Best Backpacking Stove and Camping Stove In 2018 | Reviews & Comparisons

Best Backpacking Stove

Your last camping expedition was a hassle. You never had the best backpacking stove for your mission. Creating a campfire remained the only way. And it was tedious, hard, close to making you hate camping.


Any backpackers, hiker or mountaineers will tell you the importance of backpacking stove. Not only does it make your life easier, but lets you have peace of mind when you preparing simple meals.

Best Backpacking Stoves Compared







Landmann 26364

Etekcity Ultralight with Piezo Ignition

0.3 Lbs


2.3 x 1.8 x 3.5

Flash Personal Cooking System

1.25 Lbs


7.09 x 4.09 x 4.09

MSR Dragonfly Stove

0.26 Lbs


4 x 2 x 2

Solo Stove Lite – Compact Stove

0.56 Lbs


4.25 x 3.8 x 3.8

Ohuhu Portable Camping Stove

0.06 Lbs


0.79 x 0.79 x 0.39

EcoZoom Rocket Stove

16 Lbs


12.5 x 11 x 11

You get to learn about the best-selling camping stove on the market. Their features and benefits and what make them unique. I will also tell you why customers love them.

You don’t have to go through tribulation in your next camping expeditions. You can select from these top best-selling stoves.

Best Backpacking Stove 2018 Reviews

1. Etekcity Ultralight With Piezo Ignition – Portable Camping Stove

The Etekcity is a small camping stove ideal for backpackers, hikers and mountaineers. It comes with its own carrying case that you can put in the pocket easily.

Customers who have bought the Etekcity like the piezo ignition, because it saves you the hassle of lighters. That means you can light the Etekcity camping stove even in a cold morning.

Its 4 fold-able anti slip arms provide support up to 7 inches’ diameter. With it you can cook rumen noodles fast and other light meals in your expeditions.

The camping stove sits on a durable stainless steel and aluminum material. With this camping stove you will cook your meals and use its heat without leaving a human footprint. The Etekcity camping stove saves you the hassle of starting fire while in the forest. It is worthy every cent you have.

2. MSR Dragonfly Portable Stove

This is an improved model and hybrid version of the Pocket Rocket. It weighs around 7.5 ounces that gives you the capability of simmering food.

You can adjust its flame height using a special wire on the stove. You can fold the stove well after you are done with it. The MSR pocket rocket boils 2 cups of water for 3minutes and 30 seconds.

It’s branded canister gas that makes it easy for you to ignite the fuel. The MSR pocket rocket comes with its own protective case for storage purposes. Unlike the Etekcity camping stoves, the MSR pocket rocket accommodates pots of different sizes. It has one of the widest platforms.This is a small and light stove and can fit through any pocket. You can carry it anywhere you want. It features a durable hard plastic case for long lasting performance. The MSR is also fuel efficient for your needs.

3. Jetboil Flash Cooking System – Best Backpacking Cookware

Jetboil flash is a common camping gear with hikers, backpackers and mountaineers. It is liked because of its boil time, fuel conservancy and price. Jetboil flash is an all-one cooking system, thanks to proprietor 1-litre pot.

The FluxRing bottom increases its fuel efficiency and ensures that the canister cooks and boils fast. The Jetboil flash features an integrated cup, piezo igniter and heat indicator which signals the user state of cooking or boiling.

When you compare Jetboil flash with MSR pocket rocket 2, you can’t go wrong with these one. That is because of its all-in one cooking system. Jetboil flash stands out as one system solution for careers.

Jetboli flash has one limitation, its bottom cup is tiresome to remove and can crack, if you are not careful. Besides that the Jetboil flash boils 10, two cups of water in 3 minutes. It also weighs 15.7 oz.

4. Solo Stove Lite Compact – Wood Burning Backpacking Stove

The solo wood stove is fuel conservative and easy to use camping stove. It weighs around 9 ounces that is decent weight to put in your pocket without anyone noticing. It weighs less than Jetboil flash, MSR pockets rocket and Etekcity.

Unlike the first 3 camping stoves that use fuel, solo wood stoves need small little sticks for it to light. It resembles a camping fire. The solo wood is ideal for cooking and boiling pints of water.

How fast the water boils depends on the number of little woods you have. It is capable of extinguishing itself when all the fuel burns up.

The solo wood stove sits on a solid base that doesn’t scorch the ground. The solo wood stove features the main burner chamber and separate pot stands that can drop inside for storage.

The solo wood pot’s stand consist of a metal ring and 3 foot gap that you can use it to add fuel. To boil water or simmer, you will need three or four sticks. Those are enough to cook dinner.

5. Ohuhu Portable Wood Burning Camping Stove

This is a mobile and compact fantastic stove for backpacker and hikers. The Ohuhu camping stove has a 3 sturdy foot with a solid base for you to place the pot. 

The sturdy construction is durable for long lasting performance. Ohuhu camping stoves is user friendly with many notable features.

Its minimal design saves lots of space and makes the Ohuhu portable wood burning stove weigh less. You can fold the camping stove for easy storage.

The Ohuhu portable wood burning camping stove has its own carrying bag. The ohuhu camping stove has its air vents placed strategic which attracts the air and makes it easy for ignition.

Ohuhu has one limitation. Most of your cooking ware will have soot. Besides that, the Ohuhu weighs 14.2 ounces. Additional, it has stainless steel and equipped with a 3 arm support that balances with the top.

The Ohuhu is a budget friendly camping stove with little emission and pollution to the environment.

6. Ecozoom Rocket Stove

The Approach Research Center designed this beautiful stove for use in developing countries. It is a safer and efficient for cooling and boiling food. The company has spread its expansions to camping and emergency preparedness market.

The Ecozoom has two doors-small and larger doors. The larger door takes wood and biomass while the smaller door controls the airflow and heat output.

Ecozoom rocket stove your number one survival tool with notable features. It weight 26.75ibs, heavier that the camping stove that I have reviewed in this list. It is 12 1/2 inches tall and 1/2 across the top.

There is a 6-pronged universal cast iron stove top and has a carrying handles positions on its side. The Ecozoom uses fuel as such as wood, dried biomass and charcoal for cooking.

How To Choose The Best Camp Stoves

Camping stoves come with different features and specification. Thinking of buying a camping stove? Here are the features that you need to search for:

Weight of the stove

Weight is the most important thing when buying a camping stove. There are those that weight 9 ounce or heavier. The weight also depends on if you are a group of persons going for camping or you are a one-person. If you are going alone, you will need something that you can keep in the pocket.

Size of the stove

If you need a stove for cooking, you need to check for size of the stove. If you will cook for a large group, you need a large stove. The problem with a large stove is that it is heavier and bulkier. A small-sized stoves suites two or one person camping.


Most camping stove are made of stainless steel and have better shapes. You need a camping stove that can last long. Always check the design and the material of the camping stove before parting with your money.


A good camping stove needs to be stable enough to hold cooking wares. Choose a camping stove that is stable and hold most cooking wares even in unstable surfaces.

With stable camping stove, you will avoid the risk of fire and containers falling down.

Boil time

Camping stoves that use propane and alcohol have their own boiling time. High-end camping stove will have a shorter burning time.

Choose stoves that have a protected burner because they burn efficiently. Wind and wet weather affects the boil time. But they are stoves with better features that can counter this.

Simmering and wind resistance

Simmering and wind resistance is often an overlooked thing. Most stoves will have better boiling time but poor simmering capabilities.

You need a camping stove that can do both. And it should also be less affected by wind and cold so that you can cook your food with ease.

Look for the burner that can operate at low heat setting and doesn’t turn off even when you are turning down the burner. Your camping stoves need to perform well like any other cooking equipment you have at home.

Propane Camp Stove Vs Wood Burning Camping Stove

Both are camping stove. They have their own pros and cons. Here are the benefits and limitation if you are thinking of choosing between the two.

Wood burning camping stove

Wood burning camping stove provide excellent heat and cooking capabilities. They use wood, twigs and leaves as a source of fuel.

Hands down wood burning camping stoves are excellent options for those having longer camping trips.

With wood camping stoves you can have the fire burning the whole night while you sleep as long as you have enough woods.

Most burning wood camping stoves have a wider base for inserting firewood. That is enough for you to prepare delicacy like hotdogs and marshmallows along with all types of cooking.

Wood burning camping stove suits groups of people going for camping. Some models have electric energy that you can use to charge your mobile phone.

The limitation with a wood burning camping stove is that it gets difficult to light during a windy or wet seasons.

Propane camping stove

They run on fuel. Unlike the wood camping stove, most propane camping stove that come with an ignition that makes it easy for you to light the propane.

Most propane camping stove have little to zero maintenance. They are easy to operate. And because they use propane you can go anywhere wood is not available.

Propane camping stove come with excellent features that makes operation easier. Most of them have a built-in pressure regulator that provides consistent heat output.

Propane camping stove have their limitation. You will need to travel with propane fuel, which can be dangerous in case you have leakage which can lead fires.

It is not advisable to use propane camping stove during a windy season. They also can’t burn throughout the night to keep you warm because you have to conserve the fuel.

If you are going for a long distance ride like 4 weeks camping. Have propane camping stove as an alternative, otherwise you use wood burning stove.

Maintenance And Safety of Backpacking Stove

Backpacking stove are open fire and that means your safety comes first. Use the stove well to avoid bursting of fires. Here are the suggestions on the best way to use campaigning stove.

  • Never use a backpacking stove in a tent even if you have a fireproof tent. Accident happen when you least expect them. The stove can tip and fell over a piece of clothes; this is enough to spoil your expeditions.
  • Use the fire on outdoors and you place it on flat surface or fire protection pad. It should be away from twigs and dry branches.
  • Refuel the stove away from inflammable substances to avoid any spillage. Seal the fuel tank well to avoid any spillage. Leakage can lead to fire outbreak when you light the stove and is difficult to control. In case of any spillage, wipe it away.
  • Never disconnect an integrated fuel tank from the stove. When packing them in their case, make sure that it stays upright to avoid leakage. Leakage from the stove makes your gears and anything you have inflammable.
  • Before going for any camping expeditions, check the stove for leaks and damages. When you are in the field, it is common for the camping stove to take abuse from different things. It is common to have bent or broken stoves. You need to maintain your stoves at all times. If you have any leaks or damage seek a professional service.
  • You will need to replace the O-rings and other vital parts. The Parts may wear and tear with occasional use. When you buy a camping stove make sure to buy with the maintenance kit.
  • Prepare your food in a well-ventilated place. Make sure that there is enough air circulation in the place where you are lighting the stove. Backpacking stove tend to emit carbon monoxide. If you attempt to cook inside the tent, it can cause death because it is an odorless gas.

After use, leave the stove to cool like 20 to 30 minutes before you storage. Never leave your stove in the sun, it can lead to explosion. Always keep it a safe place away from heat. Keeping yourself safe with camping stove is easy if you follow these guidelines.

Types Of Backpacking Stove

They are many backing stoves today. Most companies make a variety of these that it can be difficult to choose your preferences. If this is the first time, use this information to choose the type of backpack stove that you want.

They are 3 main categories of backpacking stoves:

Canister stoves

These are stoves that have pressurized gases sealed. They are easy to operate and simple to use. Most canisters stove weighs a few ounce making it easier for you to carry to the camps.

Canister stoves are excellent if you are taking an international travel or taking a long distance trip. Canister stove are easier to light. They have a small valve that you can turn on and use a match box to light it. Some canister stove will have a piezo ignition saving you from the hassle of using match sticks.

Canister stoves have an excellent superior seal at the top, that you won’t have to worry about leakage. Canister stoves have their own built-in pressure regulator that provides consistent heat output when cooking food.

Canister pots have their own limitation. Most of them may not hold a large pot well. It is hard to predict the gas level in any canister tank.

They are two categories of canister stoves.

Integrated canister system

These canister features a cooking system, a burner, fuel tank, an insulated cooking pot and lid with holes. They boil water fast but won’t cook or simmer food. they have one limitation. They are heavier and can tip over quick.

Remote canister stoves

These kind of canister stoves have a fuel hose and sturdy base. They are light and compact than standard canister stoves. Some remote canister stoves have unique features, they are some that are in an inverted position to counter wind and cold weather.

Liquid-fuel stoves

This is the second category of stoves. They most run on gas. They burn clean and have the capabilities of performing even in a cold and windy weather. Liquid-fuel stoves are better alternative to canister stoves because they are less expensive.

Most liquid fuel stoves will run on gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel or diesel.

Liquid-fuel stoves have two limitations. They need lots of maintenance for them to remain in a better working condition. You will need to replace fuel hose and other vital parts like the O-rings.

Alternative-fuel stoves

This is the third category. They are an excellent choice for hikers, backpackers or mountaineers doing long distance trips.

Here are the categories of alternative-fuel stoves.

Wood-burning stoves

It is the common camping stoves today. That is because it gives out great fires that last throughout the night. It is the number one choice for campers who are going for long trips or international travelers.

Most wood burning stoves support large pots for cooking food unlike canister stoves. Some have solar panels or electric system that you can use to charge your smart phone. High-end wood burning stoves allow you to use your PC if they have better features.

Unfortunate, wood burning stove are heavier than canister stoves. You need to have lots of wood to use. During cold and windy weather, it is a hassle to light the wood burning stoves.

Denatured alcohol stoves

Denatured alcohol stoves are super light and excellent options if you don’t want to carry bulky things. Most of them will weigh an ounce or two.

They don’t have lots of maintenance like canister and wood burning stoves because they have few parts. All you need is alcohol and you are fit to go.

Most denatured alcohol stoves are inexpensive and they burn quiet. The one limitation they have is that alcohol doesn’t burn hot like canister or other gases.

Solid-fuel tablet stoves

It ultra-light like the denatured alcohol stoves. They are small and inexpensive. They can fit in any pocket. The only limitation is they produce odor and they boil slowly.

Benefit Of Backpacking Camping Stoves

Not every journey you take is going to smooth, that is why it is an adventure. For that reason, you will need to have to be more than prepared to have swift adventure.

A backpacking stove is one of those essential things that you will need when you go for camping. And here are the reasons why you need a backpacking stove.

Saves you time

A backpacking stove saves you time especially when it comes to cooking of food or boiling water. It is frustrating collecting the wood and struggling to light the fire. And if you are doing it for the first time, you will feel like you are eating smoke in your food. Experience backers know how to use wood fire well.

Most backpacking stove will boil a pint of water in less than 4 minutes. It will make you save time and enjoy the journey.

Convenience where firewood is unavailable

There are certain places, where firewood is not available or looking for it takes time. In places like this backpacking stoves are ideal for you, because they use fuel.

Camping accessories

Some backpacking stoves will come with essential camping accessories like back light, which offer light during the night.

Easy to fit into the pocket

Most backpacking stoves weigh ounces, so small and compact to fit into any pocket.

They are inexpensive

There is no reason why you can’t own one of the best backpacking stoves. Most of them cost less than $100. Hands down, anyone can afford to these camping gears.

Little or zero maintenance

Not much is required when it comes to maintaining the backpacking stove. That is because most of them have few parts.

Final Thoughts

Camping doesn’t have to be scary. Camping becomes a headache when you don’t have the right camping gear. And the best backpacking stove is one of the essential gears that any hiker or mountaineers need to not miss.

You can go for any camping expeditions without worrying about the hassle of lighting fires, looking for woods or having fire accidents.

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