BCP Extruded Aluminum Gas Outdoor Fire Pit Table with Cover Review

This outdoor gas fire pit table is the among the best of the best in fire pits on the market. This beautiful gas fire pit table combo is one that everyone will be sure to notice. This is the one that will make your backyard time even more enjoyable.

Since it is made out of aluminum it is easy for 2 people to move if needed with relative ease. If you have the propane tank hooked up it will add to the weight. The great thing about this being gas is it is always ready when you are, as long as the tank is full.

Fire Pit Table

The design is clean, simple, sleek and modern. It doesn’t have fancy designing because it doesn’t need it. It steals the show by allowing you to use it as a table while enjoying a beautiful fire at the same time. When you are not using it, you can put the cover on it that is included to protect it from the elements. Lit or unlit the beautiful included glass beads give you that little bit of flair. It is clean burning and there is no mess to clean up which is even better.

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Features of This Fire Pit Table

This is definitely the fire pit that gives you more bang for your buck. You will not be disappointed in this fire pit and what it has to offer. Sure, you can obviously see how beautiful it is, but you should know other aspects you will love as well.


This is a gas fire pit table, so that means it is clean burning for both you and the environment. That also means there is no mess for you to have to worry about cleaning up either. No ashes or coal and no soot mess to deal with. The gas is supplied by a 20lb tank which you have to supply.

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Constructed of extruded aluminum, which is a material that resists weathering. It also comes with a cover for when not in use to further protect it as well. This fire pit has a wide edge on all four sides that you can use as a table. You can set things on it or have a couple friends over and sit around it and enjoy a great summers night dinner. You can use it as an open table with a fire or turn it off and put the center piece in and enjoy a full table without a fire.

Best Fire Pit Table


It comes with glass beads as well to dress things up a little. They look great with or without the fire lit. You can buy other colored beads as well separately if you would like to switch out. The fire has a hammered texture, which is great because it keeps it from having a slippery surface. The bottom is open except for a shelf for the propane tank.

Not only will you get a beautiful fire display out of this fire pit but you will also be able to enjoy the warmth it provides as well. This fire pit puts out a welcoming 42,000 BTUS of heat. So it is great for those chilly nights, when you still want to enjoy the outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you use with natural gas or just propane?

A. This is set up for propane, setting it for something more permanent such as natural gas would make it stationary. So, you wouldn’t be able to move it. It would probably also require a licensed professional to take care of it. So, you are probably better off leaving it as a propane fed.

Q. Can you use something else instead of the stones?

A. You should be able to switch out the stones for another product such as stones, but only if they are made for gas fireplaces or fire pits.

Q. How long does a tank last before needing to be filled?

A. That can vary depending on settings and how often it is being used.

Q. When putting in the glass beads do I cover the whole bottom?

A. No you don’t cover the whole entire bottom, you cover the bottom except for where the heating element is.

Q. What is the burner made out of?

A. The burner is made of stainless steel, for durability and rust resistance.

Q. How much heat does this fire pit provide?

A. This fire pit puts out 40,000 BTUS of heat, you can adjust the heat and flame.

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  • Constructed of extruded aluminum, which resists weathering.
  • Door for access under fire pit to keep tank out of sight.
  • Dual purpose can use as a table or a fire pit or both.
  • Lightweight for the size at 80-lbs, two people can move in most cases easily.
  • Glass beads are included, adds a great visual aspect lit or unlit.
  • Can close and use as full table closed table with no fire, or as a table with a fire in the middle.
  • Clean burning and no mess since it is propane fueled.
  • Adjustable heater, so you control the amount of heat and flame.
  • There is a cover included for use when not being used to provide protection from the elements.


  • Cannot use for cooking.
  • Can be moved around the yard, but too large for such things as camping and outings.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for that eye catching fire pit table for your yard, you need this. You cannot go wrong with this fire pit. It is a great way to spend some time with loved ones and friends. You are also doing your part by keeping things clean and burning propane. It is also saving you time from all the cleaning of a wood burning fire pit.

You don’t have to worry about spending time trying to start the fire, because it is ready when you are. As long as you remember to keep the tank filled that is. Your company will be in awe at how great this fire pit looks every time they come over.

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