireplaces sale

Here are the benefits or advantages of having an electric fireplace.

  • Longevity: Electric fireplace last longer than heaters and other fireplaces. They don't succumb to problems like corrosion and rust. If the cords or extension happens to be damaged, you can just buy a new one with a couple of a few dollars.
  • Low maintenance: They are easy to maintain. You don't have to mess with smokes and soot. You don't even have to call a profession to come inspect it every month like when you have a gas fireplace. The only maintenance that you need is replacing the bulbs after two years and dusting the glass when it has some dust.
  • Energy saving: You save a lot on energy when you have an electric fireplace. For example, if you are using a gas fire pit, you will need to have like 3 propane tanks, because gas finishes fast. With an electric fireplace you will only heat the area that you want and heat won't escape to other places. Thanks to the zonal heating that comes with each electric fireplace.
  • Safe in your house: It is safe for your condo and apartments. With other fireplace, you will need to have a patio or backyard so that you can use them. For instance, you will need a good large backyard for you to have a wood burning fireplace. In other states, the law restricts people of having a wood burning fireplace because of the danger involved with it.
  • No fumes: If fumes and smelling smoke scare you or puts you down, then brace yourself, because an electric fireplace has zero fumes. Zero smokes. All you get are realistic flames.
  • Useful all year around: You can use the electric fireplace, all year round without. The heat and flame are independent. They work separately. In the summer, when there is no cold; you can decide to use the flame without heat. And in the winter, you can use both. An electric fireplace will make it possible for you to set the mood of your house no matter the season. And the good news is that your energy bills will never go up.
  • Easy installation: They are easy to install. All you need is to unpack the whole unit and plug it to an electric outlet. That is if you have bought an insert. Other types of electric fireplace will need to be mounted on the wall. But they will need little installation.

Frequently Asked Questions's of Electric Fireplace

Question: Is an electric fireplace environment friendly?

Answer: Yes. It is green energy. It is environmental friendly. It gives you the option to use with or without heat.

Question: Does the glass front get hot?

Answer: No. The glass front is cool to touch, but you need to keep the electric fireplace away from curtains because you can never know what will cause the actual fire.

Question: What is the heat output?

Answer: This is the amount of heat that you get. A typical electric fireplace produces 5,000 BTUs or 10,000 BTUs, but this amount depends on the size of your room.

Question: Will I need to maintain the electric fireplace?

Answer: Yes. The only maintenance that you will do is replacing the bulbs after 2 or 3 years. And may be some simple task like cleaning or dusting.

Question: Will I have easy time installing this electrical fireplace?

Answer: Yes, and no. It depends on the type of choice of electric fireplace that you want. If you go for a wall mount electric fireplace, you will need to drill holes in your wall. While others electric fireplace will need no to little installation.

Question: Does it need a special wiring or the service of an electrician to install it?

Answer: All you need to do plug into a standard electrical outlets and you are good to go. In most situations, you won't need an electrician, unless you want to create an outlet to an area that has none.

Question: How can I turn it off or on?

Answer: Two ways. If the electric fireplace comes with a remote that is all you've got. Second, you can turn it off or on manually. This will depend with the kind of electric fireplace that you will choose.

Question: What size of the room do I need?

Answer: An average electric fireplace will heat a 400 square foot area with a heat amount of 5000 BTU. If you have a large a room they you will need a big electric fireplace with more heat output.

Question: What is zone heating?

Answer: Zone heating means that the heat is supplied in one area or room without escaping to other places, unlike a wood burning fireplace where some will escape through the chimney.

Question: Which brand is the best?

Answer: This is a subjective matter. You may find that Dura flame produces the best fireplace, insert while modern flame produces the best wall mount electric fireplace. My advice is very simple, read the features and check what is missing in each brand.

Question: Will I need fuel to run an electric fireplace?

Answer: No. An electric fireplace will use electricity from your standard electrical outlet. It doesn't need wood, gas or pellets to run.

Final Verdict

It has been a long guide of bolts and nuts about choosing the best electric fireplace. Now you have more information into exactly what you need in order to have an electric fireplace that meets your need.

It is my belief that I have answered every conceivable question about the electric fireplace in the review. If you have any concern or need any issue to be addressed, you can leave us a comment and we will answer it immediately. We won't keep you waiting; you have more important things to do than waiting for a comment.

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